Mahabharat 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 26th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Varnavat planning. Duryodhan is very happy . He says there will be a yajna and the place in varnavrat will be yajna vedi and his enemies will be yagya Ahuti. They burn the model of the house
Karna seems unhappy and Duryodhan asks him why. Karna says he will be happy if his arrows cut the head of his enemy or the memies arrows cut his. But this is not Dharma. There is a difference between a murderer and a warrior
Dushasan says why are you feeling so much for them? Have you forgotten who made you king? But Dyryodhan tells him to quiten. He says he will go by his friend and if Krna doesn’t want then this plan will be aborted . He tells Shakuni to abort the plan. Then tells Karna cunningly that if you don’t want me to become crown prince then its ok. I

will take sanyas.
Karna says I want you to become crownprince. I am agains cheating not against war. Duryodhan says war against whom? My father and grandfather? In the war I will cut head of my father or he will cut mine? They have left me no alternative but to cheat . Either I cheat and do adharma or I leave my right.
Karna becomes very sad but agrees
In the morning all are ready to leave for Varnavrat. Gandhari asks Kunti to get back soon. Bhesshma says its not right time to go but I wont stop you. Duryodhan tells yudhishtir not to worry about Hastinapur. Yudhistir says he is not worry about the kingdom as Gid makes destiny he is worried about people. Bheem says yes we are wporried about you. Duryodhan says soon your worries will be over
Shakuni says to Kinti that hastinapur will become poor by your leaving. Karna seems upset at this, he steps forward and then steps back.
Karna touches Kunti’s feet she says may fame be yours and may you always tred on the path of Dharma. Karna has tears in his eyes
Pandavas leave
Vidur notices Karna weeping
At dwarka Arjun is leaving and says he has learnt a lot from Krishna
Krishna says as you lleave do bathe at Triveni by remembering the story of Gupta sarasvati. He says it is saus that Ma Sarasvati could not control divine fire while treding on earth so she started travelling inside the earryh. Do bathe remembering this story
Arjun says as you desire

Precap: Pandavas reach the palace. Kunti says they will light a lamo before entering. She lights and the place catches fire

Update Credit to: NandiniRaizada

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  1. Mahabharat is my favorite serial, i watched it at my childhood, i love dialogs of mahabharat…..
    in this site mahabharat is available in hindi with some general knowledge

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