Pavitra Rishta 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Episode starts with Onir lost in some thoughts and his friend coming to meet him. His friend asks him, where are you lost? Is everything fine? Onir says, yea.. what would happen to me? His friend then asks about Purvi. Onir says, don’t know.. His friend then tells him, it’s enough now..quit this getting upset with each other.. look at you, it can clearly be seen that you’re missing her.. if she doesn’t want to start conversation first, then you start. Onir keeps walking away from him. His friend follows him. Onir then tells him, actually you’re right.. before I could live alone, but after marriage.. my life has changed so much. She has became so important for me and I am incomplete without her. Servant comes there and tells his friend to make Onir understand. His friend tells servant, I will make him understand. Servant leaves.

His friend tells Onir, I know you miss her, but that doesn’t mean that you stop taking care of yourself. Onir smiles and says, she used to take care of me in everything.. lunch.. dinner. etc. etc. Don’t know what has happened, whenever I go.. it reminds me of her.. kitchen, bedroom, everywhere. She used to laugh at my stupid jokes.. don’t know if I will be able to live without her or no. Onir then says, today this house is very empty..and seems very big. I feel very lonely. He says, I seen all these things in films. how can they happen to me in real life? I never ever thought that anyone would come this close to me and become an important part of my life. Till now only my patients were my life.. but now.. His friend says, this means you’ve finally started living your married life. You can’t take Purvi going away from you.. you’re dying to meet her. enjoy this feeling, my friend. But don’t wait too long.. go and talk to her. Onir says, but she left in anger without telling me anything.. just left one letter. His friend says, she left letter so you go after her and talk to her. Go and give a surprise to her, women love such surprises.

In jail, Soham is waiting for Archu. He asks inspector that Archu didn’t bring food for them today. Inspector says, she brings food for you.. not for us. And it’s strange..she comes everyday and you don’t meet to her, but today you’re asking about her? Sohan then asks if he can meet Varsha. Inspector says, not now.. her punishment is not completed yet.. once you’re free and out of jail, you can go and meet her. Soham says, that I will definitely do.. it’s been so long since I talked with her.

Teju and Sunny are tensed thinking about how they will tell Savita and Sunny’s mother. Sunny’s brother comes there with tea. He tells them run away and get married. Teju says that she doesn’t want to marry like that. and says, baba and aai have agreed already.. we have to make Savita aaji agree. Sunny supports Teju saying they will make savita agree. Sunny’s brother tells Sunny, if she doesn’t agree then mausi have left some girls photographs for you. Teju feels jealous and takes away photographs. Sunny’s brother then says, I was just kidding.. only you will be bahu of this house. teju’s happy now.

Manav is working and Ovi comes there. He asks her if she had milk. Ovi says, no.. Purvi is making milk for us. Ovi then thanks manav for not telling anyone about alcohol. Manav says, thats not worth to tell anyone.. and I won’t tell anyone because I know what effect it will have on my family.. especially Arjun. Manav says, whether you believe or no.. but Arjun is trying his best to give you and your child a good life. Purvi is listening all this from the kitchen. No one can do what he did for you.. it was his decision to bring best doctor for you.. and he did it. You will say, that it’s not his love… Your thinking is wrong.. he’s trying his best to make this marriage successful.. and it will only work when you stand with him. Misunderstanding is not good for any relationship. He continues, before 20 years.. I didn’t trust Archu either, and I had to live alone for 18 years. With me, you and Teju also suffered because of my misunderstanding.. you didn’t get your mothers love. Ovi says, you gave us mothers love as well. Manav says, no matter what.. no father can take mother’s place. I don’t want you to go through same punishment as me.

Purvi thinks about her and Onir’s relationship and says, Manav is right. Onir never asked me about my past because of his goodness, but I should tell him everything about my past.

Mr. Mittal tells Punni that he thought a lot about her offer and is ready to keep relationship with her, and in return he will give everything she wants. Punni puts a condition of marrying her. Mr. Mittal says, have you lost your mind? I got in troubles because of my last marriage.. and you want me to get married again. Punni says, fine. then I cant keep relationship with you either. While she leaves, she says in her mind, I put my condition on the table.. now let’s see if he accepts it or not.

Purvi calls Onir’s house. servant picks up the phone and tells her that Onir doesn’t take care of himself after Purvi left. He asks her to come back fast. Purvi says, I will return very soon. She then asks about Onir. Servant tells her, in all this I forgot to tell you that he has left Kolkata and went somewhere. Purvi tells him to tell Onir to call her when he returns and hangs up. Purvi wonders where Onir could have gone and why he didn’t tell her. She says, seems like he’s still angry with me.

Arjun is leaving for the Hyderabad for some conference. He calls Ovi and tells her that it is an important conference and he will be back as soon as he can. Ovi let him go happily.

Arjun now calls Onir to ask him for the address of Hyderabad doctor whom Onir had suggested to him. Onir comes out from the air port and passes by Arjun, but they two don’t notice each other. Onir tells him that he will text him the name and address and talk with doctor as well. Arjun also tells him that Ovi is taking medicine properly and taking care of herself. Onir says, thats great. Conversation ends.

Purvi is trying to call Onir. Onir doesn’t pick up, and Purvi gets message in marathi saying please try calling later. Purvi wonders if Onir is in Mumbai as she got message in Marathi. She then says, no… if it was like that, then he would have told me.. maybe he’s in some other Maharashtra city. she says to herself, I know Onir is upset with me and it’s understandable as I came to Mumbai without telling him anything. He must have hurt a lot, but I have faith in my relationship.. I know you will come to Mumbai.. I am waiting for you.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ovi is in pain. Purvi comes there and call out everyone. Ovi asks her to call Arjun. Purvi says, yes.. I am calling. And so far no one else has came there.

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