Pavitra Rishta 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansi’s house/Karmarkar House

Ankita is at Mansi’s house. She looks at Naren’s photo and remembers when Naren was asking her who she was, a hospital staff, doctor or nurse? Ankita recalls Naren telling her that our marriage was a lie, and that she cheated him, he told her not to come near him again. Naren is in his room, looking at some papers. He remembers when Ankita was giving him the correct information about the Mehta Group, Naren thinks to himself, there is something in that girl, she’s brilliant and honest also. She’s more intelligent then my manager and very sharp, she’s a good employee, there’s no doubt about it, if she leaves the company then my company will be at a loss. I think she deserves the job, I should call her back, I must call her. Naren calls Ankita, Ankita sees that Naren is calling her, she picks up. Naren says hello Ankita, I’m sorry for calling you so late at night but it’s important. It’s good to not mix our professional life with our personal life, if you want you can join the office from tomorrow.

Mansi’s house/Karmarkar House

Ankita says no sir I don’t want to join, thank you. Naren says look Ankita, you’re honest, talented and hard working. Companies need employees like that, so take the decision carefully. I don’t want to force you, I’m sure whatever decision you take will be right. This is my offer and if you want to join the office then you’re most welcome, ok? Good night. Naren and Ankita hang up, Ankita thinks to herself, maybe this is the biggest test of my life but it will give me the strength to fight against the circumstances. I will be troubled to see Naren and Pari together but I need the job. I will do the job, for my family and for my soon to be baby.

Mansi and Shashank’s house in the bedroom

Shashank and Mansi are in their bedroom. Shashank tells Mansi not to think so much about Ankita, and says it’s not good to take so much stress in this condition. Mansi says I am worried about tai, I know her well. She isn’t the type who would do all this for money. Shashank it’s something else, tai is definitely hiding something big from us. Shashank says yes Mansi, I think so too. As far as I know Ankita, she is not selfish at all, she helps people. She helped you and me, she has done so much for us. Mansi says I know Shashank, it’s our turn now to help her and be her strength. Shashank says Manu don’t worry, I’m here. I’ll manage everything. You just take care of our child and yourself, don’t take any tension, I’ll manage. Shashank smiles at Mansi, Mansi thinks to herself, I’ll definitely take care of this child Shashank but I still don’t know if this baby is Raunaq’s or yours. Shashank says Manu, the baby is our love, our dream, you don’t know, I have never waited for something this much in my life as much as I have waited for the baby. This is the most important gift of my life. Mansi thinks to herself, I hope the baby is Shashank’s.

Karmarkar House

Rushali is at her house. The doorbell rings, the house servant Ram Singh opens the door. It is Pari, the servant says yes. Pari says I want to meet Naren, the servant says yes one minute. The servant says to Rushali, maam someone has come. Rushali says ok you go. The servant leaves, Rushali goes to see Pari. Rushali says come in Pari, when the right people come in at the right time then life changes, I’m sure by you coming Naren’s life will change, you know when he was in UK he would always talk about you, I hadn’t seen you but I knew you were just perfect for my Naren but circumstances were such that Ankita came in Naren’s life. Anyway today is a very good day, we’ll talk about good things and good people. Naren is upstairs, go and meet him.

Karmarkar House

Naren is in his bedroom sleeping. Pari comes and she sees Naren sleeping and she smiles. Pari sits down with Naren, Naren says softly, Ahana. Naren opens his eyes and sees Pari. Pari strokes Naren lovingly, Naren sits up and says Ahana, it’s really you? Naren is happy to see Pari, Pari says I have come to apologize to you. I behaved very bad with you, what didn’t you do to show your love? But I, I’m really sorry. Naren says don’t say sorry, I must have done some mistake. Pari says I just want to be yours. Naren and Pari hug, Pari says and I told my decision to my family. Naren says and what did they say? Are they happy? Pari smiles and nods. Naren says I’m so happy Ahana, I mean Pari, I mean Ahana. Pari smiles and says I was Ahana for you, and I will always be Ahana for you. Naren and Pari smile lovingly at each other and hug, Pari says I love you too.

