Pavitra Rishta 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 30th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda suspecting Ankita for the misplaced necklace. Shirish says, she is a honest nurse. Sunanda says, anyone can change by seeing our lavish life. Rushaali takes Ankita’s side. Sunanda says, she is Naren’s nurse and she might knows everything. Ankita says, I didn’t steal anything. She takes her inside. Naren asks Raunaq, where is Ahana going. Raunaq says, it is a game rule. Sunanda asks her about the necklace. Ankita says, I have not stolen anything. Sunanda removes her dupatta and starts searching her clothes. When she couldn’t find anything, she asks her to get her stuff. Ankita breaks down at the insult meted to her by Sunanda. Sunanda checks her stuff and gets a necklace in her bag. Ankita is shocked. Sunanda tells Rushaali that our ancient necklace was with her. Ankita tries to say but Sunanda doesn’t listen to her. Sunanda brings Ankita down and says, our ancient necklace were in her belongings and she stole it. She asks Shirish, why you hired her without a background check. Naren sees her crying and says, I don’t like this game. game over. Ankita says, I didn’t steal it. Naren says, I kept it in Ahana’s bag as you said it is for my wife. Sunanda asks, did you understand what I mean? She says, she is not your wife. Naren says, she is my wife. And asks Ankita not to cry as it is just a game. Naren asks her not to cry. And tells, whoever make her cry, just leave. He stands by her. Ankita cries.

Sunanda tells Shirish and Rushaali that this nurse controls Naren more than you both. Naren shouts at her and tells everything. He tells about all the rituals and shows their marriage pic. He says, we are married. Sunanda is shocked. Naren shows the photo to Nadkarnis and asks his parents to see as well. He says we did love marriage and says, I couldn’t see her cry. He says, I will stood by her. She married me and got against her family. She stood by me even though she is well aware that I am mad. He asks, did you not read the newspaper, our marriage news came in that. Ankita cries miserably and says I didn’t steal it. Sunanda apologizes. Nadkarnis says, we know about his attack. Sunanda says, Naren was saying truth. I was not aware of his marriage. I was kept in dark. Kinnari tells her mom that this mad guy is a way ahead of me. Kinnari’s mom instigates Sunanda against her family. And says, your Naren is already married and you was supposed to marry him off to my daughter. She says, you insulted us. Sunanda says sorry. Kinnari’s mom says, you were not aware of the inner happenings at home and was talking about my daughter.

Sunanda angrily stares at them. Arjun asks Purvi, why were you doing this. I told you about this guy cheap tactics. Purvi says, I know you care for me still. Arjun says I don’t care for you. Once, you was my wife. I saved you as you was my wife. I told you that I won’t come to back. I love my wife Ovi and asks her to be away from him. Let me be happy with her. Purvi sees the lipstick mark on Arjun’s coat, Arjun asks, shall I give you details about it. Ovi asks Arjun not to share the personal details of their life. Ovi asks Purvi to leave Arjun. She says, I don’t want to insult you as you are my sister. She asks her to go back to Canada. Purvi says sorry to Ovi. And says, I thought he still love me. But I was wrong. She cries…..Arjun hugs Ovi and cries silently.

Rishabh Kapoor tells his men that he learned a new chapter of life and emotions. He says life is strange. Shirish tries to explain to Sunanda but in vain. Shirish tells Rushaali that we shall have told her everything. Rushaali says, we did his marriage for his betterment and thinks to make Sunanda understand somehow.

Rushaali says, your anger is right. Doctor said us that if Naren identifies any girl with Ahana’s name then he could recover. Naren calls Ankita as Ahana and then we think of his marriage with her. Sunanda agrees. And says, I am not upset. You don’t need to be so upset. She says, you didn’t tell me about Naren’s marriage. She says, I don’t know myself as you knows me. I would have think about Ankita status and family background and it may lead to Naren’s loss. She says, I am not upset with you. It was my mistake. She asks her to trust her instinct and says Ankita is not bad like Kinnari. She says, Kinnari’s reputation is bad as no one was eager to marry her. She says, It was good that talk didn’t start. She tells Shirish that I will talk to Nadkarnis. Rushaali stops them. Sunanda comes and says, I did a mistake and have to apologize. She apologizes to them and says, whatever has happened was unknown to her. I was in dark and feels guilty. She asks them to have something. Kinnari’s dad says, lets listen to her as she is apologetic. Sunanda comes to Naren and Ankita. Naren says, I won’t talk to you. Sunanda says, whatever I did was unintentional. She apologizes to Ankita.

Sunanda tells Nadkarnis that it happens in relations. And asks Rushaali to bring the thali to welcome the new daughter in law of the house. Shirish, Rushaali, Kinnari and her parents are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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