Pavitra Rishta 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th September 2013 Written Update

Episode begins at Deshmukh chawl
Teju opens the door to a priest. She calls out to Archana that Guruji is here. Savita and Sundari come out, Savita asking who called Guruji?
Archu tells her she had called Guruji as she wants Gauri Sachin wedding to be done quickly.
Teju asks the priest to come in, Priest tells Archana that now is the time of shradh, we have to wait 15 days, after that Navratri will come and then you can fix the wedding date on any day.
Archu agrees and asks Sundari to get tea and refreshments for Guruji but Sundari is too busy fixing her dress and Savita scolds her, Enough with your style, didn’t u hear what she said? Go and get refreshments for Guruji. Sundari leaves quickly.
Archu asks Savita to get ready as they have to go to

Gauri’s house and tell them that Navratri time is best for wedding date.

2nd scene: Kirloskar House
Purvi is dressed up and carrying Pari, she comes to the living-dining room and hands over Pari to the house maid Khushboo and asks her to take care of Pari as shes going to the hospital. She tells Khushboo to feed Pari some dal after 2 hrs, then give her milk after 1 hour. If Pari feels sleepy, to put her to sleep and if she doesn’t sleep then to rock her in her arms and sing a lullaby. The maid nods in compliance. Arjun has returned from work and listening to Purvi instructing the maid.
Purvi continues her instructions, that when Pari gets up from her nap, Khushboo shd take her to the garden in her pram and stroll with her…and do this and do that…Purvi is rambling on instructions, Arjun comes and gently holds Purvi and moves her away, thanking Khushboo and telling her to go with Pari.
Arjun brings Purvi aside and makes her sit on the couch while she protests that she has to tell the maid what to do! Arjun gives her a glass of juice, Purvi says she has to go to the hospital, he tells her to have the juice.
He sits down beside Purvi and asks her what was the matter? Khushboo knows her duties, she will manage.
Purvi says, Im sorry Arjun, nowadays I cant spend any time with you, I cant even help u in office work, but as long as Sachu Dada is in the hospital, this is how its going to be… even now I have to go to the hospital…Purvi looks apologetic.
Arjun smiles and tells her to relax, that alongwith being his wife, shes also the daughter of Deshmukh family. Sachu dada is in the hospital so her presence is needed there, it’s a good thing because she can help Ayi over there, and she doesn’t need to apologize to him for these matters.
Purvi smiles gratefully and drinks the juice. Arjun says he will drive her to the hospital.

Next scene: Mumbai streets
Soham is running somewhere when he sees a crowd of people around a poor woman who is yelling at her husband, what kind of husband is he? Hes a scoundrel, when he has money in his pocket then hes not seen at home for weeks, and now his money is finished, hes creating a scene at home? This time he stole the money kept for baby’s milk and ran away, hes a worthless husband and father!
Soham goes into the crowd and watches and listens.
The husband yells back at the wife, What nonsense are u saying? This money is mine, its mine, understand? The wife tries to snatch the money from the man’s hands but he shoves her off and leaves.
Soham goes up to the woman and says he will give her money for a job. The woman asks him who was he and what would he pay her for?
Soham tells her, forget about who I am but I will give u a lot of money.
The woman warns him shes not that type of woman and she will beat him up if he suggests anything like that!
Soham tells her she just has to help him in something. For that he will pay her well! She agrees but says show me the money first. Soham takes out a large denomination note and gives it to her, she agrees to do his job. Soham looks like hes planning something.

