Pavitra Rishta 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren asking Saxena why did he publish Ankita’s news and for whom. He says he will take back his decision now as Ankita is a good woman and saved my son now and says a person who provoked me is inside the room. Naren is shocked to see Pari inside who asks Saxena that he should be adamant in his decision, says Naren may investigate the issue further, but she will divert his attention. She says Ankita has already decided to go back to Banaras and once she goes MD position will be hers. Saxena comes out and says Naren that he thought of a meager profit, but realized how good Ankita is, asks Naren to stop Ankita from going.

Naren reaches home and asks about Ankita. Pari asks why is he concerned about Ankita. He says he will talk to her later and asks Teju about Ankita. Teju say she has gone to office to pack her items and will go to railway station directly from there. Pari thinks with this news out, everyone will start insulting Ankita and she will be thrown into a corner of house, then she can get MD position.

Naren then comes to office and sees Ankita packing her bags. He stopped her. Saxena reaches office with board of directors on time and apologizes for their mistakes, requests not to leave the company. Vaishnavi asks Ankita to forgive directors. Naren also backs her. Ankita agrees.

Ashi comes to Manav and tells him that she wants to play with Vaishnavi. Teju tells him that Ashi is missing Vaishnavi very much. Pari comes and hears it. She gets irked. Teju talks about Ankita and tells that Aayi wants to be left alone for sometime. She asks Ashi to go to her room. Ashi goes inside. Pari tells that Ashi is missing Vaishnavi very much. She says, Ashi will forget her in 2-3 days. Teju gets angry.

Pari tells that life doesn’t stop for anyone. Someone will take her place. I mean to say that someone shall take her place like she took Azooba’s place. She tells that she can understand that Ankita had hurt you. Manav says, no one has guts to leave the power. Ankita did it. Everyone think about their profit. Pari says, time has come for you to handover the business in right hands. Manav asks, what do you mean? Pari asks him to handover the business to her and gives her a chance. She says, it is my turn now.

Ankita comes back and says it is not needed. Teju and Manav get happy while Pari gets shocked and unhappy. Ankita assures Manav that she is back and promises to take care of her responsibilities. Manav says, I knew it. Pari says, do you have an idea about the loss which our company would face because of you. Naren comes and says no one is going. He tells that the board of directors don’t want Ankita to go. Manav says, good things happen with good people. May be they have realized their mistake. Naren is angry on Pari. Manav asks Ankita to meet Archana. Ankita goes to her room. Pari is irked. Naren says, I don’t believe that Pari can do this.

Pari calls Saxena and asks how can you ditch me like this. Saxena asks her to listen to him. She says, I would have become company’s owner after Ankita leaves. Saxena tells her that Naren comes to know everything. Naren opens the light shocking Pari. Naren tells that he was at Saxena’s house when you came there. He says, I never thought you would stoop so low. Being a woman you would do such a cheap thing with Ankita. You are responsible for Ranvijay’s condition. You followed me. Pari says, yes I don’t believe you and Ankita. She says, I followed you when Ankita took you to Ranvijay. She was brainwashing you.

A flashback is shown, Pari takes Ankita’s pics with Ranvijay. She says, she had decided to teach a lesson to Ankita and that’s why got the news published. She says, I told 1000’s times that I hate Ankita. Naren says, you will stoop so low. My pari was not selfish but money minded. Pari says, whatever I am today is because of you. You always protects Ankita. I will do whatever I think is right. I will get my position back. I don’t need you. Naren is shocked. He tells that Pari is not repenting for her mistake. Everything will be snatched from you if your attitude continues to be like this.

Pari is sleeping while Naren recalls Pari’s words and couldn’t sleep. He goes out of room to have water and finds a letter there. He reads a page from Ankita’s diary which might have fallen on the ground. He reads it and thinks who might have written this. He gets another page and reads it. He thinks someone might have hurt this person and opines that it is true love. He gets another page and reads it about love.

Ankita is seen sitting near the window. Naren smiles reading the letters. Ankita sees and comes to him. Naren asks, about the person written in the letter. Ankita refuses to answer. Naren says, he is obviously Ranvijay. Ankita thanks him and says I won’t forget your past mistakes. She asks him to accept his crime infront of police and closes the door. Naren looks helpless.

Ankita gets a phone call. She gets tensed and says she is coming. Prashant asks what happened? Ankita says, Naren sir is in Jail. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Itni Jaldi ?? Waaw thanks !

    1. it’s been more than 1hour that I said that !!! i regret !! grrrrrr

  2. wat happen man??? y u taking so to update d rest

  3. sorry I meant so long to update

  4. ha ha ha , cant stop laughing , sorry pari but u are losing ur man . do good n u will receive good , in real life i hope people learn

  5. yea I hope so too but to me in real life wen u do gud u does hold wood n u does ended up n get hurt d most

  6. What’s taking so long with the rest of the written update!!!

  7. ohhhh crapppp mannn??????????? y yal takin so long????????????? hurry

  8. Hi Nalini Girl where are You I miss you , what a laugh this morning parie with her mash mouth and her lying ugly stupid self out off Ankita of life she should spent her money on getting a lip job done, the next time in Canada in stead of the GOONS. Naren when are you going to wake up and smells the COFFEE, I know love is blind, both you and Ankita HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DUAGHTER, when are you going to blast your mother for her lies, your hands are full, 1st parie 2nd your mum thank GOD its you Ankita and Naren GOOD LUCK on the battle field when is that day will COME I hope soon.

  9. Upload fast!

  10. Half is dangerous

  11. Hi Girl Nalini, the phone keep on ringing as you know my job every end of the month I make some mistakes this morning on my comment so long I never had a comment what a laugh.

  12. So love today’s update hope Naren and Ankita ends up together and hope Pari rots in Jail

  13. ankita n naren and not that b*t*h pari

  14. Naren and Ankita!! Woo, True love over came the b*t*h 🙂

  15. oh god they say that this soap will end on October but when will Ankita and Naren fine out the truth about Ashi ? how will Pari react akter hearing that ? will Ranvajay recover ? will ankita get marry to naren ? what will happend to pari ? will she go to jail ? will ankita accept pari mistake and forgave he r ? what will happend to vashani if ankita marry naren? how will naren react when he find out that his mom separate ashi from ankita ? i have so many questions i don’t want this soap to end

    1. I agree…so much to close off properly amd they seem to only have a week to do so. Hope they do it right though. I started really really enjoying the series when they decide to take it off air.

  16. upLoad Todays update Plz

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