Rang Rasiya 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 30th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
the bus is going from desert in night, everybody is sleeping, a couple is smiling looking at a doll. The bus stops and driver ask passengers to go washroom, suddenly the shot is being fired and driver dies, they start firing in whole bus, all dies but the women who had doll remains alive and is shocked.

Scene 2
the early teenage girl is shown running behind a butterfly, another girl is running behind her saying all are calling you paro, she ask whether parents came with my doll? She sees funeral and comes there where people are saying that these BSD officers Are cruel and can kill anyone and thakur sahab has warned not go out of town at night, paro comes there and ask her mamo what does BSD means? and ask her mami whether parents have reached? She sees doll lying

with dead bodies and sees her mother dead, she is hell shocked.

Scene 3
in 1988, the classroom is shown, where teacher is making student maths but one boy is looking outside, not interested in study, teacher ask him to get up,and ask to come to him. He goes and look in teacher’s eyes. Teacher beats him and ask him to learn to not look in eyes, he says rudra to go his seat, another guy gossips that his mother ran away with someone else, rudra gets angry and attacks him, in process rudra get hurt at head, teacher says rudra you are not worth sitting in class.
Otherside, paro cries as last rituals are done of her parents, paro ask her mamo to make her go towards her parents and why they are placing wood on them? her mamo consoles her.

Scene 4
one man comes to rudra who is sitting in dark and ask him to eat food but rudra looks in his eyes, he ask whether you fought again in school? He beats rudra little and says listen she will not come as beautiful women are not of anyone, not of their parents, not their husband and not their children. Rudra is hurt.

Scene 5
in morning, paro is going with her mami somewhere in bus,, bus stops, her cousin(mami daughter) goes to bathroom, paro ask to bring imli. In other bus, the same man is with rudra and ask him whether he will like to eat something? Rudra doesnt answer, he goes out, rudra remembers words about his mother. Paro from other bus sees rudra crying, he sees her, she smiles and offers him her doll, rudra doesnt take it, paro throws it in his bus, there buses goes other way but they keep looking back at each other from window (rang rasiya song plays).

Scene 6
voicover says that it was rudra and paro meeting but there is one more important character to their story who has no voice no face. Then one town is shown which mirpur near border which was set by great dijavar singh in 1703. Its king and palace is shown, in map it located in other side of border but hatred is same on all side of mirpur, if hatred is written in wordl record then it has to be the hatred of people of mirpur for BSD which stands for ‘BHARAT SURAKSHA DAL’ then BSD training center is shown where soldiers are training. voiceover says it was not only about mirpur’s dust and BSD hatred but it also witnessed the story of Paro and Rudra who will meet again.

Scene 7
now its 2013, the desert camel is shown, then we get to see the women going in search of water, paro(sanaya’s entry) is shown running happily and her cousin behind her (rang rasiya song plays), paro sees a camel sitting crying in pain and runs to see it, paro in ask in (rajhistani accent) camel how you get hurt? Who did this, she ask her cousin to bring medicine, she goes, paro worries for camel and sees a man coming, she ask him to help, he throws his shawl away and have riffle in his hand, paro is stunned, he comes towards her, paro tries to run but fall down, man comes with can in his other hand and
spread petrol around paro in round circle, he fires at petrol and fire lits, soon whole circle of petrol catches fire with paro inside it screaming no, she sees BSD written on man’s shirt.

Precap- voiceover says that he has come back in search of her mother, then rudra is shown fighting, voiceover says the story of eternal love then we see glimpse of paro standing behind rudra and he guarding her, then rudra takes paro out of fire in his arms.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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