Qubool Hai 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 4th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Asad invites ayan for nazma’s engagement. Ayan says that he would come. Ayan comes out to see humaira standing at his door, and awkwardly facing him. He is surprised and leaves, just like she said that she wanted. She wonders how to talk to him.

All are busy preparing for the engagement functions. Zoya gives sugestions to the event manager. Dilshad comes and expresses horror that zoya isnt dressed yet. She asks if she herself is ready yet. Dilshad is speechless. Zoya says that its nazma and not her engagement. Dilshad says tht she too is the new bride to be, and hence has to to dress up. zoya teases her that she should behave rudely with her, to prove that she is her saans. Dilshad too does an imitation and asks her to go and dress up. zoya goes to her room to dress up, while dilshad smiles.

Zoya finds out that her inbox is cluttered with rajvir’s messages, which are getting intimate by the passing messages. Just then, she sees asad, and is about to skid off, trying to avoid off, but instead lands in his arms. They enter a romantic eyelock. (MITWA MOMENT) They compose themselves. Zoya gets another message, and both are tensed. zoya is scared for asad’s reaction if he sees. She takes the mobile away from him. Asad leaves, while zoya is getting irritated with rajvir, and accepts that asad was right that she couldnt identify his type of person. She switches off her phone.

Asad and dilshad get busy in receiving guests. The guests applaud nazma on her beauty, while imran is unable to take his eyes off her, while zoya is all smiles. Asad too gazes at zoya romantically. Someone comes in giving imran a gift, that was outside the house with his name. He is confused who’s behind it. Nazma teases him saying that it might be some secret admirer. Dilshad says that maybe its a mistake. But before he can opne it, haseena greedily grabs at the gift and takes it from his hands, and askls him to open it, who’s hesitant, but haseena doesnt budge. He is also taken aback by a sudden fear. He opens to find the doll of a newly born baby, who utters PAPA, when pressed. while all are confused, imran is tensed. asad expresses surprise at this, and wonders who sent it. Chandbi says that its a hint for the couple, so that they become parents soon. Zoya sees that there’s a card too. She sees that there’s T written on it. imran is shocked, while all others are tensed. imran says that it must be by a friend. But nazma connects it to the same T who sent strange pics on imran’s FB profile. Imran asks them to brush this topic aside, while they arent still satisfied. Asad comes to imran, and asks if he knows who sent it. Imran remembers tanveer’s warning, about asad’s reaction on kn woing the truth. Imran lies that he doesnt know anything. zoya is a little suspicious.

When alone, imran calls up tanveer and asks whats the reason for this bad gift, and tries to explian that he wont be afraid of her blackmailing, and asks why is she still continuing this, and also to stop this. Zoya ses heim from a distance. As he turns around, he is scared to find zoya there, who asks if everything’s okay. He cites it to be a business call, and hearing haseena’s call to come and progress the function, he hastily leaves. Zoya is tensed.

Humaira sends a message to ayan, that if he wants to know who’s his secret admirer then he just needs to lift his eyes, and he would see who it is, as he’s standing right in front of him. But befor ayan sees, humaira is interrupted by nuzrat who cites that this isnt a successful idea. Nuzrat goes on to help their love story, by going inside and getting him to read the messages. Nuzrat coaxes but ayan says that its some idiot who’s doing this. Nuzrat leraves. ayan takes his phone and comes out too, while huamaira hides. Nuzrat and humaira are tensed.

At the function, zoya breaks into her poetry, much to asad’s amusement.

Aloo aaj hans raha hai, mooli baja rahi shehnai hai….
Sari sabziyan aaj khush hai, kyuki tamatar ki aaj sagaai hai….

Dilshad asks them to start the engagement ceremony. While dilshad watches, nazma places the ring on imran’a finger shyly. All clap. Haseena asks imran to do the same now for nazma. Imran sees past nazma, and is shocked and tensed to see a veiled tanveer at the function too. He is shocked when she lifts her veil too, and reveals herself. Haseena asks imran to do so. Imran keeps a smiling face, and after tanveer covers her face with the veil, he proceeds to do so, while watching tanveer coming closer and standing right behind nazma. Asad asks imran if everything’s okay, seeing him tensed. Haseena insists him to place the ring. Dilshad too asks him to proceed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Humaira is tensed as to how difficult it has become to talk to ayan now. Nuzrat too is tensed. she tells nuzrat about the idea of stranger chat. Humaira says that she cant be direct as he runs away seeing her. Nuzrat asks her to stop him then. They are surprised to see badi bi coming, who advises that they have to trap him, if he doesnt come on his own. she advises humaira how to win over ayan’s heart. The girls are very happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
When imran does the honours and places the ring in nazma’s finger, all clap, while tanveer mocks him from under the veil, upsetting her. Zoya is tensed to see imran very tensed himself. She looks in the direction that imran is staring. Zoya’s eyes fix on the veiled tanveer’s hand, that carries a bracelt, with the alphabet, T and connects it to the previous occassions of T’s connection with imran. She is tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Imran sees tanveer, and takes her inside a room, so as not to be seen by others. But tanveer recognises it as asad’s room much to imran’s amazement. Imran is tensed while tanveer is amused that asad is coming this way only. He is shit scared when asad opens the door. Zoya is seeing around and wonders where the veiled lady went. She is shocked to find that its actually tanveer. While she sees imran tensed, after talking to tanveer, she wonders how to confront him regarding this..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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