Pavitra Rishta 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 30th August 2013 Written Update

Gauri gets shocked and angry when Sandeep’s father says that he has come with marriage proposal. Gauri’s father tells Sandeep’s father that they are nowhere near to their status. Sandeep’s father says, it’s all because of people like you. We are here because of general public. I am also a normal person like you. And for a father, there is nothing greater than his child’s happiness. Regardless where the girl lives, in a chawl or in a big house, if my son likes her, then she definitely can become daughter in law of my house. Gauri says in her mind, so it’s that bugger’s new plan. How he dare to send such proposal. Gauri’s father tells the minister, but my daughter never told me about this. The minister says, my son got admitted in hospital few days ago and Gauri did his treatment. She took care of him so much that fell for her. As soon as he got discharged, he came to me, and I said yes right away. And then I thought to come to you personally to know what you think. Gauri’s parents are too happy. Gauri’s mother says, family like you, such big people, such a nice guy, what else a girl’s parents would want. Gauri’s father says, you thought about doing rishta with us.. that’s a lot for us. The minister asks, so is this rishta confirmed then? Gauri cannot believe this.

Gauri’s father says, there is no reason to say no, but still I would like to ask my daughter first. It’s her marriage, so it’s important to know what she thinks. Give us some time. The minister changes his expressions now and says, you can talk to her first. Gauri’s mother asks for tea. The minister says, will have tea and yes from you together. He gives them sweets and leaves.

Gauri’s parents still can’t believe that they got rishta for Gauri from such a big family. Gauri comes out now. They ask Gauri if she heard what minister was saying. Gauri says, I heard everything very well. She tells her father to say no for the rishta. Her mother asks, why? I mean why are you taking decision in rush? Take your time. Gauri’s father says, we never forced you for anything, but this is ideal rishta from all the angles. Gauri says, I don’t know about their family, but I know that Sandeep very well. He’s a spoiled brat of a rich family. When the guy is not right, why other things matter? Her mother asks her, how can you say this with so much confidence? You must have some misunderstanding. Gauri says, no.. She tells them everything that happened in the hospital how Sandeep misbehaved with her. Her parents are on her side now and say they won’t marry Gauri to such characterless guy no matter how big the family is. Gauri is happy and hugs her father. Her father says, we won’t do any compromise with your happiness.

On the other hand, Sandeep is very angry as Gauri refused for the marriage. His father asks him to calm down. Sandeep cannot believe how a low class girl like Gauri can refuse to his proposal. He says, does she even know who I am and what I can do? His father says, that is what I am trying to explain you. Where she and where you. Don’t do anything silly that we lose our respect. What if one girl refused, I will bring many others for you. Sandeep says, no.. I want to marry her only. I will show her now what I really can do if I decide to.

Purvi is sleeping. Arjun brings tea for her. He then wakes her up by calmy blowing at her. When she opens her eyes, he says, I know it’s not a good thing to wake a beautiful girl this early, but it’s time. Purvi asks him, why did you wake up already? Arjun says, because I have to go for meeting. Purvi says, oh ye.. you had told me. I forgot about it. He gives her tea and said he made it. Purvi asks, why did you have to do all this? Arjun says, because I like doing all this. Purvi says, I also like doing all these for you. Arjun says, it’s same thing whether you did or I did.. we are not typical husband and wife. Purvi drinks it and loves it. She says, hidden talent huh? Arjun says, if you tell me, then I can make it every day. He tries to drink, but Purvi says, husband made this for me.. I can’t let anyone else drink it. Arjun says, your husband can drink it at least.. I am just asking for one sip. Why are you behaving like a child? He takes the cup from Purvi and drinks it and doesn’t like it at all. He tells Purvi, it is so bad.. I will make it again. Purvi stops him and tells him to get ready for the meeting. Arjun says, I don’t want to go to office. He sleeps in her lap. Purvi asks him to move as she also has to get ready and go to Manav’s house to see him. Arjun still doesn’t move. Purvi pushes him and tells him to get ready. Arjun tells her, you’re so unromantic. Purvi laughs. Arjun leaves.

