Pavitra Rishta 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Soham seeing Naren and thinks he is a beggar. He asks, do you want anything? Naren says nothing. Soham sits beside him and offers 100 Rs. Naren refuses to take. Soham asks him to drink alcohol. Naren refuses. Naren is sitting with a tarpaulin on his head, Soham didn’t recognise him. And says I got this alcohol with my son in law’s money and says he is Naren Karmakar. Naren says I heard this name. Soham shows off his mobile. Naren gives him tips after its usage. Soham thinks he is hi fi beggar and asks him to capture their photo. Naren complies. Soham looks at the photo of Naren. Naren tells Soham, not to tell Ahana about him sitting here. Soham asks, what happened? Naren says she don’t want to see my face. Soham says women are mad and asks him not to

take their sayings on heart. Soham messages Ankita. Ankita calls Soham and asks, is Naren with you? Soham says he is sitting beside me. Naren runs from there. Soham shouts, he ran away. Ankita asks him to stop Naren. Soham gives the directions. Ankita says ok.

Ankita comes to Naren and calls his name. Naren asks her to go away and says it is cheating. You said you didn’t want to see my face. I will go very far from here. I can’t see you cry and sad. Please go from here and hides his face. Ankita cries. Naren asks, what do you want? I want to see you happy and will do as you says. Ankita says sorry and says I don’t have any problems with your face. Naren asks, are you sure? Ankita says sure. Naren asks, can I show my face now. Ankita asks, why did you went from home. Naren says, I went as you didn’t want to see my face. Ankita asks him to promise and he promises that he won’t go anywhere. They starts walking, Naren comes under her umbrella…..Sunraha Haina Tu………….plays. Naren says I am happy as I can show my face now to you. I am also happy as you are happy. They enjoys the rain……while the song plays……….

At the party, Chadda talks with his guests about the girls who will trapped by him. Purvi comes, Chadda eyes her and says she is my fish. Chadda asks about Arjun. Purvi says, he will come with his wife. Chadda asks her not to feel uncomfortable and says you are our special guest. He asks her to drink but Purvi says, I don’t drink. Chadda says, you lives in Canada and don’t drink. Purvi says, my values don’t allow me to drink. She asks about Rishabh kapoor. Chadda says he didn’t come till now and no one knows when he will come. he asks her to take the soft drink. Purvi says I will take. Purvi asks Chadda to inform her when Rishabh Kapoor comes.

Rishabh Kapoor’s entry is shown. Arjun is rushed to the hospital by Ovi. She asks the doctor to treat him fast. Doctor says, his condition is critical and we have to operate immediately. Ovi says, I know his condition but he can’t be operated before 2 months. She asks Doctor to give him injection for pain relieving. Doctor gives the injection. Arjun is in pain and insists Ovi to take him to the party as Purvi is alone at the party. Ovi says we can’t go now. She says, I can’t see you in pain.

Kinnari’s mom asks about Naren. Sunanda makes a excuse that he is having headache so I asked him to rest. Kinnari’s mom says let him come. She asks Shirish about Naren. Shirish says I don’t know and I am trying to find him. Naren and Ankita enters fully drenched in water, everyone looks shocked.

Rushaali asks Naren, where were you? Raunaq takes Naren to his room. Sunanda bashes Ankita and asks, what you were doing when Naren went out. She says, it is your responsibility to take care of him. She says, you thinking is small even after living in this big house. Kinnari tells her mom that I think I will get this nurse with Naren. She says it seems Naren is close to her. Kinnari’s mom asks her to keep quiet. Kinnari says, I am getting bored and asks her to wrap up engagement soon. Her mom says, you need to have patience, he is rich and handsome. Kinnari says, I am marrying him as he is Naren Karmakar else i would not have agreed.

Rushaali apologizes. Sunanda says, we will start with the engagement rituals once Naren gets ready. Kinnari’s mom asks Sunanda, where Naren went. Sunanda says, he sometimes do unexpected things and says he loved some girl and she died. Naren is living in shock. People call him mad but he is otherwise fine. He is good at heart. Kinnari’s mom says my girl’s life is at stake…..Sunanda says I know whatever your daughter have done. She tells about Kinnari’s affair with a low status man. She says, you was thinking to leave from Nagpur and then I came to you with Naren’s alliance. I know your daughter is unexpected. She says I was surprised why you agreed? One,your daughter is getting a good family. Two, you will get everything once Naren gets fine. She says, if our Naren is mad then your daughter too is not pure.

Purvi takes the glass of wine and drinks it. Arjun and Ovi is standing there. Arjun looks at her with surprise..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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