Pavitra Rishta 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 20th September 2013 Written Update

Soham says, until yesterday you used to love me, and suddenly hating me now? Gauri says, I told you, I never loved you.. you used to be my friend only. Sachin tells Soham, you have problem with me.. don’t do anything to Gauri. Gauri tells Soham, if you try to do anything to me, then I will kill myself. Don’t even touch him. Soham goes to Gauri and takes knife in his hand. Blood starts flowing from his hand. Gauri is shocked. Soham says, you’re only mine.. I can not only kill myself, but can kill many others too to make you mine. I will come to take you. Soham pushes her and she falls down. Soham runs away. Police, security, family members finally enter the room.

The cops chase Soham. Arjun sees Soham running away. He to follows him. In hospital room, Gauri is very scared and says Soham will take her away. Purvi says, he’s gone now. She tries to calm Gauri down.

Arjun gets into his car to follow police car. He then sees Soham is sitting in his car only.

In hospital, now Archu tells Gauri, you don’t need to worry.. as long as I am here, he can do no wrong with you. Gauri’s father tells Gauri to go home. Archu says, she will be more safe here. Gauri’s father apologizes to Archu and breaks Gauri’s rishta with them. He says, I told you while ago that no matter what my daughter will marry to your son, but now it’s question of my daughter’s life and I can’t take that risk. Gauri is against him. She says I can’t get any better family than this. They even went against their own son for me. And what’s this family’s fault for what Soham did? Her father says, if you want to go to that house, then I won’t say no. He apologizes to Archu now and says he was just concerned for being a father. Archu says she understands and she is happy to have Gauri as her bahu.

Soham points a gun at Arjun and tells him to drive according to him. He says, Don’t think that you’re purvi’s hand so I will leave you.. I will shoot you if you don’t listen to me. Arjun says, you won’t get anything by doing this. Soham says, you don’t worry about all that.. I want Gauri and I will get her. The car stops and Soham runs out. Arjun follows him, but he falls behind and can’t see Soham.

Sandeep reads the news about Soham and Sachin and calls Balan. Balan is afraid to pick up the phone. He picks it up in end. Sandeep says, you got half money, when are you coming to pick up rest? Balan says, your work is not done yet.. I will return your money. Sandeep says, no.. i Just asked you to kidnap him, but you did more than that.. you just destroyed him.. sent him to hospital.. cancelled his marriage. Come and get rest of the money.. and underground the person whoever did this work. Balan tells him that Soham who did this work is Sachin’s biggest enemy and brother. Sandeep is surprised and says, very interesting.. but whatever it is.. police shouldn’t catch him. He hangs. Balan is happy and says after Soham returned to his life.. he’s getting money without doing any work.

Arjun sees that his car tire is punctured. Soham is hiding and watching. He smiles and says what do you think Arjun.. you studied overseas so only you’re smart? I, Vishnu Lala, am smarter than you.. I knew you were helping police. Other hand police tell Arjun that it must be Soham who punctured this tire.. Arjun says, how is it possible? He was in car with me. Police says criminals’ mind runs 10 times faster.. he did it purposely and this is not the place where he lives.. how much he will run.. we will catch him.

Police come to give security at Manav’s house. Archu tells them, we don’t need security.. give security to Gauri.. her house needs it more. If Soham comes here, then I will catch him and inform you about this. Archu says she will talk to Dk. Ovi gives Gauri’s address to Police and they leave.

Archu calls Dk and talks him about this. Archu is then crying and Savita sees it. Savita tells her to be strong. and then asks if she is crying for that goon. Archu says she wants to forget everything. Savita says, good.. its better if we forget him. Ovi tells Archu that police will be outside Gauri’s house in civil clothes so Soham won’t identify them.

Gauri is sleeping. Someone’s shadow comes on her and she wakes up. Someone passes from there. She gets up to check. Soham suddenly comes there and grabs her from back. Gauri is scared. Soham says, I told you I will come to take you with me.. here I am only for you. Gauri asks him to leave her. It turns out be her dream. Her parents come there. Gauri hugs her mother. Gauri says he will take me away. Her parents say police is outside.. he can’t come.

Purvi is trying to make Pari sleep. Arjun comes there in tension. Purvi asks him what happened. Arjun says, Soham has gone crazy.. he doesn’t know what he’s doing.. I was on his gunpoint. I thought to meet him and explain him whatever he’s doing is not right.. but instead of listening to me, he kept me on gunpoint. Today he did this with me.. tomorrow maybe with you.. then baba.. and one day he can shoot too. I had warned you about his one sided love.. and today he has gone crazy. I told you to tell him that this is not right when it was right time.. I think there is only one way to stop him which is to tell police about his location.. what he’s doing.. then police will catch him and explain to him what the outcome could be for what he’s doing right now. Purvi is shocked to know about all this.

Precap: Soham is looking at Gauri’s photo. Balan takes it away and asks him to forget her. Soham gets up and grabs his collar and warns him not to do this again else he will forget who Balan is to him.

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