Pavitra Rishta 3rd January 2013 Written Episode Update

It appears that Sulochna , who had gone for teerat yatra was not feeling well so Archana had to go immediately to take care of her .
Manav is in his room when Savita comes in . She tells him to go to sleep as Archana must have reached the city and he should not be tense about her any more .Manav says that Archana wanted him to talk to Purvi about what happened at the Pooja .Savita wants Manav not to take out this issue again as Purvi will say something and Ovi will again misuderstand .

Next morning , Manav goes to the girl’s bedroom . Both Ovi and Purvi are concerned about Sulochna . Manav questions Purvi as to why she admitted that she took things out of Ovi’s bag .Purvi and Ovi are both looking nervous .Ovi tells Manav to forget about this issue but Manav is very angry and wants to know the truth .
He tells Purvi that she should not lie to her father . Ovi again comes to tell Manav to forget about this but Manav shouts at her to shut up . Ovi is looking nervous .
Purvi is scared too and she says that she did this for Ovi’s good .
Purvi gets a bottle of alcohol from the wardrobe and shows it to Manav .
Ovi is looking so scared and then she starts yelling at Purvi for showing false concern for her and for telling Manav about her drinking .
Purvi says that she only did this because Ovi is her sister ..
Manav yells at Purvi to stop showing so much concern for Ovi .Purvi cannot believe that Manav is telling her off like this . Manav takes the bottle from Purvi and gives it to Ovi .He says to Ovi that he is curious why is alohol so special to Ovi that she keeps taking it despite her loved ones telling her not to ..
He pours it in a glass and is about to drink it but Ovi takes the glass from hi mand throws it away .
Manav then tells Ovi to try and imagine what he is going through that his pregnant daughter keeps drinking despite of his repeatedly telling her not to ..
Ovi s crying and apologising .
Manav and Purvi are also crying . Manav hugs both Ovi and Purvi and apologises to Purvi for shouting at her .

Onir is remembering how Purvi used to tell him off when he would have more than 3 cups of tea in a day . He then remembers how she used to do the morning pooja outside their home and how she would go rushing down the stairs and he would tell her to be careful and then she would look at him and smile .
Purvi would never let Onir leave the house , no matter how urgent his work , unti lhe did not have breakfast .She would make his favourite parathas every day .Now Onir is not feeling hungry and is so very depressed without her . He thinks about the fight they had just before she left their home and feels even more depressed .
Purvi used to come out of her bath with wet hair and just to tease Onir , would spill water from her wet hair on him .A sad song about seperation is palying in the background .

Arjun is looking at his and Ovi’s photo and thinking about what Ovi told to Purvi that she stole her stuff. Ovi comes and worries thinking if Arjun found out about alcohol. Arjun sees her and says, I want to talk with you. Ovi says, I know what you want to talk about.. I shouldn’t have done what I did yesterday. Arjun tells her to relax and asks her to sit down. He says, problems’ solution is not to run away from them. You have to face the problem. You can talk to me about it. He then says, I know you’re very possessive taking this album. But this album is not greater than our relationship.

He continues, our relationship is not that strong, but trust me whether you have this album or no.. I will always remain with you. Please don’t panic because of small things like this. You have so many complications already, and by panicking it will only increase complications. Ovi says, I know that you’re very upset with me, but for real.. after what happened yesterday, I didn’t know how to face you. First I doubted on Purvi and then shouted at her. Purvi is at the door and listening now.

Arjun tells Ovi, it’s okay, just forget it. He then says, husband-wife’s relationship lasts on two things.. love and trust. If one of those two things are missing, then that relationship breaks. Purvi recalls how she told Arjun that love and trust are two most important things for any relationship.

In flashback scene. Arjun and Purvi are having tea and Purvi is telling him about importance of love and trust in any relationship. Arjun seems to be lost in some thoughts. Purvi asks him whether he’s listening to her. Arjun says, yes. Purvi then asks him, then tell me what did I say? Arjun says, actually I am sorry.. I was lost in some other thoughts. Purvi asks which thoughts? Arjun says, it was about us.. we have got engaged and soon we will get married. Then we will have our kids.. so I was thinking about our kids. Purvi gets shy and asks him, what were you thinking about our kids? Arjun says, our lives will change so much right after we have kids. Purvi says, yes.. after that there will be only happiness in our lives. Our whole day will go behind our kids.. we will fulfill all their wishes and love them a lot.

Back to present. Purvi speaks to herself, please forgive me Arjun. Before 6 months, I asked you to marry Ovi because I always saw more love and trust for you in Ovi’s eyes than me. I also knew that you two will make this relationship successful because of your childhood friendship. It was not easy for me to go away, but because Ovi doesn’t feel insecure.. I had to leave Mumbai. But today I realize that you did more sacrifice and you’re more sad than me today. I got married and moved on, but you? You’re still there. And it hurts a lot seeing you like this because I am responsible for all this. God will never forgive me for this.

Episode ends.

Precap: Onir tells his friend that Purvi left him in anger and without saying anything. She just left a letter. His friend says, she left that letter so you go after her as well. Go and meet her, I am sure you both will forget all the differences that you have.

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