Pavitra Rishta 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th April 2013 Written Update
punni tells purvi she wont tell any1 but purvi has to do something for her in return.. because all at home trust her.. she gives purvi the file containing the house deal which mittal wants sulo’s sign on… purvi reads it, punni tells her, ajee will blindly sign it if u give it.. so there r two options, get this signed or she’l tell evry1 the truth.. purvi says she wont be able to do it.. punni says 3 things will be revealed, 1. she(purvi) got pregnant before marriage 2. it was with arjun 3 pari is her child. she goes on to say, ovi will be shattered, onir will be in jail.. all her sacrifice will go down d drain! purvi begs her not to tell ovi anything.. punni says she has 24 hrs to get ajee’s signature or else she will tell evry1 the shocking truth! purvi is in a fix.

pari is crying, arjun comes there and plays with her, ovi tells him to frenshen up as he leaves.. purvi calls him up, ovi sees that its purvi’s call.. arjun answers the phone n purvi tells him abt punni’s dirty tricks.. arjun tells her not to worry and that he’l handle it.. ovi asks him if there is a prob.. he says its just a call from office.. ovi shocked coz she had seen that it was purvi’s.

ovi is sleeping, arjun enters the room, he sees his wife n kid, kisses pari(she looks adorable)and also kisses ovi! he then thinks to himself, that he is sorry that he lied to her abt purvi’s call.. he recalls the past how ovi alwys did everything to make the marriage work.. and that he realises that its the baby that brot them together, but now they have lost their child,and that pari is purvi and his baby.. he then takes out his wallet.. looks at his mom’s pic, a very emotional arjun asks his mom to help him, give him the strenght to tell ovi the truth.

on the other end purvi recalls how puuni has trapped her.. she doesn’t want to get the sign, coz the everybody is so attached to the house.. she breaks down not knowing what decision to take.. then purvi has her counscious talking to her (represented with two purvis in black and white sari) one tells her to just get the sign n get rid of punni, but other tells her how can she cheat ajee.. how can she play with evryone’s feelings.. purvi is unable to make a decsionn and thinks of onir.. she tries calling him, but he doesn’t answer the phone.. ajee comes in, and tells her sleep.. purvi says she is unable to sleep and is reading a book.. she then says to herself.. to save some relations she has to put a few others at stake..

arjun is lost and disturbed.. ovi asks him wht is wrong, he says its nothing..ovi tells arjun, he can hide the truth but not to lie to her, and that she had seen that purvi had called him yesterday.. arjun is shocked.. he tries to explain, but ovi says that she doesn’t need an explanation, but just that she expects him to share things with him, at least his probs.. arjun tries to say something but ovi is very calm, she says she knows that he has kept his distance from purvi since after their marriage and that she trusts him, she also tells him to share whatever is troubling him, when he thinks it is the right time. arjun really is confused.

sulo ajee is walking home, and a ricshaw driver almost hits her with his rash driving, she falls down.. soham stops that guy and slaps him left n right, he then goes and helps ajee.. he picks up her bags and walks her home.. ajee just looks at him, soham says there is no “swarth” in what he is doing for her.

PRECAP: sulo ajee happily agrees to sign the papers, a worried purvi looks on, as she is signing them.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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