Pavitra Rishta 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 29th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren asking Ankita that how can Pari reject Shekhar’s proposal. Ankita says she knows Pari, she has not come out of her past relationship yet. She heard her boyfriend’s voice in temple today. Maybe that is the reason, she rejected Shekhar’s proposal. Naren says Ankita that he loves her a lot and is just sad for Pari.

Archana says Pia and Teju that nobody will discuss about Pari’s marriage hereon. Pari comes out of her room. Archana asks her to have breakfast. Pari says she is not hungry. Pia says she made her favourite breakfast. Pari asks not to force her. Teju says Pari that she left some items in her car. Pari says it is Ankita’s. She goes to Pari’s house to return her items. Ankita says you should keep it as it is god’s wish. Pari asks sorry for yesterday. Ankita asks her to come in and says it is okay. Pari says she is not ready for marriage. Ankita says if she thinks her boyfriend will come back, she should find her then. Pari says she just wants to know why did he cheat him, if he had any problem. She says he would have come by now if he wanted to, she wants to forget her past. Ankita says that is what she wanted to tell her, to forget her past and move on. She says we met recently, but are attached to each other well, same will happen to her in the future if she moves forward. She tells about her and Naren’s story and says she should try once.

Pari gets a call from her office and leaves returning Ankita’s items. Naren comes after she goes. He asks who was she. Ankita says it was Pari. He asks what did he tell about Shekhar. She says Pari needs some time.

Damodar brings vada pav for Savita and says he saw her sad since morning, so he brought her favourite food. Savita says her granddaughter did not have anything since morning, how can she can anything. Damodar says we should give some time for her. Savita says we should change Pari’s thinkiing. We came from Canada thinking of uniting our family, but nothing is going as we thought. Manav comes and says Archana spoke to Pari and says Pari should change her thinking. Damodar murmurs a song. Manav asks her where did he hear this song. Domodar remembers hearing it from a man in a bar. Manav says Soham used to sing this song. Manav says we should go now and check the bar.

Naren checks kid’s funny pics on laptop and starts laughing. He says we will record these funny movements of our kids. They both discuss howmany kids they will have and get nervous seeing Sunanda standing there. Sunanda says I heard you both and think that you both should get a child to get stability in your life. She says Naren’s condition will improve and says she would like to be a grandmother and she would be a beautiful mother.

Manav and Damodar reach a bar where Damodar saw Soham. Inspector says nobody saw him yesterday. Manav says Sopham used to sing that song. Inspector says I think he is Mumbai and whenever we find something about him, we will inform you. Damodar says I remember him calling me as Azoba, but he was wearing turban and beard, so I did not identify him. Manav says that means he was our Soham. Damodar says I came here with your mother’s permission to drink and saw Soham. Manav says inspector says they did not find Soham here, so we will add Soham’s posters throughout the city so that somebody identifies him and inform us.

Sonu sees Soham’s pic and says Mansi that she saw baba/Soham’s poster. Before Mansi checks it, poster boy fixes another poster over it. Mansi says there is no poster there and takes Sonu from there.

Pia brings food for Pari and says she thought she will not come for dinner with everyone, so she brought it here. Pari asks if everyone ate food. Pia says no. She says I will have it with everyone and goes with her.

Archana asks Teju about Sulochana’s MRI scan. Teju says report has not come. Archana hears Manav shouting on Sachin. Sachin asks Manav why did he go in a slum area and bar to search Soham. Manav says he is my son and I will not leave him like that. I know you don’t like him, but I want him in this house as he is my son like you, so you should accept him.

Prcap: Slochana gets unconscious and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Poor Slochana

  2. This used to be my favorite show esp at the beginning… Now it has become total bakwaas!!!

  3. i agree….. so boerd and very slow

  4. This is starting to get annoying every episode is full of coincidences ,can’t the writers actually get the stories going ?please stop all this nonsense u guys are losing appeal or just take this off air

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