Pavitra Rishta 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th September 2013 Written Update

archana is talking to soham she senses something is wrong n asks him what is wrong he says everything is fine.. manav wakes up, and asks them if everything is fine, archana then goes, leaving a sad soham alone
next mrng, pandit gives them a date for a wedding, which is pretty early, manav says its fine and that they can manage all the arrangements.. soham comes there n archana tells him he has to take care of all the arrangements.. he says ok but leaves quickly..

sachin meets up mittal n sandeep and rejects taking up their case.. mittal says if he wants to extra fee he is ready to give him any amt.. sachin says the dates clash with his wedding dates, both mittal n sandeep congratulate him.. mittal insists that they will change the dates but not to give up on their case..

sandeep goes on to say he should not leave such a great opportunity.. sachin gets angry and says the girl he misbehaved with is the one he is marrying.. sandeep is shocked, sachin says yes he is marrying dr gauri n he doesnt want to be associated with the likes of him. sandeep goes on to cook a cock n bull story says he was just helping her from falling n that manav misunderstood.. sachin still says he will not fight their case n is leaving when mittal gives him a wad of currency notes.. and says its just a token of appreciation of all the help.. sachin takes it n leaves.
sandeep gets wild n tells mittal that gauri didnt accept his proposal but agered to marry sachin.. mittal tells him to relax n says, now they know sachin’s weakness for money n can easily manipulate him..

soham is at a bar n is drinking heavily.. he recalls all the past events with gauri n the marriage proposal..
the bar guy asks him to pay up, while taking out money he sees the d bangels gets emotional n leaves.. he is walking on d street, he recallswhat purvi said, that its just one sided love.. as he is walking gauri also is there, she spots him n stops him..
he tells her, he wants to talk, he tells gauri he loves her she is shell shocked n he says he knows she loves him too.. gauri tells him he has clearly misunderstood.. he asks her why she was so good to him, why she helped him at the camp nursed him n cared for him..
gauri explains that she never indicated she loves him, and always helped him as a friend,n as a doctor.. he pulls her, gets angry n says why she took him to her house , she says its was just pity n care for a FRIEND.. soham gets even more outraged, he says what did she think of him, he doesnt need pity, she says she is sorry but he just a friend.. he tells her no need to say sorry n insult his love, if she doesnt love him, then fine he doesnt love him.. he pushes her away voilently n leaves,, gauri is shocked n confused.
soham comes to arjun’s place.. arjun lets him in.. purvi also comes there, soham doesnt talk n sits on the sofa, purvi sits next to him n just breaks down.. he tells them that she doesnt love him.. he says gauri just considers him as a friend.. he cries on purvi’s shoulders n says he loves her too much n cant take this.. arjun is also worried.. soham lies on purvi’s lap n keeps crying, she tells him to forget everything.. he says he cant forget gauri.. sobbing he sleeps on her lap.. she then places a pillow under his head n leaves him on the sofa..

purvi goes to room, arju n enquirs abt soahm, she says he is sleeping for now but is worried for him.. she then makes him call archana n tell him that soham is with them..

next day soham gets home.. manav is furious n tells him he will always be a goon.. and slaps him 2-3 times.. soham grabs manav’s collar.. he tells him to let go off his collar,
its shown that its a dream, and manav is still talking in his sleep to let go.. archana m manav both wake up… manav asks her where soham is.. she tells him, soham is at arvi’s place.. manav tells him he had a bad dream, n feels that something bad may happen to soahm, what if soham turns to his old ways.. archana assures him that everything will be fine.. scene freezes on archana’s worried face.

PRECAP: purvi tells soahm to apologize to gauri, she will surely be upset.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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