Pavitra Rishta 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi asking Ankita if she is still angry on her and will not forgive her. She says she made and big mistake and to forgive her. Ankita tells her about her childhood incident where she hit her for a doll and did not apologize then, then why should she apologize now. She says someone must have brainwashed you and asks who is it. Mansi says it is Pari and told that you and Shashank are having an illegal affair. Ankita reminisces about Naren telling he knows her child is Shashank’s. She says Mansi even Naren thinks the same. Mansi asks Ankita to tell the truth to Naren. Ankita says she does not want to tell Naren as she loves him like Shashank loves Mansi. Mansi says hope I also love Shashank like him. Ankita says let us stop crying, it is Pranav’s birthday today.

Sonu gifts Pranav a hand-made greeting card and wishes him happy birthday. Pranav thanks her and asks when did she make it. She say she made it in the morning and asks if he liked it. Pranav says he liked it a lot and says today baba/Soham is coming to wish him birthday. Prashanth wishes Pranav and asks him what gift he needs. Pranav says he needs a remote car.

Children gather at Mansi’s house for Pranav’s birthday. Shashank brings cake. Mansi asks Shashank if his parents reached shirdi. Shashank say yes. Mansi asks Pranav to cut cake. He says he is waiting for a special guest. Soham comes with gift. Pranav gets happy seeing him and cuts cake. Soham asks Mansi about Naren. Mansi says jiju has a meeting, so he did not come.

Soham sees a card and is astonished to see it is Pari and Naren’s wedding invitation card. He thinks his doubt was right, there is problem between Ankita and Naren, and things got so worse that Naren’s parents are marrying him with Pari. He angrily goes out from there. Pranav says baba escaped today also. Ankita says it is good baba came here, he is trying to change for good.

Soham is in a bar drinking alcohol. He reminisces about Sachin trying to marry Gauri and he killing her in rage. He thinks like Sachin tried to snatch Gauri from him, Pari is snatching Naren from Ankita. He will become Vishnu Lala again and punish them.

Naren and Pari talk on phone. Naren says tomorrow she will marry him and become Ahana Naren Karmakar. He says today you wore my name’s bangles, tomorrow you will wear mangalsutra, etc., and will be in my house. Pari says my dream is to become your bride, aaji used to tell how it feels being a bride, today she is feeling the same. They both wish each other I love you and disconnect call.

Neena receives Archana’s courier and sees it is advocate’s courier. She thinks it must be important and should check it, but thinks it is a bad manner to check someone’s courier, then thinks she should check if it is related to her and her children’s future. She is surprised to see it is a will with Archana’s property divided between Soham, Teju, and Ovi. She worriedly wakes up and it is just her dream. Sachin asks her why did she wake up at the middle of night. She says she had a bad dream about Archana’s will diving her property between Soham, Teju and Ovi and he being ignored. Sachin asks her to relax as he knows Soham will not come back to this house. Neena thinks Sachin is so coward, hope god does not send Soham back.

Soham in an inebriated state shouts outside Naren’s house. As soon as Naren opens the door, he tries to strangulate Naren for ruining his daughter’s life. Rushali comes and says his daughter had a contract marriage with Naren and now contract is finished. Soham says she took advantage of his family. Rushali says he and Ankita took advantage instead. Naren and Sirish call police and put him behind bars.

Precap: Archana and Manav come to police station and ask Soham to come home. Soham angrily pushes Archana. Manav tries to slap Soham.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I hate Ankita. She is a bitch. She only trys to show that she is the best she must just leave other people’s lives alone. First she must decide who she wants whether she wants Manav, Shashank, Naren, the old Manav or Raunak.

  2. I jus hope that naren doesn’t marry that witch pari. let ankita baby grow up living in a proper family. why do they keep on making the same mistakes in pr. this means that this family is really curse.

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