Next scene: Archana at Gauri’s house
Shes telling Gauri’s mother that as soon as Navratri begins, we will do Sachin Gauri wedding. Gauri’s parents agree with delighted smiles, while Savita holds Gauri’s hand affectionately.
Gauri’s mobile rings, she picks it up. It’s the woman whom Soham had paid, she tells Gauri her name is Kanta and she lives behind Gauri’s chawl. Her husband works in Kanchan Mill behind the chawl. While working today her husband’s arm got caught in the machine and hes badly injured. She requests Gauri to come quickly.
Gauri tells her not to worry and call for an ambulance and take him to the hospital. Kanta tells her shes too poor to afford doctors, hospitals or ambulance, a neighbor had given her Gauri’s number so shes calling her for help. Kanta begs her to come quickly. Gauri agrees and asks Kanta for her address and she will be there shortly.
Kanta says, Kanchan Mill 72. Gauri tells her shes coming. Kanta hangs up and looks at Soham who is touching some colorful bangles with a wicked smile.
Gauri tells everyone that an emergency case had come so she has to leave. Archu tells her why don’t you come with us as we were leaving anyway and we will drop u off at the hospital? Gauri tells her no Ayi, Im not going to the hospital, theres a Mill nearby, that’s where a man had an accident…
Archu says, Mill? A patient in a Mill?
Gauri says, Ayi, a woman lives near our chawl, named Kanta, theres a mill nearby, Kanchan Mill, her husband works there…he got injured there while working so I have to go there..
Archu says, One second! Kanchan Mill? But that Mill closed down sometime ago!
Everyone looks surprised and wondering. Archu tells them a JoshiKaka in her chawl used to work at the Mill but hes not going to work anymore as the Mill closed. Some money problem was there, so… but why did she call u there?
Archu looks suspicious, then tells Gauri she feels something is wrong! Don’t go there!
Gauri says, Ayi, Im a doctor and if that woman is telling the truth, then I shd go there!
Gauri’s mother says, Archana Ji is right, even I feel something wrong.
Gauri tells her no matter if that woman is lying or not, Im a doctor so I have to go, that man is lying there injured and I cant waste a minute more, Ayi I have to go now!
The mother protests but Gauri insists she has to go, Archu says, One second, u have to go naa? Then go but I will come with you!
Archu tells Gauri’s parents that shes going with Gauri so they shd not worry. They smile with gratitude and relief.
Archana leaves with Gauri and asks the plainclothes cop guarding the door to accompany them.
Savita tells Gauri’s mom, Rajni ji, ur daughter is very lucky indeed. She has a mother-in-law like Archana! You know when Archana came as a bahu in my home, then…(Savita stops as she remembers how she had behaved at that time) She says, let it be! Let us forget those days, but now I am very proud of my bahu! Archu considers Gauri as her daughter, not her bahu! Do u know, Sachu is not her biological son, but she loves him more than her own son! She knows how to make relations work and respects every relationship!
Gauri’s parents nod and smile in agreement!

Next scene: A deserted factory
Gauri arrives there looking around with worried face. Soham emerges from his hiding place with a wicked smile.
Gauri sees Soham approach and she freezes, suddenly she starts smiling and goes towards him (Soham day dreaming again)
Gauri goes up to Soham and tells him, Lets go and get married quickly! I cannot wait anymore!
She hugs Soham who is smiling happily. Soham snaps out of his dream at a sound and sees Gauri walking into the place. Then he sees Archu and some cops coming in with Gauri. He hides behind some machines.
Archana tells Gauri, See, I told u this place is closed, nobody comes here! I feel something is wrong. Archu tells the cops to look around the place and find out if somebody actually had an accident there.
Soham is watching warily from his hiding place. Gauri says Ayi u look this way I will search that way. Archu tells her to be careful and call her if somethings wrong. They go in separate directions.
Gauri goes looking near where Soham is hiding, he gets up and comes out into the open before her, smiling casually. Shes shocked to see him there! She steps back, he comes closer, but before he can reach her, Archana comes in the middle with a grim look! She shakes her head with tearful eyes, then yells POLICE!
Soham tells her grimly, Do what u want but I will see who wins in the end, You or I…
Archana gives him a hard shove, he falls back. Cops come running but Soham escapes again. Archu looks angry.
Gauri is at home, her mother is trying to calm a nervous Gauri, her father is pacing around worriedly while Archu looks grim and angry.
Gauri’s father tells Archu that now hes feeling really scared! How will they save Gauri from that gunda? Hes behind Gauri like anything…
Archana tells him shes there for Gauri, he doesn’t need to worry!
Umesh says but Archana ji, u cannot be with Gauri 24 hrs!
Archu says she will stay with Gauri 24/7 from now on! Gauri and her parents are astonished
Archu tells them, Until Sachu and Gauri get married, I will stay here with Gauri. If you don’t have any objections, then…
Rajni says, of course we won’t object, we are happy that u are doing so much for our daughter!
Umesh agrees, So far we have heard of a mother doing everything for her kids, but this is the first time we are seeing a Saas fighting to protect her future Bahu!
Archu says, Its not like that, Umesh ji, Gauri is like my daughter but if it was some other girl in her place, I would still do the same for her! Because it’s the duty of every woman to understand and help other women! And Im doing just that!
Umeshji folds his hands in gratitude and admiration. Archu protests that he doesn’t need to do that, Umesh tells her, Archana Ji, Im saluting ur goodness and generosity of heart. Every parent wants a good husband for their daughter, but why don’t they pray for a saas who is like a mother?
Archana says, we have to change that mentality!
Gauri and her parents look emotional and gratefully at Archana.

