Pavitra Rishta 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vaishnavi calling Ankita and asks her to come with her. Ankita refuses citing work. She asks, is Ashi coming? Vaishnavi says no. She then asks about Naren? Vaishnavi says no. Ankita thinks to go. Pari asks Naren, where he is going with kids. Naren tells her that he is going alone. Teacher at the International school exhibition tell about the competition. Ankita comes and sees Naren there. Ashi and Vaishnavi start drawing. Ankita asks Naren, how come you are here. Naren says kids insist so I came. Naren and Ankita too start drawing. Teacher asks them not to fight like kids and do the drawing calmly. Teacher asks everyone to complete the drawing soon. Naren and Ankita complete the drawing. Teacher takes their drawings. Teacher announces the winners and says 2nd prize goes to Ankita. And first prize goes to Arushi Karmarkar. Everyone applaud for them.

Pari checks something in the cupboard and gets a bank slip in the name of Dr. Subhash Singh and wonders who is he. She thinks why mom is giving him such a big amount. Rushaali comes and asks what are you searching. Pari says, I was looking for a file and says she needs money. Rushaali asks how much. Pari says 50000. Rushaali says she doesn’t have. Pari thinks why she lied to her.

Pari tells Rushaali that Dr. Subhash Singh called and said that he wants to talk to you. Rushaali says, I don’t know him. Pari thinks to find out why she is lying. Rushaali thinks why did he call home.

Naren and Ankita ask kids, why did they lie? Vaishnavi says, we wanted you both to come. Naren says, lets go home. Vaishnavi says, we shall celebrate for Ashi and Ankita’s win. Ankita says, we will take them for outing and celebrate. Ankita goes to the icecream stall and asks Naren what he would like to have? Naren says, butterscotch and gets confused. Ankita tells him that you got confused before too and asks the seller to give him choco chips icecream. Naren says, don’t know why he forgot. It is same flavour. Ankita asks, how is it? Naren says it is good. Ankita pays the money to the seller.

Two goons comes and pass lewd comments on Ankita. Naren gets angry and beats them. The goons run away. Naren gets wound on his forehead. Ankita gets shocked and caresses his wound. Icecream vendor tells Naren that your wife is worried about you. Pari calls the bank manager and asks him to give bank statement of Rushaali. He says, I can’t give. Pari says, she asked me to take it. Manager agrees. Pari thinks to find out the secret.

Manav asks Archana, why didn’t you tell me. Archana says, I know that but I was unsure. Manav says, don’t know what to do. Shall I celebrate or mourn. Archana says, doubt ruins relations. Ankita and Naren loved each other but Naren forgot their love after getting well. Ankita loves him even now. Naren could feel her love but couldn’t realize because of memory loss. Pari is feeling insecure and thinks Ankita will snatch Naren from her. Manav asks her to make Pari understand. Archana tells him that Pari won’t listen to anyone. Archana says, I will talk to her when the time is right. Manav says, do you want Naren to go back to Ankita. Archana says, if Pari’s love is strong then Naren will be with her else he will go back to Ankita. Manav says, you are right and asks her not to worry.

Pari comes to the manager and gets Subhash name and address. She thanks the manager. She thinks to find out the secret with which she can take revenge from Rushaali for giving proofs to Ankita against her.

Ashi and Vaishnavi talk about the drawing competition. Kinnari asks them who had win? Vaishnavi tells that Ashi and Ankita have won. Kinnari asks, how Naren got injured? Vaishnavi tells about the goons misbehaving with Ankita and Naren beating them. Ashi tells that her dada is superman. Kinnari thinks naren lied to us.

Pari packs her bags and asks Naren to be with Ankita. Naren says, I didn’t know that ankita was coming there. Pari doesn’t believe him. She tells him that she is going to her friend’s place and will be back tomorrow. Naren starts thinking.

Naren asks Ankita, do we really love each other during our marriage period. He tells that he was getting flashes of a woman since long, but today he saw her face. He says, it is you. Ankita looks at him emotionally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Pari can be a Halloween ghost. She is such a pest and disgusting creature. 🙂

    1. lollllzzzzzzlloloz

  4. sal-south africa

    I love to hate Pari thou, is there anyone that can influence zee not to stop this show….pleeeeaasseee

    1. I totally agree but at least the goodness of Ankita defeat Pari in some form… she’s getting away with too much!! And I can’t understand why is it that her parents are not around. I know Arjun had problems but shouldn’t it have been sorted out by now?? gosh there must be someone that she will get SOME sort of discipline!

  5. Hi Meera please no discipline cannot help parie now, she get her training from her mother in law, she get to greed I like today episode . I am from Fyzabad Trinidad.

  6. Guys when naren was mad wat he use to call ankita

  7. @A- he used to call ‘aahana’ to ankita wen he was mad

  8. Naren was so cute n sweet when he was mad, now he get ugly, n i really like how he use to talk n be romantic when he was mad

  9. Please take this dumb series out…this is one dumb stupid series & is going on to long, they just making pari bad to make ankita like she’s god. Ankita is old & pathetic they need to get rid of her, drama queen only acts nice infront of naren, she left naren & now she’s finding ways to come in hes life again. Ankita is very irritating please take her out & stop making her act great like god. She’s trying to act like a young girl that’s why she doesn’t even want to play the part of archana now

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