Mansi’s house

Mansi is at her house. Prashant is coming in, Mansi says you have come Prashant? Prashant says yes, Mansi says go and call tai, breakfast is ready. Prashant says yes I’ll call her. Prashant goes, Shashank’s mom comes and says to Mansi, if there’s some more family members then call them too for breakfast. They will have breakfast too, you have someone else’s baby in you and trying to form false relations, you and your family have ruined this house. Ankita comes in the room, Shashank’s mom says my son earns so much money, how will he take the burden of all of you? Mansi says tai why are you standing there, come here and have breakfast. Shashank’s mom tells Mansi to make juice for Ankita, and says my son doesn’t earn for is, he earns for everyone, right? Mansi says aai? Ankita says no Manu, I don’t want it. I’m leaving. Mansi says no tai what are you saying? You’ll stay here, you don’t need to go anywhere. Ankita says Manu please, I can’t live here. Ankita is about to leave but Shashank comes in the room and says firmly, no one will go anywhere. Ankita says Shashank. Shashank says this is my house, I will decide who lives here or who doesn’t.

Mansi’s house

Mansi smiles, Shashank’s mom looks disgusted. She leaves the room in anger, Ankita says Shashank I can’t stay here, please understand. Shashank says Ankita, stay here for my sake, this is your house too. I know why are you doing this but trust me I can manage. Mansi says tai stay here. Ankita says ok Shashank, if you say so but only one under one condition. I will also have a job. Shashank says Ankita why are you doing all this, what’s the need? Ankita says look Shashank, you are the only one who is earning, you are taking care of your family and mine. I don’t want there to be any burden on you, what’s wrong if I try to help out? Please let me do the job, please. Shashank says ok if you think it’s right then I don’t mind. Mansi says tai but where will you get a job? Ankita says at Naren’s company. Shashank and Mansi look confused.

Karmarkar House

Naren is coming downstairs. Ruahali is downstairs at the table, and says good morning to Naren. Naren says good morning mom. Naren says dad hasn’t come down yet? Rushali says he’s gone to the office. Naren says oh I should also head out, I’ll quickly leave. Rushali says yes go but have some breakfast first. Naren says no I’ll just have a banana and then go. Rushali smiles and says I’m so happy for you Naren. Naren says happy, why? Rushali says I feel like my old Naren has come back. Naren smiles, Rushali says now everything will be good, the business will also get back to normal, you will bring the business back to where it was before, I just know it. Naren says I will. The servant comes to the room and tells Rushali that there is a call for her in the library. Rushali says ok, the servant ;eaves. Rushali tells Naren to eat well, and she leaves. Kinnari comes in the room and says hi Naren. Naren looks confused to see her. Naren says who are you? Kinnari says you didn’t recognize me? I’m Chundri, Kinnari. Raunaq’s wife. Naren says oh, Raunaq’s wife? Kinnari says yes. Naren says when did Raunaq get married? Kinnari thinks to herself, oh my God, did this madman become cured?

Karmarkar House

Naren says I mean last time I remember Raunaq was on a business trip and I was in London, I met him there and then he had to go to Australia. After that when did he marry and where is he? Kinnari says he is in jail. Naren looks confused and says what? In jail, what did he do? Kinnari says he didn’t do anything, Ankita put false blames on him. Naren says what blame did she put on him? Kinnari says what do I tell you Naren, even an enemy would think 10 times before putting such an accusation. Naren says just tell me what accusation did she put on him? Kinnari says that he raped her little sister and this is all a lie. You know Raunaq right? He can’t do this. Naren leaves the house in anger. Rushali comes downstairs, she says Kinnari when did you come? You didn’t tell me you were coming, where is Naren? Kinnari says mami ji he just left, he was asking about Raunaq so I told him that he’s in jail. Rushali says you told him everything about Raunaq? Kinnari says yes. Rushali says my God now he will. Kinnari says mami ji how long would we keep hiding this? We would have had to tell him sometime. Rushali looks worried.

At the office

The employees are working at the office. Naren comes in the office angrily. Ankita is working at her desk, Naren comes straight to her and grabs her hard. Naren says get up! Get up and get out! Everyone at the office turns to see what’s going on. Naren says get out right now! Naren gives her a very hard push. Ankita looks shocked, she says Naren sir but you told me to join? Naren says yes I told you to join, I made a mistake. I made a mistake in identifying you, I thought you were an honest girl but your honesty is just a sham! You are just a girl who is hungry for money, nothing else, right? You married me only for money, right? You took advantage of my madness, why are you ashamed? Tell everyone that you married me for money and that was wrong! But I still accepted it, I understood that it was your helplessness. You had 4 siblings and a father who was drunk so you took this step, I understood! But what was the helplessness that you sent my younger, innocent brother to jail? Is that a way to earn money? You thought that the big sister(Ankita herself) took advantage of Naren Karmarkar’s madness and thought that the younger sister could trap the younger brother and it’s going to be happy rich family, right?! Was this your plan, and as your plan failed, you sent my younger brother to jail, right? Ankita says Naren sir listen.

