Sadda Haq 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is working in the lab. Sanyu comes in. Randhir says finally you are here. This machine is jam I need you to dismantle it. It will divert your mind too.
Sanyu says at least they could have supported me. Rather they were against me. I was the problem for them every time. No one cares what I am going through. If my family never understood me no one ever will. I wish papa had supported me. She starts hitting the machine and says why no one understands me. SAnyu will stay quite, stay in her room. I am garbage. People pick me an throw me away. SHe picks the machine. Randhir stops her and says show me your hand. Sanyu says why you care for me You said that you don’t love me. Why are you so concerned now. You are like my family too, you left me for your false respect and ego. He holds her collar and says why you did this. Why you said that? Randhir says I love you damit. Yes I love you. If I had said it there Samir would have insulted your family more. Who knows the value of family more than me. And I know how important they are for you. Randhir leaves, Sanyu is crying with gasps.

Parth is exercising in hall. Vidushi comes there and says lets go we have to go to library. Parth says we? She says we have to get married and save our future. We need good future so we need to study. He says I am not stupid to imagine my future with you. Vidushi says I will imagine and you will just follow. He says I am not mad. He leaves. Vidushi says stop parth.

Sanyu recalls Randhir’s words. She says why he never told me? He cares about me my family and my future. Vidushi comes in saying keep thinking about parth but he never listens to me. SAnyu says such an idiot he confessed after so long. Sanyu asks vidushi why are you crying? She says what else should I do? She beats about the bush saying I lost my money. SAnyu says I feel like you are lying. You can share it with me. Vidushi says so you will use my weakness against me. Sanyu says I am not like that. Vidushi says you will never understand what love is.

Randhir says why are relationships so painful in our both lives.

SAnyu is in class. Yoyo comes in and says whom are you looking for? Parth and vidushi come in as well. And so does jiggy and rest of people. Sanyu’s eyes are looking for Randhir, Sanyu says where re you? Randhir comes in and looks at sanyu. Sanyu sees the empty chair besides her. Yoyo says no I get sanyu’s confusion. Come brother she has reserved this seat for you. Randhir is still sanding at the door. Teacher comes in. He says go settle down Randhir. Randhir moves forward and doesn’t sit with sanyu. Yoyo says Randhir teacher asked you to sit on your seat. Your seat is there. Teacher marks the attendance. A peon comes and says randhir and sanyu have been called in admin office. They go together to the admin office. The officer says your fees is not submitted. Submit is before end of this month or your admission will be canceled. sanyu goes to corridor in silence. Randhir says this had to happen someday. Don’t worry about fees I will do something. SAnyu says I can’t take a favor. I will do something. Randhir says don’t be in I me and myself mode. I will manage fees. Sanyu says you will solve both of our problems? Randhir says I got you in trouble? He is about to leave. SAnyu says you love me this much? Randhir says yes and I want you to be seen in this college more than I want myself. And if you think you will leave me again in name office I won’t let you.

Sanyu goes to canteen and sees Randhir sitting alone in tension. parth comes and sits with sanyu. He asks are you okay? Sanyu nods. He says I herd you abandoned your house. It was shocking. I know you have started taking decisions for yourself. He says I hope randhir will overcome his problems like this. He is rough due to his family matters. He has a pure soul you know that. He has got resented because of his issues. He says you both can relate to each other. You guys need each other. you should ne together. sanyu says there is a space between us and bitterness. how will it vanish? Parth says it will take time. Sanyu says relationships are delicate and they can’t me repaired. Parth says everything can be repaired. You have a chance to make something beautiful by repairin it. Vidushi comes and says I wanna talk to you. He says I am talking to sanyu leave. Go I said. Sanyu says okay parth I will see you later.

Vidushi goes to room and says it all time waste. Nothing works out.
Sanyu goes and sits with Randhir. Sanyu sys are you able to do this. He says yeah I am trying to. Randhir says did your parents call? SAnyu says no. sanyu asks how is your dad? He says he is fine. Sanyu says I am really sorry randhir. If I hadn’t gone to court this would never happen. He says don’t be. sanyu says I hurt you. He says at least you are with me. sanyu says if punishing me will clear everything. please do. Randhir says things are piling up one by one. sanyu says what? He says my mom has an extra marital affair. Tell me what should I do. SAnyu says this is unbelievable. He says that is why you shouldn’t be sorry. In front of my problems what you did is nothing. Randhir leaves. Sanyu says in heart you have to go through all this, I will never leave you alone.

Precap- sanyu says to vardhan I want maya ma’am to cancel ylc. randhir won’t be able to face this. Varddhna sys strong people don’t need help. Sanyu says randhir is participating in ylc what is he trying to do?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Wishing the updaters Atiba, Rahi & everyone here

  2. haye haye… har ek ladki ko Randhir jaisaa caring ladkaa mile!!!

  3. Well said @Meera!
    Rd is so cute!

  4. Wishing you all a happy dhanteras guys 🙂 🙂
    The episo

  5. Wishing you all a happy dhanteras guys 🙂 🙂
    The episode today was way too great to be honest mixed emotions happy and sad too…

  6. Happy DIWALI to ALL

  7. i know the pain of getting away from our own family

  8. The precap was that real it so awsum a feast for the eye Vardhan appreciating Randhir i was dying to see such a thing happen (y)

  9. whatever i hope sanyu will be alright

  10. Awsoooooome epi… rd finally said ” I ♡ U “…. amazing feeling finally… 😉 😀

  11. rd will get ok soon did u all have read spoilers of sh

  12. cld see the old Rd in spite of that distance between SanDhir – RDs dialogue : tumhe problem me dalne ka aur nikalne ka haq sirf mera hai!!! wow – like previously he used to say : tumhe rulaane kaa haq sirf meraa hai!!!

  13. y do i feel Vardhan stands for sanyu more than RD???? may be he wld like sanyu to b the captain of DT for intl. competitions… i/o Parth….

  14. It’s to good

  15. atlast ma rd confessed hs luv fo sanyu.. luv yu rd <3

  16. Hayyyeee ye sanyulta aur randhir ka love comfession hone ke bad bhi ye duriua kyu….kab khatam hogi ye duriya

  17. most touching and unique confessn..ab tho rd sanyu ka guardian ban caring

  18. sanyu…dont wory abt thz ajeeb wil vanish in the majic of love…
    rahena kuch bhi dharmiyan ..meete yeh sari dhooriyan…mil k bhi hai adoori si..yeh daastan…:-P

  19. wow superb epi rd finnaly confessed his feelings. how sweet rd’s sooo caring ….

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    Superb epi

  23. happy diwali all SHQ team

  24. Happy diwali everyone….. the episode was really emotional only one song is revolving in my mind after seeing the episode…yeh dooriyaan ham raho ki dooriyan ..

    1. after writing emotional…i am feeling like singing yeh dil bada sajna emotional fool hai…

  25. Hey rojina! Welcome back!

  26. Kaisi luv story hai yaar ye? Ek hokar bhi alag?

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  29. Randhir and Sanyukta to compete again for YSA.
    Randhir must win this its about time when he proves himself.
    Randhir FTW

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