Pavitra Rishta 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with peop informing Ankita that Naren is waiting for her and needs a client file. Once Ankita goes in, Naren starts scolding her that she takes salary on time but does not work competently. He sends her to bring his client file.

Bala runs to escape from police and thinks why are they behind him when he did not do anything. He thinks of finding out the reason. He calls his worker and asks him to meet him immediately. Once his worker meets his, he tells him some plan, which his worker hears happily.

Ankita brings client file and gives it to Naren. Naren thinks Ankita is pregnant and is unable to work, so he should help her without informing her. He says Ankita that he has granted her paid leave and to take rest for some days. Ankita says she is fine and does not need leave. Naren then asks her to work from his cabin and asks his peon to shift Ankita’s desk in his cabin.

Manav gets a call that Balan is caught. He informs Archana about it. They both reach police station. Balan is seen beaten by constable in cell. Manav asks inspector if Bala said anything. Inspector not yet, but with their beatings he will soon. Manav says they did not meet their son since 20 years and don’t want to lose hope. Archana requests inspector to let her meet Balan. Inspector agrees and lets her meet Balan. Archana requests Balan to tell where is Soham. Balan does not utter anthing. Constable starts beating him again without Balan uttering anything. Manav and Archana leave from there sadly.

Mansi stands near window and remembers Ankita telling that her child is only her and not Karmakar’s. She also remembers Shashank and Ankita together. Ankita sees her standing silently and asks her what happened. Mansi requests her to go away from her house. Ankita says she will and says she is not going because of her mother-in-law, but because her Manu/Mansi is requesting. She hugs Mansi emotionally and says she does not like her Manu to be sad and asks her to take care of her and her baby from hereon.

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Ankita gets ready in the morning and comes out of her room with bags. Shashank sees her with bags and asks where is she going. Ankita says she is earning well now and wants to live separately. She says she does not want her dear ones to be sad. Shashank asks how can she go when she is pregnant and asks if she is going to stay at Soham who himself does not stay at home regularly. Ankita says she does not know where she will stay, but she does not want to stay in their house. Shashank insists she will not go anywhere else and asks Mansi to convince Ankita. Mansi hesitantly asks Ankita to stay. Ankita agrees.

Peon gives Ankita juice and fruit every 30 minutes. Ankita says she is full and does not need anything and asks why is he bringing food often. Peon says it is Naren’s order. Naren comes there and asks Ankita to give their client’s file. Pari also comes there and takes Naren out for lunch. While in the car, Pari angrily asks Naren why did he allow Ankita in his cabin. Naren says she has fallen ill and had to enter his cabin many times a day, so he himself asked her to sit with him. She is a very efficient employee.

Archana cries looking at Soham’s pic. Manav asks her to stop thinking about Soham and says it was his mistake to tell about Balan. He thought Balan would be knowing about Soham, but if he would have known about Soham, he would have told 20 years earlier. He says if their son is alive, they will reach him at any cos.

Ankita requests Shashank to let her go from his house. Shashank says he cannot let her go while she is pregnant and asks she may go 10-20 km away, but even there, people will point fingers at her, she will have to leave the city then. He asks her to abort the child or leave city else. Ankita says she will not abort child but will leave the city. Shashank says okay, leave the city then. Mansi sees them talking and asks Shashank when did he come.

Precap: Pranav, Sonu and Manav promote DID Little Champs grand finale on 21st June.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh Ankita!

  2. Oh!! God why shashant is so caring abt ankita while his wife is still pregnant??

  3. how cud naren even mistake d pretty ankita 4 duckling pari??? he was mad bt was he even blind? i mean ankita is so damn gorgeous nd beautiful bt dis pari is d ugliest face i have seen on tv. nd look at d irony, they hve named dis ugly gal pari which means angel! lol!!! nw stop d blabbering of dat nonsense witch nd focus on d luvstory of ankita nd naren 2 make it atleast tolerable, othrwse plz end d show.

    1. I wonder how Purvi and Arjun who are both so nice looking, can have such a ugly girl!

  4. All the series have toooooooooo much of problems, no happy moments at all , I jusssss hateeeee it

  5. Stupid episode. Manu is being ridiculous but why doesn’t Anikita tell her the truth? ESP if sha shank knows?? Too Many misunderstandings!!!

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