Pavitra Rishta 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Purvi asks Soham why he didn’t tell her before that he loves someone. Soham says, I also didn’t know that I fell in love. I just found it today and told you first. Purvi asks him for her name. Soham says, you know her very well.. she’s your college friend. Purvi can’t guess. Soham says, that doctorni.. and he feels shy. Purvi asks him if she loves him as she didn’t tell her anything about it. Soham says, from her behavior it seems she does love too. He remembers all the flashbacks when she tried to stop him from doing wrong things. He then says aai baba went to talk to her. Purvi says, you just said that I am the first one with whom you’re sharing this. Soham says they found out without me telling them.. you know aai… nothing can be hidden from her. Both are very excited

and hope it’s a yes from Gauri.

Manav and Archu come to Gauri’s house. Curious Soham is following them. He waits outside.

Manav and Archu enter Gauri’s house. Gauri goes in to get tea for them. Atul’s toy car has some problem, Manav says he has fixed many real car’s problems and he will fix this too. Gauri’s father sends Atul outside. Manav and Archu start talking about Sachin and Gauri’s rishta. Gauri’s parents are very happy and they say there is no reason to say no. Gauri hears all this from the kitchen. She comes out with the tea and everyone gets quiet. Gauri again goes in. Archu tells Gauri’s parents, it’s Gauri’s rishta so we have to know what she thinks first. Even if she says no, then that won’t affect our relationship.

Outside, Soham is very anxious and hopes Gauri says yes. He chats with a tea man. Soham asks him why he’s so happy these days. He tells Soham that he’s very happy these days because he just got married. He suggests Soham to go and tell everything to her (Gauri).. that is when he will know what she thinks. Soham says, I feel very scared, but my parents have gone with my rishta. He congratulates Soham.

Gauri’s parents say that they will talk to Gauri, but Archu says she will go and talk to her. Archu comes to the kitchen and tells Gauri, I know you listened everything, but still I want to know from you because it’s your rishta. We met and you been coming to our house regularly since then so we thought to change all this into a relationship.. do you accept proposal for Sachin? Gauri feels shy. Archu says, can I take that as a yes? Gauri feels shy and hugs her.

Archu and Gauri come out. Archu puts bangles in her hand. Everyone is very happy and they congratulate each other. Atul returns and asks his parents why they are crying. Manav asks won’t you bring sweets for us? Atul asks sweets.. why? Atul’s father tells him that his sister marriage is decided. Atul hugs Gauri.

The tea man tells Soham to go upstairs and tell her. Nothing will happen by sitting there. Soham is very nervous and says, I can’t go and talk to her. She will do whatever needs to be done. Right then he sees Manav and Archu coming out with Gauri’s family. Manav and Archu leave. Gauri’s parents are very happy for Gauri. Gauri’s mother says, you got another aai as Archana ji now. Soham sees the bangles in Gauri’s hands and he remembers his conversation with Archu. He jumps in the joy and says she said yes she said yes. He starts dancing. The tea man joins him. The tea man tells him to go to a temple and break a coconut there. Soham leaves to go there.

Soham is praying and remembering his moments with Gauri. He thanks God for giving such a good family and now such a lovely life partner. He says I never expected all these happiness.. I don’t even know if I deserve them, but I will never disappoint you. He breaks the coconut.

Soham comes out and calls Gauri. He says, I want to meet you. Gauri says, I can’t right now.. I am out with my parents. Soham says, I am in temple near your house. Gauri says, I am there as well. Soham asks if she can meet him for 2 minutes. Gauri says okay.

Soham turns and sees her coming. He remembers all their sweet moments again. He keeps staring at her. Gauri takes his name and then he thanks her for coming. He says, aai baba came to your house right… Gauri says, you know it as well? Soham says, aai told me before coming there. He looks at the bangles and says, I am very happy because you said yes this fast. Gauri says, there was no reason to say no. And I still can’t believe that I am going to be part of your family. Life is so strange sometimes.. till yesterday we were fighting and now we are going to have a new relationship. But whatever’s happening.. I am liking it. Soham says, me too. He then says, but why you didn’t tell me before that… Gauri’s mother calls her. Gauri tells Soham seems like puja is going to start.. she leaves. Soham is waving his hand with a smiling face.

Precap: Same as Friday one.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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