Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj telling Soumya that he will drop her. She says no need, I came in my car. He says really, then why did your husband got miser when buying the saree. She says she is getting late and starts leaving. Yuvraaj is about to hold her hand but does not. He thanks her coming, as Suhani liked it a lot, else he was afraid she will not come, as she did not come in marriage. Dadi hears them. Soumya says she can’t change what happened, but she is happy seeing her. She thanks Yuvraaj for giving so much happiness to Suhani. She smiles and leaves. Dadi comes to Yuvraaj and sees him upset. Suhani asks where did Soumya go. Yuvraaj says she went. She says I got a cake for her. He says give it someone else. He leaves. Suhani thinks what happened to Yuvraaj. She sees Dadi there. Suhani asks her will she have the cake. Rags and Menka come there.

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They try to talk to her about Soumya, but she leaves. Menka tells Rags that we have to do something as Suhani is gelling well with Dadi. Krishna’s mum scolds Soumya for coming late. Krishna’s dad supports her and says he got late as he got unwell. She still fumes. Soumya cries. Krishna’s dad asks her to go to her room. He tells his wife that his BP was low and he went to meet the doctor, so he got late. Rakhi gets Soumya’s phone.

Rakhi sees Soumya and Suhani’s pic in her phone and sees the chain in Suhani’s neck. She reads the message that Suhani is thanking Soumya for the chain. She recalls Soumya did not let her touch that chain. Krishna asks her what is she doing with Soumya’s phone. Rakhi shows her the pic and says I told you Soumya does not like me, this is the same chain for which she scolded me, I won’t stay here, I will go to village. Krishna calls out Soumya. Rakhi smiles. Dadi asks Yuvraaj how did he arrange the party when he forgot to get the cake. Yuvraaj asks what does she want to know, he won’t lie to her.

She says you did not know her birthday, why did you marry her. She says she has many reasons to doubt on him. She shows Soumya’s pic and asks did you not sent this, now you say it was your mistake, you planned surprise for Snoopi and then said its for Suhani, fine agreed, last thing, why is Pankaj threatening you. He says what, how do you know, I mean what can you think, its nothing like this. She says she heard and saw him. He says you first cool down to know this.

He says many times, what we see is also wrong, don’t doubt like this, I chose Suhani for this marriage, so don’t doubt on her, and Pankaj loves his children a lot, he was objecting to his relation. She says how dare he reject my grandson, what does he think about him. Krishna asks Soumya to go and get the chain back from Suhani. Soumya cries and says it was Suhani’s birthday, I did not have anything to give her. Rakhi says Maa, see she gave the chain to Yuvraaj’s wife. Soumya says Suhani is my childhood friend. Krishna’s mum says my husband lied to me that he is unwell to save you.

She taunts Krishna for marrying Soumya. Rakhi too adds fuel in fire. Krishna says you will come back in this house, when you get the chain back, else don’t come. Rags and Menka ask their husbands to learn from Yuvraaj. They joke and laugh on Menka and Rags. Menka says she is good at heart ad taunts on Rags. Rags gets angry and they leave. Their husbands laugh. Rags comes out and scolds Menka. Rags says let me think something. Menka says I have an idea, why don’t we tell Dadi that Yuvraaj loved Soumya. Rags says no, she is doubting now and will find out one day.

Menka says Rags is very smart. Rags says Dadi’s mind may have something, she will do something tomorrow. They smile. Suhani plucks the rose petals saying he loves me, he loves me not. She says she is sure that Yuvraaj loves her so he kissed me on my cheek. She says if this kiss is birthday gift, I have to give return gift, but how.She smiles and says I have to…………She cups her face being shy. Saawre………………..plays……………

Suhani kisses Yuvraaj and he shockingly looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Leave Soumya, LEAVE!!!! Don’t ever go back to that idiot, Krishna. That kind of people will never change. Only when Indian women leave these idiots and live their lives independently, idiots like Krishna will stop playing games with women while loving their mothers and sisters unconditionally. AHOLES!!!!

  2. Yuvraj also bad. To make soumya feel bad, he makes suhani more special, when she comes to know the truth it is going to hurt a lot. As for Krishna, his inferiority comple alone will make the relationship weak but along with blind love for his sister and mother who does not like soumya is going to destroy their marriage definitely. Cannot he understand how much she sacrificed not only comfort living but also relations which is must. He lives with all his family, but she has none. I hope she soon understand what a hypocrite he is and leave him for good. But do not come back between Yuvi and suhani.

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