Tumhari Pakhi 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 5th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Girish asking Lavanya to come as they have to leave now. Lavanya talks to Anshuman and asks him to think of something soon as Mr. Rana is about to come and he will be angry to know that Pakhi did not go yet. Lavanya says Mr. Rana can make the media go against us. Anshuman is worried. Pakhi talks to Anshuman while lying on the bed and says I did not find you happy today. He says its nothing like that. She asks him to praise her efforts. Anshuman says everyone were praising you. She says what about you and calls him a miser in speaking praises. She says if you liked the food, give me my prize. He says I have work tomorrow, so I will sleep. Pakhi calls him a miser again and he says what…. He laughs and switches off the light.

Anshuman wakes up thinking how

to get rid of Pakhi. He says I m tired of living this false life, he thinks about people’s words praising Pakhi and Pakhi’s victory. He thinks of Girish asking Pakhi to wear western clothes and Pakhi replying to thim that she can’t. He gets some idea and smiles. Pakhi takes charge of the house in the morning. Anshuman talks to Lavanya and says I thought about it, you were right, our plan was wrong, we asked her to do what she knows, and so she won. The cooks come back home and says our Bua is fine now. Pakhi thinks what Maa ji told about them. Pakhi says its good that she is fine and questions the cooks about their Bua and how they went.

Anshuman tells Lavanya that Pakhi can’t wear western clothes, so we can take her weakness and exploit it making our plan against her. He says I know she is educated but she has not seen our world. Pakhi catches the cook’s lies. She says it means you both did not come yesterday purposely as you knew there would be more work. She fires them. The other servants and Maa ji are shocked. Anshuman says Pakhi’s values will be shattered. Pakhi scolds the servants for lying and says Anshuman gave me the responsibility trusting me and I thought you all will help me, but both of you are not trust worthy.

She says I don’t need you. Anshuman and Lavanya say that Pakhi won’t fit in their society and she will leave in a day. Pakhi asks them to leave. The servants apologize to Pakhi stating their poor condition. They ask for the last chance. Pakhi forgives them and says fine, this would be your last chance and I hope you won’t do any mistake again. She tells this to Maa ji also and scolds her saying I don’t like cheating. Anshuman and Lavanya comes and asks whats going on. Pakhi says nothing, I was explaining them the work.

The servants leave. Pakhi wishes Lavanya. Lavanya invites her for the get together kept at her home. Pakhi says she will surely go. Lavanya leaves. Anshuman says I won’t have breakfast today. He gets ready for the office. Pakhi laughs seeing him wear shoes. He says its ok, I will wear. She asks what are you thinking, you are forgetting things, are you fine. She makes him wear his tie and says I will win Lavanya’s trust and she will accept me, see she invited me to her house, I m happy.

She asks are you also happy. Anshuman says a lot. Lavanya explains her maids what to do. Anshuman comes with Pakhi and Lavanya hugs Pakhi. Anshuman says you guys have fun, I will be inside checking my mails. Pakhi smiles. Lavanya scolds her maid and says is this the way you serve welcome drinks. Pakhi says don’t worry, I will see. Pakhi leaves her flat slippers outside the kitchen and goes in. Lavanya sees it and smiles.

Lavanya’s friends come and greets her. Pakhi helps the maid in making the welcome drinks look good. The women gossip and have a laugh. Lavanya shows her new shoe designs to the women. Lavanya shows them the heels. The women like the shoes Lavanya designed. She shows them Pakhi’s slippers and all of them laugh. Lavanya is shocked to see it too in the shoe box. The maid says I don’t know how it came here. Lavanya scolds the maid and she goes to check.

Lavanya asks the maids whose slipper is this, else I will fire you. She says its a bad slipper, it can’t be ours. Pakhi comes and says its mine. All the women see Pakhi with the welcome drinks and ask Lavanya is she Anshuman’s new wife. Lavanya says yes. They laugh on Pakhi and says even my servants don’t wear slippers like this. Anshuman smiles looking at Pakhi getting insulted. Pakhi feels bad hearing their taunts. Lavanya says there might be any confusion, this can’t be Pakhi’s slippers. Pakhi says its mine. Lavanya says the welcome drinks are here, lets serve. Pakhi says I know you don’t like and I know how my slipper reached this box, maybe you forgot that its not my insult, but Rathore’s bahu’s insult.

Lavanya is shocked. Pakhi wears her slippers and goes to Anshuman. She says lets go home. He says why, what happened. She says nothing, lets go now. He says suddenly, why. She says I m not used to such parties, lets go. He says fine, but are you ok. She says yes. They leave and are on the way home. Anshuman asks her again that did anything happen in the get together. Pakhi tells him why are you asking so many times, anything should have happened? He says no, just asking. She says something happened. He asks what.

Mr. Rana gets angry on Anshuman. Anshuman says he had some tough plan against Pakhi and she will definitely lose..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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