Jee Le Zara 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 2nd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi talking to a big lawyer and asking him for the concession in his fees. Advait looks on. Saanchi is told by the lawyer that he is not running an NGO and declines to decrease his fees. Saanchi asks her family to come for breakfast. Saanchi asks Prachi, when did she come late in the night. Prachi says she came late. Saanchi says you came late by 2 hours. Prachi makes excuses. Saanchi makes it clear to come early in the night. Saanchi says it is better to be safe than sorry. Saanchi gives her newspaper to read the news about Woman. Prachi says her friends laughs on her. Saanchi asks her to come early and Prachi agrees. Saanchi calls for Advait and asks him to have breakfast. Advait says he is doing something and will have breakfast late. Saanchi says she had

prepared chocolate milk shake and asks him to have it. Advait keeps his toys in the almara. Mugdha tells Saanchi, if they didn’t get the lawyer then. Saanchi says they should never lose hope. Mugdha says Dhruv seems to be a good lawyer and had a impressive resume. Saanchi says she wants more matured and experienced lawyer.

Dhruv asks Dilshaad about the nearest internet cafe. Dilshaad says Advait can help you. Dilshaad sees the books with Dhruv and asks him about his stay. Dhruv says he have to win Ms cocunut trust and that’s why he is preparing. He is determined to win her trust and hopes he succeed. Dilshaad is happy that Advait will stay longer if he take up Saanchi’s case. Saanchi calls Advait and asks him whether he had breakfast and whether Aaji had calcium tablet. Advait tells her that Deepali came home. Deepali says she will give tablet to Aaji, but Aaji says your husband is doing this to us and you will give medicines to me. Deepali says even Saanchi can’t handle the business and says Pradeep is right to sell the land as they will get a good price with which he can start a new business. Deepali says you always supports Saanchi and not Pradeep. Aaji says Pradeep is not good at business and he will fail if he enters into business. Aaji says you don’t have a child either then what is the need for money for you both. Deepali says she will leave as they didn’t understand her point. Aaji tells her to convey Pradeep that if needed they will fight the case and will win too. Deepali leaves.

Dhruv bumps into Deepali as she is leaving the house. She cries and leaves. Nani tells Aaji that she said much to Deepali. Aaji says she would have slap Pradeep if he would have come. Dhruv comes and greets them. He asks about Deepali. Nani says she is Pradeep’s wife. Dhruv says Pradeep seems to be giant man as he made you looks sad. He praises Nani’s beauty, Nani feels at cloud nine. Aaji says you are still childish. Dhruv says Pradeep wants you to sit upset and if you sit like this sad then he will succeed. Aaji and Nani laughs, and Dhruv says life is beautiful. Dhruv says he came to take help from Advait. Nani says Dhruv is a good guy but so young. Aaji says they wants a good guy like Dhruv but he must be elder to Saanchi.

Saanchi says Aaji that you should not had spoken to Deepali like that, she might be hurt. Aaji says they deserved it but says she will call Deepali and talk to her. Nani tells Saanchi that Advait didn’t have breakfast and was looking at the roof since morning. Saanchi go to him and cheer him up. Dhruv comes and ring the bell. Saanchi opens the door, Dhruv touches her hairs and says this is the secret of your beautiful hairs. Saanchi wonders what he was doing. Dhruv greets both nani and dadi. He says he came to return the internet connection. He asks what they have prepared for the dinner.

Dilshaad asks how she was looking. Dhruv says good. Dhruv sits in Saanchi car on the back seat while Dilshaad sits with Saanchi.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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