Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Balbir tries to make his second wife, Reman comfortable, but she rudely reminds him of the work that he had been plasnning to do here. she goes berserk, while he tries to calm her down. his wife tries to ask him why he couldnt get the property converted inmto a 7 star hotel, and resestablish their life in canada, as they went bankrupt there. She is shocked that he hasnt had the property papers on his name. He tells how dadaji left before he could sign. He asks hner to smile, while assuring that he would get things rolling soon. rajji and bani, outside are serving drinks to guests at the memorial service. balbir spots the lawyer and anticipatedly starts walking towards him. bani’s father too comes and pays his respects, along

with his family. the members express their solace, and start dispersing. balbir takes the lawyer aside to talk to him. The lawyer says that he died while he was coming to sign the new will. the lawyer shocks him saying that the old will and the new one is with him. The old will states that the old will has named everything that he has in the name of his grandson. balbir is shocked.

parmeet finds bani working in the kitchen, crying for daadji. he approaches her, remembering bani’s changed descision. he eyes the knife and an evil idea of murdering bani crops in his head. He takes the knife and plunges it into bani, when she turns around. He flinches the knife in his hand, while stabbing bani. he is jolted to reality when bani drops a glass, and is shocked at what he had visualised. He runs from there, when she asks him if he’s alright. surjit comes and asks bani if everything’s alright. She complies.

As balbir tells about this to reman, balbir’s second wife is very angry at whats to be done now. balbir says that they would find a way out, and asks her to go out with him to a restaurant. But she refuses to go out, venting out her frustration at him, while he is tensed, how to get an heir now.

later, bani and surjit are sifting through family pics for enlargement, when bani’s eyes get caught on rano. while they discuss ranoji, surjit says that everyone’s timke is predecided, first rano went and then dadaji. balbir comes in. Balbir warns bani and surjit that they should never ever mention rano in this house, as reman doesnt know anything about her and shouldnt know too, or else the consequences would be too bad. He shocks them by saying that if they want to stay here, then they would have to stay by his rules, or else they can leave, as its his house, and he owns it. surjt asks bani to calm down, when she is about to say something. They leave, while balbir takes a look at the album, and burns off all of Rano’s pics.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Kuki and guggi discuss how to make soham realise what wrong he did, without breaking rajji’s faith. they decide that they should get rajji to talk to soham regarding this. rajji and soham come back finally. Outside their oom, rajji is asked by soham to stay back, so that he can get his clothes from inside. rajji waits outside, while soham goes inside. kuki comes and asks rajji if he is doing right to soham. Rajji tries to talk, but kuki tries to make her see the reality of it, by showing soham the mistake that he did, as he deserves that much. rajji asks how he would explain this ugly truth to him. Kuyki says that she would have to do it, as she’s his wife and noone else can have this talk with him. rajji is tensed.

scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s place
balbir’s work of burning rano’s pics is interrupted by reman who coems in and takes him to their room, while accidentally letting one pic of herse slip out of the album, without realising it. parmeet comes and asks if he isnt disturbing them. reman leaves citing that they two can talk, while she tries to get some sleep. While parmeet tries to talk regarding bani and their next move against her, balbir gets frustrated that he is hearing bani’s name all the time. balbir says that these are his problems and he should tend to it himself, and not look at him all the time, as he has how own problems to deal with and asks to be given some space. as he leaves, parmeet is confused with this behaviour. He doesnt realise that one of rano’s pics is lying on the ground, with a child in her lap.the screen freezes on the pic.


Precap: As reman leaves the breakfast table, a servant continues to stand. Balbir asks whats it. He gives balbir the photo that he had accidentally slipped outside the album. he is shocked to see a child in rano’s lap.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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