At the office

Naren interrupts, listen to me! I can forgive any mistake, but if anyone points a finger at my family then I can’t tolerate it. But how would you understand family, family values, what love is? You don’t know this, you just think about money and your benefits. You could do anything for your benefit, you must have been happy when my brother went to jail, you must have been very happy but that happiness won’t stay for long because he will come out soon. And you and your sister, I’ll get you behind the bars. Remember that, you guys will be in jail for putting false accusations on my brother. Now get out of my face, take your stuff and get lost. Naren gives her a dirty look, and he tells the manager to call security and tell them that this girl should never come here again, if she does then no one will come here again! Naren angrily leaves. Ankita looks very sad and she is crying. She gets her stuff and leaves the office sadly.

Mansi and Shashank’s chawl

Mansi and Shashank are at their house. Shashank says hurry up Mansi, it’s getting late. Mansi comes and says sorry, sorry Shashank, I ran a little late. Mansi puts some breakfast and says I will bring some water. Ankita comes in the house looking sad. Mansi says tai you came so soon, tai what happened? Ankita is trying to hold back her tears and no nothing happened Manu. Shashank says what happened Ankita? Shashank walks over to Ankita and says Ankita, what happened? Tell me. Ankita starts crying and says Shashank. Shashank says what happened Ankita? Shashank says why are you crying, say what happened. Ankita says nothing happened Shashank, I’m just crying. Mansi says tai if you’re quiet then how will we get to know? Shashank hugs Ankita and asks why she’s crying. A deliverer comes over to their house and says excuse me. He brings a box and says Ankita maam, whatever you had in your locker and office are in this box. And please sign this. He holds out a paper, Ankita says what is this? The deliverer says maam this is an apology letter, this letter says that you put false accusations on Raunaq sir for which you want to apologize for. With the help of this statement, Naren sir wants to bail out Raunaq sir and also this letter will be in the leading newspapers tomorrow. Mansi and Shashank look angry, Mansi says angrily, I will give him the answer. Mansi angrily leaves, Ankita and Shashank try to call after her.

Karmarkar House

Naren, Rushali and Kinnari are at their house. Naren says to Rushali, this is the copy of that letter, once Ankita signs the apology letter I’ll send it to every news channel and newspaper. I’ll also talk to the commissioner. Don’t worry mom, Raunaq will be freed. Rushali says that’s great. Naren says why didn’t you tell me, we could have corrected the mistake earlier. Mansi and Shashank come in the house, Mansi says what mistake will you correct? Because your mistakes are increasing by the day. What happened, did you not recognize me? How will you recognize me, when you couldn’t recognize the person who did so much for you? I’m Mansi, Ankita’s sister. I’m the girl who your brother. I’m the girl who my sister gave justice to, she filed a case against Raunaq for me and you know who stood with tai then? You, Mr. Naren Karmarkar, you stood with us. Naren says I was ill, I was not in my right mind. Mansi says you were not in your mind? If after a person gets back in their senses, and they forget what’s right and what’s wrong then it’s best that a person remain out of their senses. Naren says you came to my house to insult me? Mansi says one second! I’m not done yet, you don’t remember anything right? I’ll tell you what happened, your brother Raunaq came to my sangeet and raped me! Naren and Rushali look at Mansi angrily.

Precap: Naren is at his home, he sees a letter. Naren says to the servant, this letter? The servant says sir Ankita gave you this letter. Naren says when did she give it?

Update Credit to: bhallarox

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  1. poor ankita I felt sorry for her

  2. Common ms Ekta do not drag this drama too long and get it done fas with every episode fast. People has lost interest and it will end up in trash.

  3. tooooo baaaaad if the writer and the director don’t know what to do about this serial it should be taken oof the screen is she trying to repeat the situation that happened between purvi and ovi,here again in the lives of pari and ankita and making rushali get a revenge unjustly on ankita? well since she is the same person on kumkum bagya we should also xpect some boring story line soon

  4. the serial shld come to an end how many leaps will go on and ankita luking so bad its abt time go take a break guys

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