Sadda Haq 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushu comes in and says this is time to surprise parth. Parth is teaching some girls. Vidushi gets angry. The girls thank him. Vidushi goes to a guy an sits with him. He says Hi, Vidushi says amazing physique. Parth doesn’t notice her. She says in heart try to hide your jealousy. Vidushi says to the guy I never saw you before. You are fascinating. Parth takes his bag and leaves the library. Vidushi follows him. The guy says at least give me your number. Vidushi gives him her number.

Maya gets a call from Rishi. He comes to her cabin. Maya says you? He says were you waiting for someone else? Call him and say don’t come. maya says I was busy in my work. what are you saying. He says you know whom I am talking about. that professor. Maya says whats wrong with you. He says if I stay out that doesn’t mean that you will make me fool. He says show this drama to that professor not me. He leaves. Vidushi can’t call someone from her phone.
Maya is crying. Vardhan comes in. He says I saw your husband going out. I guess I shouldn’t have come right now. Maya swipes her tears. Maya hugs vardhan. Vidushi’s phone is recording it, she thinks its making a call.

The guy she was in library comes there and says Hi. Maya goes away from vardhan. She is sobbing, she says I am sorry vardhan.
Vidushi is still trying to fix her phone. The guy asks what happened? Parth comes there. The guy why aren’t you speaking. Vidushi says my phone isn’t working. he says that’s not a big deal I will bring you new phone. Vidushi says I have to leave. He holds her hand and says whats wrong with you? Vidushi slaps him and says leave my hand and stay in your limit. His pals are laughing on him. One says, what were you saying? She was after you? She gave you on the face. Give me new phone too. Vikaas says I will show her worth.

Scene 2
Randhir looks at the re-exams notice and says I should tell sanyu. He says she would still need help. I should help her in revising. Randhir is drawing as sanyu directs.

Vudushi is in the library. Vikaas comes there and steals her phone when she is facing the shelves. He writes I am sorry I slapped you I love you. And texts it to himself. He posts her after bath photos on facebook. Vidushi comes back with the books. Vikaas goes to his pals and shows him vidush’s message that he sent himself. They ask how this happened? He shows them her after bath video in which she said I love you baby. He shows them maya and vardhan’s video too.

Everyone is laughing on vidushi in the corridor. she says I will complain about you all. she goes to parth and says everyone is taunting me. He shows her the video. she is dazed. He says should you get award for this? I never thought you could do this to seek attention. Why you posted such video. Vidushi says trust me I didn’t post this. She is crying. He says who could do this then? She says I don’t know when it got posted. He says and don’t tell me you didn’t sent it to so many boys. I just started to respect you and you showed your reality. He leaves. Vidushi says I never did this parth. I was just taking a picture. She sees the message vikaas sent himself. She says oh I got who did this. Vidushi goes to vikaas and says you did this you blo*dy creep. I never sent you that video. He says baby I never did that. Vidushi says now you will confess that you sent that video. He says I was quite uptil now for your respect. His pals say you forwarded it to him and we saw it. Vikaas says how will you prove that I uploaded that video. Vardhan comes and asks whats going on here ? They all run. Vardhan asks vidushi whats wrong? She says nothing sir, she leaves.

Randhir is teaching sanyu. He tells her about the video. She says maybe she is right.

Parth is hitting the punching bag. Randhir says why are you so angry? Parth says of my wrong judgments. I thought vidushi was getting better but she lost all her respect. she showed what she actually is. randhir says we all have flaws she is mean but i don’t think she could do this. Its not always black. maybe you are getting it wrong. Jiggy says he is right why would vidushi do it after three years if she was like that. She could have done that in first year. Parth stops for a moment.
maya sees vidushi’s video. she says what is this cheap girl upto. I should ask IT department to get this video removed. She sees her video in which she is hugging vardhan. she is bewildered. Vidushi’s voice is recorded too. Rishi has sees the video too. Vardhan sees the video. He says what the hell is this. He listens vidushi’s voice too. Everyone is staring at vardhan. Two guys say beauty and the beast. Vardhan says do you even know whom you are talking about. I will punish the one who has done it. Don’t forget what can do. I will kick you out if you ever watch this again.

Precap-Vidushi says I can’t believe how my video got uploaded. Attendant comes and says vidushi mata has called you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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