Amita Ka Amit 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 24th September 2013 Written Update

Everyone has gathered in the living area in Shah House. Kirath asks AA what’s happening. Amu says I will tell you. He (Amit) wants me to abort the baby. Kirath gets furious….leave this home right away. Amit agrees to go. But let me tell you one thing Amita…my decision wont change. Nani consoles a crying Amu as Amit makes an exit.

Amit is walking on the streets. He recalls Amu telling him to go away…I don’t want to see you. The way she broke down. He collides with a few people and retorts back at them when they try to act smart.

Amu is pacing in her room really worried. Don’t know where he went. Its all my fault. I shouldn’t have told everyone. What to do now?

Amit sits at some isolated place. He recalls doc’s words about the baby being a danger

for Amu. He wonders if he dint delay in telling it to her? I should call doc right now. The number is busy. Those guys come back to him. amit apologizes but the guys act pushy. All 3 of them start beating him. Amit gets really hurt on the head and is in pain. The guys run off from there.

Amu is worried for Amit. She is about to call but then decides against it. What will I say?

Amit is struggling to get up when some nice people find him. They rush over to help him get up. Amit takes his phone and specs and tells them he is ok but he needs to meet someone asap.

Amu is in the drawing room pacing. The landline rings. Its Dr. Saroj. Amit is here in the clinic. Amu interrupts her mid sentence. I know what he has come to tell you. But I would like to tell you that. Doc says we will discuss this later. I have rang you to tell something else. Amit has had a fight with some roadside bullies and he is very much hurt. He is here with me. Its not serious but you can come over with your family. Amu gets tensed.

Amu and Kirath reach hospital. Nurse is attending to Amit. Kirath asks if the wounds are serious. Amit answers….no they are. But Kirath sternly says I am asking the nurse not you. He repeats his question again. Nurse tells him to check with the doc only as she can tell better. He decides to check with the doc. Amu too wants to come along but he tells her to stay back with Amit. He leaves. AA look at each other awkwardly and then start looking around everywhere instead of looking at each other. She asks him if its paining a lot. He shakes his head. She wipes her tears and he continues staring in front of him with a blank expression.

Doc assures Kirath that Amit will be a fine in a few days. Nothing serious. He thanks her. At times it gets difficult to understand your own kids. He never fought with him ever and today don’t know what has happened to him. She tells him not to worry. He wouldn’t have faced so many troubles before in his life. Plus it takes time to take it all in. He is confused. What problem are you talking about? She realises Amit hasn’t told anyone anything. He asks her to explain. She shares that there are complications in Amu’s pregnancy. Her life can be at risk too in future. Nothing to worry things will be fine. But we will have to do something for that really fast. Amu has heard the last line and repeats it. Walking closer, she asks if there is something serious (regarding Amit). Doc assures her all is well. You can take him home in sometime. She thanks Kanha ji as she was worried about him. She says there is another bigger problem in front of us right now. But before she can tell Amit comes out saying there is no other problem. Problem would have been when I wouldn’t have come to you. Everything is fine now. Doc tries to say something but Amit stays put. She gives up. She hands out the list of medicines for Amit. You can meet in my cabin afterwards. Kirath nods. Amit stands there with his head bowed down. Kirath tells Amu to get the medicines. Amu goes to get them.


Kirath says you hid such a big thing from us? You showed like you don’t want a baby…that you don’t care about Amu’s happiness. But the truth was something else. Amit was helpless. I cant put her life at stake. She is more important for me than the baby but its not the same for her. Kirath says I agree she would be shocked to know the truth but still you could (tell her). amit says I tried but she can’t think or hear anything other than the baby. Kirath vouches to talk but Amit takes a promise against it. No one will say anything. I will solve this on my own but you people wont talk to her. He agrees.

All 3 are back home. Amut goes to set the bed. Nani and everyone get worried seeing Amit’s state. He reassures them all is well. Tina thanks God he is back. I was scared. The way you had left the house I dint knew when you would be back. Nani tells her not to talk like this. He does make mistakes but he realises his follies soon. So don’t say any rubbish thing regarding baby. Amit firmly announces his decision….it’s not going to change. I don’t want baby. Baa turns to Kirath. Your words have no effect on him and you are standing here and listening him say all this. Give him some sense. Kirath instead tells him to go and rest. We can continue this decision later. Everyone finds his behaviour fishy. Kirath tells Amit to go and he obliges.

Amit tries to talk to Amu about whatever happened yesterday but she avoids looking at him and cuts him. You take rest I will get soup and medicines for you. He stops her. We will have to talk today only. Things don’t end by not talking to each other. She says if its logical then only its worth talking. Think before you speak. He replies that I have told you already but don’t know how to make you understand. I don’t care if its sensible for you but I don’t want this baby. She is disgusted. You don’t care about a small baby? When you had gone I was thinking its all my mistake that I told everyone. But no, its all you and your sick mentality’s fault. He tells her he is thinking about her only. This baby isn’t good for you. She asks him about it and he doesn’t give any straight answers. Now you don’t have any silly reason? Don’t correlate it with my benefit. She glares at him and leaves.

