Pavitra Rishta 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranvijay asking Ankita to get marry and gives her hand in Naren’s hand. Everyone smiles. Ankita is surprised. Ranvijay says I don’t want to become villian in your love story. Ankita says you lied to me. Ranvijay says I have trust on your love. He tells that Naren came to meet him in the morning and thanked him for taking care of Ankita.

A flashback is shown. Ranvijay asks him did you ever think about Ankita. She was pregnant with your child. Naren tells him that he was unaware of Ankita’s importance in his life. He says now everything seems to be fine as Ankita wants to marry him. Ranvijay is stunned. Naren continues that Ankita loves him very much. He says he wants to give love to Ankita and asks him to understand them. Ranvijay says I am feeling good as you are trying to get your love. If Ankita tells me that she wants to marry you then I will move from your way. Flashback ends.

Ranvijay tells Ankita that he acted with Pari too and says she came to me, but couldn’t be successful in her attempt. He congratulates Naren. Naren hugs him. Ankita thanks Ranvijay. Ranvijay asks her to be happy always. He says lets start the sangeet. Naren holds Ankita’s hand and takes her to complete the rituals. Pari gets irked. Rushaali stops Pari and asks her to eat sweets. Pari goes. Neelima tells Ankita that they are with Ranvijay and his decision. They can’t separate her with Ashi and Naren. Rushaali asks them to start the music.

Naren bends down and gives his hand to Ankita. Ankita and Naren dance on the song Mera Haath Me Tere Haath Ho……………………..Naren and Ankita look very much in love.

In the night while Ankita is standing near the window, Naren comes and holds her close. Ankita smiles. He asks what are you looking at? Ankita says am looking at moon. She talks about moon and his chakor. Naren promises her that moon will never be alone and its chakor will be with it always. Ankita hugs him. She says I don’t want to separate from you. Naren says it won’t happen. I promise we will be together always. Ankita says I trusts you. Naren says this will be new beginning of ours.

Neelima sees Ranvijay sad and talks to him. Ranvijay tells Neelima that his love is of no use as his love is one sided love. Neelima says she can understand. She adds that she knows that he loves her truly but love is not all about getting love. It is about sacrificing. She feels proud of him as he united Naren and Ankita. She feels bad though as Ankita couldn’t become her daughter in law. She hugs him while consoling him. Vaishnavi comes and says I love you to Ranvijay.

Pari is listening to music. Neena comes and scolds her for listening to loud music. Pari says I will dance too. Teju tells Neena that Pari is tensed and that’s why doing all this. Pari gets a photo album. She takes out Purvi and Arjun’s marriage photo. She talks to Purvi’s pic and says our destiny is same. My sister snatched my love and husband. You left me when I needed you the most. I hate everyone.

Naren comes to Ankita and tells her good morning. She asks what are you doing here. He serves her bed time. Ankita tells him that it is good. Naren says it has ginger in it. Ashi comes and gives good morning kiss to her parents. Ashi asks what to wear in your mehendi and shaadi. Naren says we will go on shopping. Ashi says your choice is not good. Ankita, Naren and Ashi laugh.

Neena talks to Sachin and says who will help them with money now and says now Manav and Archana also won’t help them. Pari hears them and offers to help them financially provided if they help her to stop Ankita and Naren’s wedding. Neena asks, how? Sachin refuses to help her straightaway. He tells her that Ankita is a good girl and let her marry Naren. He tells that he has realized his mistake and goodness of his parents. They always forgave him irrespective of his mistakes. He says he can’t do anything against his family and will safeguard his family. He asks Pari to mend her ways. Pari asks him not to lecture her and goes. Sachin warns Neena not to do anything wrong else it won’t be good for her. Neena thinks Sachin is right. She thinks Ankita will forgive her being kind hearted.

Pavitra Rishta finale episode promo is shown, which is to be aired on 25th October 2014.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. what the hell.. y can’t u update fast..?

    1. The serial is coming to an end 😐 how much faster do you need???

  2. Everybody is getting good EXCEPT Pari lololol

  3. I kinda want Purvi and Arjun to come back at least for their daughter. She has no one now! She lost too much her parents, her child, her husband, her house and now her family. Of course she’ll do irrational things and look like bad person. But she needs her family most right now!

    1. It would be nice if Arjun and Purvi comes back but Pari got everything and she lost what she lost because of her own selfishness and evil behaviour. She lost her child, which is sad but if she had more love in her heart for others then maybe she would not have lost it. She lost her husband when she pushed him away with her selfish, greedy behaviour. She needs to change and maybe good things will start happening to her.

      The Naren she “fell in love with” did not exist. The life in London was based on lies as to who they really were so that fairy tale could not last. The true love that Naren had was for Ankita even though he called her by Pari’s “fake” name. He loved the person who Ankita was and so he could not reconcile the two as when he met Pari, he could not reconcile the love he had for her character and the love he shared during his “madness” period.

      Hope all that is not too confusing and someone can understand it.

    2. Purvi and arjun will be in the last episode when Archana will pass away and Ankita and Naren will get married.

    3. She lost!?!??! SHE gave it away with her horrid way of thinking and bad actions!!! She is facing the consequences of her own actions. I have no sympathy for her at all. However, I do love her character…..I love to hate her lol. I will miss her and the show when it goes off air.

  4. True yasmin

  5. DD South Trini

    Hi EMA Thank you for your lovely story Pavitra Rishta but I am so disappointed, for the last month I don’t know why the story was change from bad to worst, I wish for the show to go on, but all good things must come to and end and this is the end, of Naren, Ankita, Ash the baby, and the crew thank you all I will surely miss this show 1st was Ek Mutthi and 2nd Pavitra Rishta Love To All. From Toronto Canada

  6. No arjun and purvi in this serial agani only naren ankita and asshi

  7. Guys i wonder why every one is sad about the serial coming to an end,the serial has been on since 2009 for heavens sake how many years do you guys want for it to continue a decade?pls let people see something else

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