Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj coming home. Rags and Menka introduce him to Upasna and Deepali. He gets puzzled. Sharad tells him that this is his Swayamvar. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that these girls will be here now to win your heart. Yuvraaj excuses himself and leaves. Soumya and Suhani think not to hide about their loves to each other. Soumya’s mum scolds Krishna and Soumya takes his side. Her mum scolds her too and leaves. Krishna leaves annoyed and Soumya goes to stop him. Rags and Menka give tips to Upasna and Deepali to impress Yuvraaj.

Krishna gets angry on Soumya. Suhani comes there and sees her. She says is he mad, how dare he push you, whats the need to talk to him. Soumya says no, mum has scolded me. Suhani says he deserves this, I don’t like him. Soumya scolds her and asks her to mind her language, Krishna is not like she thinks. Soumya runs after Krishna. Suhani says fine, I will not tell Soumya about Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj thinks about Soumya and smiles. Saare…. O saare…………plays………He says I want to talk to Soumya right now.

Soumya tells Krishna how can she tell her mum that she loves him, she will not let her meet him. She pacifies Krishna’s anger. Upasna wears a short skirt and comes to Yuvraaj’s room. She comes in and closes the door. He slips and falls on him. They fall on the bed and she gets closer. She does not leave Yuvraaj and says naughty…. She says I believe true love is in simplicity. Deepali knocks the door and Upasna hides in the bathroom. Deepali comes wearing a red saree. Soumya holds Krishna’s hand and says try to understand I m helpless.

He says I m sorry Soumya, its my mistake, I was angry. She says its ok. They smile and hug. She says lets go and run somewhere, I can’t see you getting insulted, I feel mum does not this intentionally. He says no, we are not wrong to hide our face and run, let me clear my exam, then I will have a good job, then I will ask your hand. She smiles and says I like this thing, self respect, always be like this. They hug. She says drop me at Suhani’s house now, I will take sweets and she will agree.

Deepali says her thoughts to Yuvraaj to impress him. Yuvraaj moves back as she gets closer. Pratima comes and Deepali says I will hide. He says bathroom. She goes there. Yuvraaj laughs and opens the door. He takes Pratima inside and shows her the two girls fighting in the bathroom. They are shocked to see Pratima. Yuvraaj says who is the lucky winner and laughs. The leave in anger. He says I can’t bear them, they are not the one I like. Soumya brings sweets for Suhani. She holds her ears and apologizes She does situps too. Suhani says enough, forgiven. Suhani hugs her smiling.

Deepali and Upasna tells Rags and Menka that Yuvraja has insulted them and now they will not stay here. They leave in anger. Menka says this was not good with our cousins. Soumya does not tell Suhani about Krishna. Soumya feels sorry as she is hiding, but she is afraid seeing her hatred for Krishna. Pratima says I liked Upasna for you, how many girls will you reject, will you not marry ever, do you like someone else. He says I don’t like that. She says but I like Upasna.

Menka and Rags come to Yuvraaj and asks did he not like them. Yuvraaj says I m sorry, but they were cheap and desperate, everyone knows I m not interested in such girls. Who asked you to find a girl for me. Rags asks whom will you bring then. Yuvraaj says she will be better than you two. He leaves. Menka says even I got insulted, now what will you do. Rags says come with me. Yuvraaj comes to Pratima and says I need to talk. Rags and Menka asks what is it, they also want to know. Menka says Yuvraaj told us he likes someone. Rags says its good, tell us who is she.

Pratima says yes, say. Yuvraaj smiles and says she….. Menka and Rags does not let him say. Rags says she should be fair, beautiful and rich else she will be jealous of us. Yuvraaj says I won’t tell anything now. He leaves. Pratima scolds them. Menka says I m eager to know who is she. Rags says we will find out. Yuvraaj comes to Sharad to talk about Soumya. He says I know she loves me, but I want to tell her in special way. Sharad smiles. Yuvraaj asks him to suggest anything. Sharad says lets see in morning, go and sleep.

Its morning, Pratima talks to someone and says yes, we will surely come in marriage. Yuvraaj says she always accepts invitation and sends us. Yuvraaj tells her he will not go. She says fine, I will go with Saurabh, to Suhani’s house. Yuvraaj is stunned.

Rags tells Menka that the girl Yuvraaj likes is coming there, we have to find out.

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