Pavitra Rishta 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 5th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rushaali telling everyone that only Ankita will decide about her marriage and no one will interfere. Archana says they are no one for her but we have one relation with her of feelings and you can’t understand that. Rushaali tells Archana that Ankita married Naren with her consent and she has taken responsibility of Ankita’s siblings. Archana asks, you ruined her life for money. You are asking her life for your favours. Archana says a girl needs her husband’s love after marriage and asks, whether her mad son can give her love. Shashank says you are right and says he will tell the real reason behind this marriage. He tells everything which is muted for us. He tells Naren got mad and Doctor’s asked him to forget Ahana and mingles with other girls. One day,

Naren called Ankita by Ahana’s name and Rushaali maa’m planned to get Ankita married to her mad son. Ankita is standing with her head low. Archana tells that they don’t approve of this marriage and says they will take Ankita’s responsibilities. Prashant says, they don’t need anyone to take their responsibility and says their love for each other is enough to live. He thanks Shashank for coming and informing them everything. Prashant says they were wrong to think that Ankita got a good groom. prashant tells Rushaali that although they are poor but they are happy.

Archana tells Rushaali that poor people have self esteem. Although they don’t have money but they are stood by each other. At one side, Ankita sacrifised her life and other side her siblings wants her sister to be happy. Archana says they might have some relation in common, may be grand mother and that of grand daughter. She asks Ankita to come home. Rushaali says you can’t take my daughter in law. Prashant asks Ankita to come and says I would not have got you married to her mad son if I know about him before. Ankita asks him to stop and says naren is her husband. She makes it clear that she married Naren with her consent for their happiness. She says she has some responsibility towards Naren and she won’t tolerate if he tells him mad. She asks, what is his problem that her husband is mad? She asks, why their dad didn’t fulfill his responsibility. She tells Archana that she is fulfilling the relations of a wife. Naren is my husband regardless of his status. She says if she leaves Naren then he may die. Archana tries to reason with her. But Ankita says her decision is right.

Ankita asks Shashank that her mother doesn’t accepted her and Naren’s family is ready to accept her responsibility. She says she will fulfill the relations of a wife. She says her marriage is a sacred relation and says she is from today Ankita/Ahana Karmakar. She says she won’t tolerate if anybody tells him mad.

Sulochana tells Archana that Ankita is doing the same thing as she did. She tells Ankita that Archana married a ordinary Mechanic and he became a businessman because of her love and support and tells that she has faith in Ankita that she may do something like her. Prashant tells everyone that he don’t accept this marriage and takes Mansi, Pranav and Sonu with him. Meanwhile Naren is taken inside the car forcibly by Shirish and others and Naren is tied. Shirish shows Ankita to calm him down. Ankita takes Archana and Manav’s blessings before sitting in the car. Manav tells her that they will always be with her. Ankita removes the tape from naren’s mouth while Naren tells her that he couldn’t save Ahana and is crying about that. Naren cries and wonders what will happen to Ahana. Ankita cries and looks at him.

Mansi sees money with Pranav and asks about the money? Pranav says they asked for Rs 400 from jiju inexchange of his shoes but he gave this much money. Prashant says he is mad and that’s why didn’t distinguish about money. Soham comes and asks for money from mansi. He takes the money. Prashant is sitting outside his house and is hurt. Mansi comes and asks him not to get hurt as whatever tai did was for them. Prashant says what was the need to sacrifise. We became guilty of her. I would have work day and night and fulfill the responsibility. Mansi tries to make him understand. Prashant says she did a madness to marry a mad man. Mansi says he is their jiju. Prashant says he would have stopped her if he knows about him. Shashank comes and says, he called them but their phones was switched off. Shashank says he tried to stop the marriage but failed. Ankita knows that he was coming to stop the marriage but she was determined to marry him. Prashant cries.

Purvi is sitting somewhere and feels Arjun is lying. She asks, why it is so. Arjun says it was my love, we were together even after getting seperated. Arjun says he has broken the thread of their love. Purvi wonders why Arjun is doing this as he can’t betray her.

Naren gets down from the car and enters the house madly without the proper grah pravesh, surprising Ankita. Everyone follows Naren.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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