Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th September 2013 Written Update

Rathis and their guests go out for Teej pooja. Sandhya is hesitant as she could not inform Suraj and does not know what to do. Emily comes back and calls Sandhya to come out for pooja. Sandhya informs her that by mistake she forgot Teej vrath and did not fast. Emily is shocked and she asks how could Sandhya make such a mistake as she knows Bhabho would not forgive her for that and also since Suraj is confident that he would return home within 15 days, now Bhabho would never call them back. Sandhya is tensed and says she did not really remember the festival was today. Emily advises her now nothing could be done and so she asks Sandhya to not tell this to anyone outside and just do the pooja. Sandhya is hesitant. Emily says she understands Sandhya does not

tell lies but this truth is going to cost her much so it is better she keeps quiet and does the pooja. Chathuri calls them and they go outside.

Daisa and other ladies perform the pooja. Sandhya is tensed what to do. Bhabho observes her with empty hand and also looks at Suraj. Sandhya is remembering Emily’s words. Daisa completes her pooja and asks Bhabho to do. Bhabho asks Emily to tell Sandhya that she needs pooja thali to complete the pooja. Emily thinks when Sandhya forgot the Teej fasting, how would have she prepared sattu or decorated pooja thali. She sees an extra plate kept over there and takes it to Sandhya. She asks Sandhya to forget her right and wrong for one day and complete the pooja. Sandhya is still thinking and then finally says she cannot do the pooja. All the people are surprised. Meena tells Sandhya that her vrath is not complete unless she does the Teej pooja. Sandhya tells she did not fast today and forgot that it was Teej. The hanuman galli women are surprised that an intelligent girl like Sandhya forgot a festival. The ladies scold Sandhya for forgetting Teej, such an important festival for suhaagan. One of the ladies appreciate Emily. Suraj has flashback of Sandhya not applying mehendi due to being busy with cooking. Sandhya tells Bhabho that she knows Bhabho would not forgive her but still she seeks forgiveness from Bhabho for this mistake. She says she was busy going to college and Chotu’s school that she did not remember. Meena adds fuel saying when it comes to studies and competition, Sandhya is first but she forgot this important festival. She adds further that Suraj does so much for her and is like her shadow and she forgot Teej fast for the long life and well being of Suraj and worries this bad omen does not harm Suraj. Bhabhasa, Vikram, Chathuri and Bhabho all are displeased with Meena and Bhabho shuts her up reminding this is street and asks her to stop her drama.

Bhabho calls Suraj and asks why he did not remind Sandhya as she heard him calling the mehendiwali to home. Sandhya quips saying it is not Suraj’s fault. He tried to remind her various times and Sandhya did not pay attention to it thinking of various other things. She tells, in fact, the mehendiwali had come to the house but still Sandhya did not remember the festival and sent her off. She accepts it is completely her mistake. Before Bhabho could say anything. Daisa does not miss the chance to taunt Bhabho. She asks Bhabho was reminding the whole mohalla since the last 15 days to make arrangements for Teej and she did not remind her daughter-in-law. The whole hanuman galli knows that Sandhya forgets everything in front of books and moreover, now she is living out of RM in a separate house. She tells Bhabho could have reminded her by sending anyone Meena, Chavvi or Chathuri to remind Sandhya. Bhabho is hurt. Meena asks what will they do now and Bhabho tells they will do the pooja without Sandhya. Sandhya moves back hurt and crying. All the Rathi women and Dilip’s mother do the pooja. Suraj is sad as Sandhya is left out and others are doing pooja. Bhabhasa comforts him by placing his hand on Suraj’s shoulder. Sandhya is crying.

Sandhya enters the house and goes to the window. She is crying watching other couples who have completed pooja and husband feeding his wife. Suraj enters the house with the pooja thali. He keeps it in the kitchen and comes near Sandhya. Sandhya is very hurt. Suraj tells her to not feel sad and forget it as she did not make it deliberately. Sandhya says she cannot forget this or forgive herself as she knows how important it is for a wife to conduct this fast and to add to it, she has added more problems to Suraj as he is hoping to get back to RM in 15 days and making all efforts but she is making mistakes each day and angering Bhabho more. Suraj says they both know Sandhya did not make this mistake knowingly and these small problems are part of life and they cannot carry it all along their life and have to forget them and move on. Sandhya says she knows it but she cannot forget this mistake of hers and she is repenting. She wonders if there is something that could be done to correct this mistake. Suraj pauses for a second and says there is a solution to it.

Precap: In Rathi mansion, Vikram expresses his wish to buy a new shop. Bhabho refuses it right away saying Chavvi’s marriage is important. Suraj just comes in with a tin of ghee/oil and asks them is there any problem. Bhabho answers him there is no problem as she does not want to let Suraj know what they were talking. Suraj is hurt.

Update Credit to: b2011

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