Pavitra Rishta 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 30th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shashank looking for Mansi in the house. Ankita and Naren get worried as Mansi is seen nowhere. Raunaq says, you have spoiled my wedding night and I have spoiled your life. He smiles. Now you can’t show your face to anyone nor can open your mouth. Your respect is looted now. You didn’t have the courage to tell anyone about this. Raunaq sees Ankita. Ankita asks Pranav about Mansi. Mansi is quite shaken and thinks she can’t cry. She thinks to hide it from everyone and asks herself to stop crying. Ankita sees her and asks, where you went? Why you are crying? Mansi cries, unable to bear any longer. Ankita says, I know why you are crying. You will miss us after your marriage naa. She says, we will meet as we are in the same city. She asks her to be happy. Mansi continues to cry. Ankita says, you are getting a husband of your choice. Prashant comes and asks, why she is crying? Ankita says, she is crying as she will leave us tomorrow. Shashank comes and asks, what happened? Ankita says, she is feeling bad as she will be leaving. Shashank asks, are you fine? Mansi is still in shock. Shashank asks, Naren and Ankita to go home.

Raunaq comes to the hotel room and finds the door locked. He says, stupid girl. She thought that I will not celebrate the wedding night. He says, I taught a lesson to you and Mansi. He thinks to celebrate and says, I had wedding night with Mansi. He sleeps on the sofa. Mansi is sleeping and recalls the tragedy. She says, he ruined my life and everything. Naren wakes up and asks Ankita why she is not sleeping. Ankita is worried and says I feels like a storm is coming. Naren says, I will close the windows. Ankita says, it seems something is wrong with our dear ones. Naren says, baba might be drunk. Pranav, Sonu and Prashant might be sleeping. And Mansi might be tensed about her marriage. Ankita asks him to sleep and says, I will stand near the window for sometime. Naren says, I will stand with you. Ankita says, you said you are feeling sleepy. Naren says, I have to stand by the 7 vows. Ankita says, you are a good husband and I will be called as a bad wife if you stays awake.

Kinnari comes out of her room and yells at Raunaq. She says, your status is like a street dog. Raunaq asks her to cut the lecture. Kinnari says, I will tell your family. Raunaq says, I will dial the number and says you know what I was doing yesterday night. He says, I celebrated my wedding night with Mansi. He says, I raped Mansi. Kinnari is shocked and repeatedly slaps him. Raunaq says, you were sleeping alone on the wedding night and Mansi had a wedding night without marriage. He asks her to file a complaint. He says, I will get sympathy as who will celebrate wedding night with a girl who eloped with her driver. He laughs on her. He says, what will happen with your parents? They were crazy to marry you off to a mad person. He says, your parents will kick you out of the house. When everyone knows about it, how will you face that…..You kick me out of the room and I ruined both of you. He asks her to call the police. He says, you can’t go to the police nor tell anybody. Your name is connected with my name. You have to hide it all.

Pia is shown riding bicycle on the street and the music plays Pia Pia…..Purvi sees some auto driver arguing with the passenger. Pia goes to her rescue and asks the auto driver to respect a girl. She gives him money. Purvi smiles looking at Pia.

Purvi comes to the office. She sees Arjun who is coming from the other way. Purvi is being told by the employee that some girl came to meet her. She says, she is a chef. She says, she wants to meet you and came especially to meet you from Australia. She tells her name as Priya Trivedi ( Don’t know why Pia changed her name to Priya). Purvi asks her to send Priya to her cabin. Priya comes inside her cabin. Purvi says, I saw you at the signal. She thanks her. Priya says, I don’t think I did a good job. She says, I can make a good food in your canteen. Purvi says, you can get a good job in good restaurant. Priya says, she wants to work here. She says, I want to learn from good people. You are a successful woman. You are my role model. I came to know that you are living alone. So you might be having outside food. She asks for a chance and says I will be happy to prepare food for you. Priya says, I live alone here and tells about her joint family. Purvi says, you are hired. Purvi says, I have to talk with my partner Rushaali Karmakar. Priya says, I want to join from today. She thanks Purvi.


Arjun tells Purvi that RK is not good for her. Purvi says, he is going to be my husband. Arjun says, don’t forget I was your husband once. Purvi says, I am so happy that you remember. I want to move on in my life. You married Ovi naa, let me move on in life.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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