Pavitra Rishta 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Soham asks Archu, baba is behaving like this because of the bullet that’s stuck inside his brain? I won’t spare them. Archu requests him not to do anything. It’s a police case and they will do their work.Soham says, don’t know when baba will get fine. Dk says, your baba will be fine soon, and as long as about those people who shot him, I am in touch with police.. we will catch them soon. Archu asks Soham if he sent aai home. Soham says, first she wasn’t going, but then Ovi and Teju took her. I told Arjun to send Purvi home as well. Onir is also there. Archu says, I don’t know how and what I will tell to everyone. She hugs Soham. Sulo, Vinod come there. Sulo asks Archu what doctor is saying. Archu tells her about manav’s strange behavior. Dk and Onir leave from there. Vinod

tells Archu to be strong as she needs to stand with Manav and help him. Archu sees a rakhi in Vinod’s hand. She says, Varsha tied to rakhi already and I totally forgot about it. Vinod tells her day is not over yet. He gives her rakhi and she ties it to him. Both hug. Archu then tells Soham to go home as well as all his sisters must be waiting for him and it’s his first Rakshabandha. Soham says, I won’t go anywhere leaving you alone. Sulo says, don’t worry.. i am here.. you go. Soham leaves.

At home, Purvi, Teju, Ovi tie rakhis to Soham and Sacchu. Soham gets emotional and leaves from there. Ovi comes to him and says, you’re thinking about baba, right? Soham says, I never got father’s love since my childhood. I had father, but he was father by just name.. in reality, he was selfish. After I came to this house, I did everything so baba can accept me, and when I felt like I almost succeeded in that, this incident happened with him. Why age of my happiness is so short? Today it’s my first Rakhi.. and baba and aai are not with me. It’s all because of my sins. read full updates daily with pictures only at Ovi says, everyone was so happy when you came to this house, especially aai.. this is just a bad time phase.. once it gets over, we all will be happy. She says, you want to stay with aai, right? Soham says, no.. I will stay with you. Ovi says, I know you want to stay with her, but it’s rakshabandhan so you want to stay with us as well. Aai needs you right now.. so please go there. Also call me time to time to give baba’s health status. Soham kisses her forehead and leaves.

At hospital, Soham and Archu are sleeping outside. Manav gets up and is having pain in his head. He looks for Archu. He sees himself in mirror and then goes outside to find Archu. He sees Archu sleeping. He goes to her and touches her. Archu asks him, why are you here? She takes him inside. Manav says, looks like time is repeating itself. You got shot and you were in hospital. That time, I was taking care of you like this, and today you have to take care of me like that. Archu says, that I will obviously do because i want you to get fine fast. Manav says, you’re with me so nothing is difficult for me. I will get fine very soon.
At Arjun’s house, Purvi is recalling Manav’s strange behavior. She’s lost in thoughts. Arjun comes there and plays with Pari. He then sees Purvi is tensed and goes to her. He asks her, where you’re lost? Purvi says, I was thinking about baba.. he never behaved like this before. I know he got shot and he must be in pain, but he never behaved like this with aai before. Arjun says, daughter-father relationship is like this only.. one gets hurt and other has pain. Just look at me and Pari. No matter how stressed I am.. when I see pari, I forget everything.. so you will have to become baba’s pari. And doctor said, if we take good care of him, then he will be fine. Arjun receives a call for ticket confirmation for tomorrow, but he cancels them. After he hangs, Purvi asks him which tickets? Arjun says, nothing important. Purvi says, tell me na. Arjun says, i thought I would take you to Paris.. it was a small surprise, but as baba’s health is not good, we will go some other time. Both hug.

Archu is in doctor’s cabin. Doctor says, I had told you that his behavior would be different than normal people. Archu says, it’s very different.. it’s like he’s changed. Why his behavior is not normal? Doctor says, because of different behavior it’s hard to do his treatment.. that’s why we suggest relatives to forget the past.. because anything related to past may unstable his mind, and he can take extreme steps as well. So it’s better not to ask him anything about the past. For now, You will have to take very good care of him.

Sandeep is telling his relative/friend that he’s finding hospital very boring and is only staying there because of 1 thing. He sees Gauri coming in and acts as if he’s having pain in his chest. Gauri asks if he’s having pain. He starts flirting again. He gives her a big smile. Gauri ignores him again. She checks his reports and tells him that there’s a good news.. he can get discharged tomorrow. Sandeep says, what if any patient doesn’t want to leave? Gauri says, what? Sandeep says, if I go home and I start having more pain, then? Gauri says, if you follow our instruction and come here regularly for checkup, then nothing will happen. He asks her, will you do that? Gauri again gets annoyed and says, whichever nurse will be available at that time.. will do it. Gauri is leaving, but he grabs her hand and stops. Gauri asks him, what nonsense is this? Leave my hand. Sandeep smiles and then leaves her hand. Gauri leaves in anger. Sandeep’s relative/friend asks him if he’s gone crazy.. grabbing any girl’s hand like this. Sandeep says, I was talking nicely till now.. she showed ego, so I just grabbed her hand. His relative/friend says, she is not that type girl.. she is marriage type girl.

Soham is in the lobby. Gauri comes out and is fuming at Sandeep. A nurse asks her why doesn’t she complain about him to higher authority. Gauri says, can’t do that.. else this matter will get worse. We doctors can’t react much.. and he’s getting discharged tomorrow anyways. Soham asks her why she seems angry.. if anyone did anything. Nurse is telling Soham, but Gauri stops her. Gauri then tells Soham, nothing happened. Soham says, then what she was trying to say? Gauri says, nothing. He leaves. Nurse asks Gauri why she didn’t let her say. Gauri says, I know him very well.. if you had told him, then he would go in and fight with Sandeep which I don’t want. Soham says to himself, now i don’t want to know anything about her either. Archu comes Gauri and says, manav.. Soham hears it and runs back. They all go to Manav’s room and he’s not there.

Archu is crying. Gauri says where did he go? Archu says, i don’t know.. I went out and then when I came back he’s not here. Gauri goes outside and asks everyone if they saw Manav. In Manav’s room, Archu is crying a lot, Soham tells her that he will bring baba back.

Soham joins Gauri and they both search for him. When a guard says he didn’t see him, Soham grabs his collar and takes out his frustration. He then goes outside. He searches all areas near hospital. He comes back to Archu. Archu asks where is Manav? Disappointed soham says, I searched for him, but couldn’t find him. Archu says, where will I search him now? i called home as well. She then calls Purvi and asks if Manav came there. Purvi says, why would baba come here? What happened? Archu hangs without saying anything. She cries and hugs Soham.

Precap: Manav is back in the hospital. In his room, Archu takes out her ring and puts it on a table there and goes out.


Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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