Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Asuras attack the yagy, Dashanan is super excited about this..while all this happen, the rishis n Brhmdev including Mahadev get disturbed of their meditation.

At Mithila Janak and Dashrath decide to get Lakshman married to Urmila, Shudhkirti to Shatrugn, and Bharat to Mandvi along with Ram-Sita who are already married to strengthen their bonds. They both are honoured to fix the matches to such prestigious dynasties! (What a Perfect mockery of the real epic and the one in it!)

Lakshman is bit nervous hearing the match fixing news..Raam asks him to chill n stay happy.
Its avowed that their marriages will happen at the same muhurt & venue(guess with the same menu too!)

At Brhmyagy the asuras continue to near the main venue, but the

rishis continue their ahuti and all.. then Mahadev gives the task of energy transfer to Parvati devi, and starts an attempt to save the yagya.
“The time has come when you have to go and save guard the Brhm yagya… Shiv n Shakti are one. and that Shakti will step up but Shiv n Shakti’s energy ” Parvati devi (voice over) to Mahadev,

As the attackers near step by step.. Brhmdev is worried and cries ‘Mahadev’ for help, while the Thark like animated creatures blow fire from their mouths.

No sooner Brhmdev cries for yelp to Mahadev, Shiva’s trishul is dugs itself into the land around the yagy area from Mahadev’s place and literally erasing the thark like creatures and all the asuras..n wipe clean the place . Now the rishis are free from any worry as Mahadev himself has come to rescue the yagy mission.

The yagy gets completed and thee rishis including Naradji thank Mahadev for saving the yagy yet another time.
Sarswati ma and Gauri devi appear there.. the former says that the atmosphere not only got balanced but also sanctified by Mahadev and Shakti’s energies. Mahadev gives all teh credit to Shakti.

Brhmdev is grateful to Mahadev for coming for the yagy and the world’s rescue from asuras and Raavan esply so Brhmdev with his powers creates a hill with a meditation seat on its top and as a token of gratitude he names the place as Brhmeshwar-Mahadev.

Naradji says on this happy occasion that Narayan n Mata Lakshmi’s human form are gonna get hitched.

Mahadev says that this yug will see Raam’s success and Raavan’s down fall.

Sita, Urmila, Shudkirti and Mandvi are all decked up with innocence and dreams of a great future…oh of course pretty jewellery n gorgeous cloths!

They all put garlands around their respective spouse’s necks by tradition.

According to traditions the weddings takes place and they share vows of honouring each other n their wishes, being honest to the spouse, be together in better n worst times.

Four weddings take place with all the traditions and pomp.

Mahadev and Parvati devi are amazed to see the divine and ideal wedding..where Raam is setting example at each note.

Raavan is super frastu with the Brhmyagy fiasco… Sumali asks him to be patient…

Raavan is so annoyed that he thinks that even time is instrumented by devtas for their gains, thus its only unjust in his plate all the time..
He refuses to accept the failure and is hell bent to change the course of time
He’d be placated when he sees the people who humiliated him burn in that fire which he is burning.

Mandodari hears this and says to herself..that for every wrong deed of her swami Raavan, there is a good one taking place too.

There is this fight (dwand yud) going on among the apes and a women begs for her husband’s life to king Bali.
And its the mark of Shivansh- Hanuman’s grand entry this Sunday’s Maha epy.
rest coming

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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