Baa is reading Shree Bhagvad Gita when Amu comes there. He is still adamant. I have tried to make him understand but he isn’t listening. She tells Amu not to act like this in this situation. Amu tells her to make him understand. He wont be able to defer you. Kirath comes there. No, no one will talk to Amit about this. Baa and Amu are taken aback by his reaction. He says the baby not only your responsibility but his as well. He is the father of the kid. If he isn’t mentally ready to take up this responsibility then we can’t force him and neither do we want to. He doesn’t even let Baa say anything. Amu is heartbroken. You too want me to go (for an abortion)? He closes his eyes in pain and nods. Maybe this only is the right thing for you (both) to do. Amu is crying by now and leaves from there. Baa too is shaking her head not believing what she has heard.

Amu is packing her clothes. Nani and Baa try to stop her but Amu declines. Now even papa ji is supporting Amit. Tina too comes there shocked….asking if she is leaving home. Amu nods. Tina tries to talk her out of it but Amu tells her to let it be. He will gradually make all of you agree to it. I cannot see my baby so stressed. I am sorry but I cannot stay here. Now whatever will happen, will happen only after MIL is back. Everyone try to stop her as she picks up her bag to go but she doesn’t stop.

She stops outside as Amit holds on to her bag. Rohan is happy that he stopped her. She isn’t even listening to us. Nani tells her to go inside. Amit offers to drop her to Patel House. Everyone is taken aback. Amu’s resolve strengthens. He agrees to let her go but I cannot let you go all alone at this hour. You can sit in the backseat, don’t talk to me but I cant let you go alone. She denies. I will go on my own. I don’t need you. Amit simply tells her he would be waiting for her outside in the car. Everyone tries to talk to him but he leaves. Amu too starts walking out but glances back at them once more and resumes walking as if in trance. Finally after composing herself, she walks out of Shah House.

Bell rings at Patel House. Varsha is surprised to see Amu with the luggage. Hemant too comes to see who has come. They both are worried for her. Is everything ok? Where’s Amit? Why you look worried? She replies he left. She breaks into tears and hugs her mom and dad one by one.

Nani is sad as to who has cast an evil eye on our house. First Amit, now Amu. Kirath assures her everything will be fine. Baa reprimands him for taking sides with the wrong (Amit). Tina and Ria are enjoying it. Amit is wrong and instead of making him realise his mistake you too are supporting him. Did you not even think once what Amu would feel? Men have no hearts. Amit is back home. She turns her attention to him. Feeling happy after dropping her off? We gave you good values but don’t know what has happened to you. Kirath tries to tell her to stop but she continues. We were so happy….did you not think about us once? Or about your own wife? She turns his face away from him. The one who cant think about his own baby how can he think about someone else? Nani too doesn’t want to talk to him as it is useless. Kirath cannot take it anymore. Amit dint do it happily. Which father would like to do it? Baa is amazed he is still supporting him. He nods. I have already made one mistake by doubting on him once you too are going to do the same. How can we forget that our son has great values…how can we think he will kill our own family’s / Amu’s happiness? Whatever he has done, he has done it for Amu’s good. Baa counters saying for a mom her son is good and she wants that baby. Kirath replies we all want it too but not on the stake of her life. Everyone is stunned. Doc told me this pregnancy isn’t good for Amu. Her life can be in danger too because of the baby. Amit got to know all this a few days before only. He tried to make Amu understand too but couldn’t tell it as she wouldn’t agree for it ever. Son, I knew your heart is pure and big but never knew you could handle these many problems all alone. Amit apologizes to him. you know I didn’t have any other way. They ways Amu chose baby out of her and the baby, I too did the same thing. I chose Amu out of the two. Kirath hugs him. We cannot tell this to her as she wont agree. So I need your help to make her agree to it. Kirath nods and Baa shakes her head sadly.

Varsha isn’t ready to believe it. Amit cannot think like this. There must be some misunderstanding but Amu denies. I have tried asking him, making him understand but he is not ready to even listen. He is acting stubborn.


Hemant too is surprised to know that even Kirath is supporting Amit. Varsha offers to talk to Nani. Amu tells her not to but Varsha says matters have stretched way too far. Both the families will have to take decision mutually. She rings up at Shah house. Nani picks it up. Varsha says you must know everything. I am shocked how this can be. Nani agrees. Varsha suggests talking to Amit. We all should talk to him. it isn’t a big thing. Once the baby is born then everything (will be alright). But Nani’s words surprises her. No, I don’t think we should interfere. Varsha is confused. If not we then who will. His decision cannot change like that. Nani doesn’t think they should speak in between a husband and a wife. We too should agree to what they have decided….and Amu too should. Varsha drops the phone and sits back on the sofa all blank. Amu rushes to her wanting to know what Nani said. Varsha tells her everyone is supporting Amit’s decision now. Amu starts crying again. There must be something or how can Nani agree with him. varsha tries to calm her down for her and the baby’s sake. Amu cannot believe it that Baa and Nani has agreed with Amit too. What would be the reason? varsha says I and papa will talk to him. Amu picks up the phone to talk with Nani and Baa right away but Varsha stops her. The truth is there is no one in that home who will listen to what you have to say. Everyone is supporting Amit now.

Precap: Doc is on phone with Amit. Don’t worry Amu is fine but I am surprised you haven’t told her anything yet. It would be good if you tell her asap. She disconnects the call and is surprised to see Amu standing behind her.

Update Credit to: pooja

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