Next scene: Soham is running on the streets at night with police jeep chasing him, sirens blaring
He hides behind some trees, police cant see him as usual and they leave.
Archu is packing her saris and clothes into a suitcase, Teju asks her where shes going, then Savita comes in and asks her why is she packing, if shes going somewhere?
Archu tells Savita, Ayi, Im going to stay with Gauri.
Savita and Ovi look astonished. Ovi asks why is she going to live there?
Archu tells them, Actually that gunda again tricked Gauri into going to a Mill, he was planning to kidnap her from there. Its good that I went there with Gauri so she was saved, but we cannot trust that boy! He has forgotten humanity and become a monster! He can only see Gauri and nothing else!
Savita says, But Archu, how can u go and live in ur samdhi’s house like this?
Archu says, she has no other option! What else can she do? I have to stay there, come what may..
Ovi asks, Ayi, did Gauri tell you something?
Archu says, No Ovi, the thing is Soham cant do anything in front of me, he cant say anything, so its more necessary for me to stay with Gauri. Anyway I have promised her father that I will protect her…that’s why Im going there. Gauri is my responsibility.
Savita asks if Archu has told all this to Manav yet?
Archu shakes her head, No Ayi, but I will explain it to him! Ayi, am I doing something wrong?
Savita says, Archana, there can be no other like you! Because whatever u think is right! If only I could be an Aayi like you!
Archu says, No Ayi, you supported me even when u didn’t like me at all! Remeber when I had that accident, but u helped me so much! You did all those things which u never wanted to do for me, and that’s when we built up a relationship. I have learned all this from u only.
Archu tells Teju and Ovi that shes leaving and they should take care of their Baba in her absence. Don’t let him suffer in any way.
Ovi and Teju agree.

Next scene: Kirloskar House
Soham scales the walls of Kirloskar Mansion and runs into the compound, the guard at the gate doesn’t notice, police jeep stops at the gate, cop asks the watchman if he has seen a guy wearing a white kutra coming that way?
Watchman denies seeing anyone like that, cop tells him to search properly as somebody did come that way and he has tried to kill somebody. Watchman agrees nervously. Soham hides behind a pillar, watching police talking to watchman.
Police jeep leaves, Soham quickly runs out of his hiding place and slips inside an open window of the house. He comes into the living room and sees Purvi is there sitting on a couch and playing with Pari.
He thinks aloud, Damnit! After all this running, I arrived here? But Lala, this address isn’t bad either! Until danger is gone, I can hide here, Police will never dream of looking for me here! I just have to find a good hiding place here!
Purvi places Pari on the sofa and gets up, goes to the dining table to get something, Soham comes out of his hiding.
Pari starts crying, Soham tries to pet her, then hides quickly behind the sofa when Purvi comes back to take care of crying Pari.
Purvi is cuddling Pari on the sofa while Soham peeps out from behind, shes not aware of his presence.
House doorbell rings. Soham crouches behind sofa. He crawls away somewhere just when Khushboo the maid brings water for Purvi.
Purvi asks Khushboo to check who was at the door, the maid goes. Soham creeps into Arvi’s bedroom and closes the door. Police come into the house.
Purvi gets up with Pari in her arms and asks the Inspector why he was there? She gives Pari to Khushboo.
Inspector tells Purvi they were chasing Bisnu who was escaping and came to this area. Purvi is surprised. Inspector says, yes, that’s why theyre checking all houses in that area.
Soham watches Purvi talking to the police through the keyhole. Purvi tells Inspector that if Dada had come there, she would have informed them!
Inspector says they have to do their duty, so if she doesn’t mind, can he search her house? Purvi agrees and leads the cops inside. Soham frantically looks for a hiding place in the bedroom, he thinks to himself… he had supposed Purvi’s house would be a safe hiding place but those damned cops had arrived there too!
Soham looks at the door as he hears cops coming, cops come in, hes not there!
Police search in the bedroom, in the closets, at the windows, check the window grills, nobody is there.
Bathroom door was jammed, Purvi opens it for the cops. They search there but its empty.
Constable comes and tells Inspector theres nobody in the bedroom, a plainclothes cop comes and informs he has searched over the whole bungalow but Bisnu Lala wasn’t there.
Inspector apologizes to Purvi for disturbing her but he was just doing his duty.
Purvi says, No Sir, u are doing this for our welfare. Inspector thanks her for cooperation, asks her to inform if she gets any news of Bisnu, then the cops leave.
Soham emerges from under the mattress on the bed, he goes to the door and peeps thru the keyhole again. He sees cops have left and smiles triumphantly.

PRECAP: Purvi is angrily telling Soham, Im calling the police right now! She marches to the bedroom door.
Soham stops her at the door, saying, Hey Purvi, Im begging u, don’t do this! Everybody has deserted me at this time, that’s why I came to you! You had said naa, whenever I need help, u will be there with me! Please help me!
Purvi is crying, in a turmoil

Update Credit to: Pallavi

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