Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 4th April 2013 Written Update

Nandini is thinking about Meera. She is suspicious of her.. something about Meera making her feel she is hiding something. She is watching Meera who was talking with Beeji and Anuja downstairs. She watches her and remember the times Meera looked worried and nervous when talking about Ani. Nandini is tensed she is feeling restless. She goes to Meera’s room.

Meera is still with Beeji and Anuja on the stairs. Beeji is showing Meera how to make dolls. Meera tells them she never played with dolls when she was a kid because her mother always used to bring educational things for her than toys like dolls. They say after she gets married she can give her daughter dolls to play. Meera gets emotional hearing it which Beeji notices. Agasthya comes there and asks Meera if she is ready to leave. Agasthya smirks and tells her Anuja and Nupur will miss her. He tauntingly asks if’ll let them visit her home. Meera says they are most welcome to visit her. Agasthya infuriates her further by giving her an address book to write down her address. Meera looks worriedly then writes down her old hilltop address and tells Agasthya she wrote her right address. Beeji tells Agasthya to not talk in such a way with Meera. Agasthya says he might visit her too.

Nandini is in Meera’s room. ..she looks through her stuff. She checks her suitcase and finds the envelope of photos. She remembers Meera didnt allow her to look at these photos. She takes out the pictures and is shell shocked ! She says her eyes are deceiving her this cant be true. Nandini’s having a hard time believing. She remembers the happy moments she spent with Ani. She murmurs Ani and Meera were not just friends but more than that. They had a relationship.

At the dinning room the family members are having dinner except Nandini and Meera. Balraj passes snide remarks for Niranjan for being being jobless. Balraj is angry with Nupur and passes general statement of women needs to be under strict control and not pass the boundary set. Akhil disagrees with him and Agasthya looks at Akhil angrily. Akhil and Agasthya gets into little arguement after which Agasthya leaves from there.

Nandini takes the pictures of Meera and Ani in her room and is crying.

*Flashback* She remember the day when Anirudh gave excuse of river rafting to go away from home for many days. Another Fb shows Nandini pleading Ani to take her with him for his outdoor plans. Ani cancelled the trip by giving excuse of Nupur’s birthday to avoid taking her with him* Flash ends*

Nandini puts two and two together..she realizes he used to go for long trips to meet Meera. Nandini takes a photo of Ani and talks to it blaming him for making excuses to meet that woman. She feels cheated. She asks him why she deceived her what harm did she do to get this in return. She angrily throws Ani’s photo.

Precap for tomorrow
Everyone in the house are worried because Nandini’s door is locked since morning and she is not opening it… Akhil breaks the door and everyone is shocked to find Nandini lying on the floor unconscious. Ammaji gets the photos of Meera – Anirudh there. She calls Meera a Bazaaru Aurat. Nandini throwing the photos on Meera’s face..

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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