Soham is leaving for the work, but Archu tells him to go after having breakfast. Manav asks Soham to sit as he also has to listen Archu’s orders. Gauri enters. Soham gets very happy when she asks him how is he. Gauri tells Manav that she came for his dressing, etc.. Manav says, you can do all that, but after that don’t just leave.. you will have to eat breakfast with us. While Gauri is doing Manav’s dressing, Soham gets up and goes to the kitchen.

Soham tells Archu, you work so much. Archu says, it’s not a lot of work.. every woman does it. And whatever I am doing is for my family. Soham says (looking at Gauri), don’t you think you need a help? Someone who can help you in all the work.. and once she takes all the responsibility, you can rest like a queen. Archu says, what an idea.. why I didn’t think about it. After Purvi, I have other responsibilities to fulfill as well. She gives a plate to Soham and tells him to give it to Gauri. Soham takes it happily and leaves.

Soham and Gauri are about to start eating. Manav says, will anyone give me as well? Gauri says, I will get it for you right now. Manav thinks something.

He now comes to Archu and says, I thought to make Gauri bahu of our house. Archu says, I also thought same while ago. Gauri is such a nice girl.. and she can very well become bahu of our house. Manav asks, but will she want to be our daughter in law? I mean.. what if she chose someone for her already. Archu says, we can talk to her parents and see what they say. SACHIN AND GAURI. One side advocate and one side doctor.. what a pair. Manav says, I will talk to her parents. Archu says, but don’t tell them why we are going there.. let it be surprise. Manav offers her help in her work, but she tells him to go and rest.

Archu is looking at some jewelries. Soham comes there and asks why she is looking at it. Archu says, me and Manav are going to Gauri’s house. Soham innocently asks why? Archu says, you only said that I need a help.. so I thought to bring someone to this house. Soham asks meaning? Archu says, meaning.. I and Manav want Gauri to become our bahu. Soham feels shy and says, this fast? Archu says, fast? don’t you think Gauri is perfect for this house? Soham says, yes.. she is perfect. She’s beautiful.. she’s a doctor and has no ego whatsoever. Archu says, me and Manav also think same. Soham asks, will she say yes for this proposal? Archu says, don’t know.. let’s see what her parents say. She shows him bangles and says, if she says yes, then I will give this to her as shagun. Soham says, they are beautiful. Archu says, now only she needs to say yes.

Soham is very very happy and excited. He hugs a poll and says in his mind, someone control me.. don’t know what’s happening to me. I can’t stop smiling. I will go crazy like this. Is this love? Until now I just saw this in films and thought it happens in films only.. but it’s happening with me today as well.

He now sees Gauri in marathi saree. He wonders how she came here. Gauri comes to him and gives arti. She asks him, why are you staring at me like this? Don’t you want to go to work? Soham says no and keeps staring at her. He sees Gauri everywhere he sees.. sometime drying clothes, sometimes coming from the market. He finally realizes that it was just his imagination. He says to himself.. you’re gone.. you’re seeing her everywhere. He says, until I don’t share my happiness with someone.. my mind won’t get peace.. I will have to tell someone who listens to me and helps me out as well. He runs out and Purvi is coming in. She stops him and asks him, where are you going running like this? You seem too happy as well. Soham says, I was coming to you only. Purvi asks, why? Soham says, in this house, it’s you who accepted me.. from that day we are very good friends. And today I want to tell you about my life’s biggest good news. Purvi gets excited and asks good news? Did you get a raise? Soham says, no.. more than that. Purvi asks what? Soham says, this house is going to get a new bahu. Purvi says, wow .. you mean I am going to get my bhabhi? Soham shyly says, yes.. Purvi says, it’s a love affair, right? Soham hides his face in his shirt.. Purvi asks him to tell her. Soham nods his head and smiles.

Precap: Arjun tells Purvi that he has a surprise for her. He says, we are going out for a weekend vacation. Purvi seems sad. She says, what are you saying? Baba’s health is not good.. Soham dada is upset.. Arjun says, I know.. I know..


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