Pavitra Rishta 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Teju and Archana looking at Archana and Manav wedding pics. Archana gets tears in her eyes and says I am missing Ovi. Teju says we will find her one day. She asks, did you talk to Purvi about Ovi. And asks her to talk to Arjun and enquire about Ovi. Archana says I will talk to Purvi. Purvi, Arjun and Ovi are waiting in the hall. Purvi gets Archana’s call and she asks him about Arjun. Purvi says he is fine and busy in his project. Archana says I want to talk to you about Ovi and says please search her and take Arjun’s help. She says I want to rectify my mistake. Purvi says, we will find Ovi, have faith on Bappa. Arjun and Ovi listens their conversation. Purvi says this is my room and that is yours. Arjun gets angry and says, why you didn’t tell me that

here are only two rooms. Purvi says you should be happy to get a holiday and privacy. Ovi tells Arjun to lets go inside the room and says I need rest. Purvi is sad and looks at the door while Arjun closes it. Purvi cries.

Sunanda asks the servants to do every work on time else I won’t tolerate and instructs them to serve welcome drink, dry snacks and cake and pastries. Rushaali comes, Sunanda asks her to control the servants. Rushaali says you are here naa, so you would control them. Sunanda asks them to go on work. Kinnari comes with her parents. Sunanda welcomes them. Sunanda introduces them to Rushaali and Shirish saying they are big businessman of nagpur. Shirish asks them to sit. Raunaq comes and greets them. Sunanda introduces the Nadkarnis. Raunaq looks at Kinnari and thinks she is attu’s choice. They asks for Naren. Rushaali goes to call him. Raunaq tells Sunanda that Kinnari is too good.

Shirish gets a call and he asks Sunanda to come for a talk. Sunanda excuses. Kinnari tells her parents that I don’t want to marry mad guy. Her dad says, you didn’t left any choice for us because of your flings. Her mom says, this guy is mad but he is the owner of AK group of companies. Kinnari says, I want husband of my type. Her dad says, if your marriage is in my hands, I would have got you married to a driver but I couldn’t thinking about my status. Her mom says, he is mad now but he can get better as said by the doctor.
Kinnari agrees for marriage and says his madness will be my gain. He won’t be possessive about me nor he will order me. She says I am ready for marriage. Sunanda and Shirish come back. Ovi tells Arjun that Purvi is trying to know the truth that we are not husband and wife. Arjun says, she should not know about the truth. Ovi asks Arjun to talk to Purvi. Arjun says, she shall never know about the truth of our relation. Purvi knocks on the door. She comes inside and asks them, did you need anything tea or coffee. Arjun says, thanks and says we don’t get time to spend with each other so we have decided to enjoy. Purvi leaves after telling them to enjoy. Arjun and Purvi cries while the song…benaam rishta ho…bechain karta hain…..plays. Purvi recalls the recent happenings…Arjun feels helpless.

Ovi urges Arjun to tell the truth to Purvi. Arjun says she will not know anything. I won’t let this happen. Sunanda tells the Nadkarnis that Naren and Raunaq is my family. Naren comes but goes back and comes with Ankita. Sunanda is irked. Raunaq smiles. Sunanda goes to him and introduces him to the Nadkarnis. She says they came from Nagpur. Naren says, they came to have Ankita’s bottle gourd dish. Naren greets them. Sunanda asks Ankita to check if juice is ready or not. Naren stops Ankita and introduces her as his beautiful and pretty wife. Everyone are shocked.

Raunaq asks Naren to come long with him. Rushaali tells Nadkarnis that Ankita is actually Naren’s nurse. Sunanda asks Shirish to show the house to Kinnari’s parents and asks Kinnari to sit with Naren. Raunaq tells Naren that we will play marriage game. He says we will marry you again. Naren agrees. Sunanda asks him to talk to Kinnari. Naren complies. Sunanda asks Rushaali to come. Rushaali asks Ankita not to leave him alone. Sunanda tells Rushaali that don’t keep them together. She says Naren has fallen for this girl and sadly she can control him better than you.

Kinnari says, he is handsome, rich but mad. Naren calls Ankita and makes her sit. Naren asks Ankita, why Kinnari is staring at him. Ankita says you plays a good game and she might not know how to play. naren says I will teach you. Ankita looks on sad.

Kinnari’s dad says transparency is important in any relation which you does. He says we have full faith on our daughter that Naren will be fine with her love and care. He says we accepted your son and this alliance. Rushaali is tensed while Ankita is sad.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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