Sadda Haq 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

YoYo is looking at Kastuki. She asks him about the photos. He says he helped her first time and he wanted to save those memories, so he stuck photos in his room.

One couple from LITS is out. Randhir and Sanyu continue dancing with each other. The paper gets shortened. LITS boys wonder how they will stand on it together. The captain says, no matter what they can’t let Sanyu win. He tells his partner to pick him up if required. Other hand, Sanyu tells Randhir to pick her up as well. He says what? She says they can’t stand on the paper together and she wants to win. He eventually agrees. The song starts. Sanyu is in Randhir’s arm and both are having eye lock. LITS boys lose balance and they get eliminated. All cheer for Randhir and Sanyu. Randhir is still lost in Sanyu’s eyes. YoYo tells Kastuki that Randhir is so strange, he wasn’t picking her up first, and now he isn’t leaving her. Sanyu shouts and he leaves her. YoYo says now it’s prize time. FITE students put their shoes in front of their legs and asks LITS boys to put them in their feet. Randhir is not interested in all that. LITS boys are frozen. All tell them to be sportsmen. Their captain walks towards Sanyu, but she stops him and says there shouldn’t be insult of anyone in the competition. This is real sportsmenship. No one will put shoes in anyone’s feet. YoYo says, they can at least have a party then.

LITS boys decide to take revenge now. They mix something in a container and then in a glass.

Some boys stop Sanyu and congratulate her. They apologize for their behavior as well and say she’s right that the competition should be in a field. They ask her for a new beginning and gives her the glass. Randhir is watching them. Sanyu is about to drink, but Randhir comes and stops her. He asks her what she’s talking to them since so long. She asks him why does it matter to him. They both argue. One boy tells Randhir it’s not like what he’s thinking. He asks him to shut. LITS boys go away. Randhir and Sanyu continue arguing. Sanyu puts the glass back on table and leaves. Randhir too leaves. LITS boys say they got one chance and that went in vain as well.

After a little while, Vidushi comes and drinks from the same glass. LITS team captain tells his boys to hit their jackpot on her now. After drinking, she goes to LITS boys. They praise her and get closer. All FITE students are watching it. One boy touches Vidushi inappropriately. Parth can’t see it. He takes Vidushi away and locks her in a room until she comes back to her senses.

Parth returns and grabs LITS boy’s collar. Randhir stops their fight. LITS boys warn Parth to be in limit and they leave. Parth doesn’t give justification to any FITE student and leaves. Sanyu wonders what happened to him all of a sudden.

YoYo says everyone to forget what happened. They continue with the party. YoYo serves everyone juice from the container in which LITS boys mixed something. They all are drunk now. They play dumseraz and have fun. It’s YoYo’s turn first. No one understands his gestures except Kastuki. Randhir asks them to play something intelligent. Sanyu asks him to stay quiet and asks him to go next. He says he won’t. She says he’ll have to go now or later. YoYo gives him a movie name. He hesitates after hearing it and leaves. Sanyu says she’ll see him today. She asks YoYo for movie name and then goes after Randhir.

She stops him and asks why he left game like that. He says he doesn’t want to play that stupid game. She asks, what stupid? She shows him how he could have gone about it. Movie name was Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar. She says it was so simple. Both have eye lock and smile at each other. She asks him what? He’s again lost in her. She tells him to give those gestures in front of everyone, but he says he doesn’t want to play. He leaves.

Sanyu says to herself, don’t want to do, uff, then don’t do it. She goes back.

In night, Randhir is recalling his scenes with Sanyu today. He can’t sleep. He is all smiling and tries to sleep. Other hand, Sanyu is not able to sleep either. Kastuki asks her what happened. She says, Randhir too, what could have happened had he played game with everyone. Movie name was so simple, and she explained to him as well, but he refused to play the game. He has become like a machine after working with them every day. They wonder where Vidushi is. Sanyu goes to look.

Vidushi wakes up and finds herself in the lab. She remembers Parth locked her inside. She can’t go outside. She screams for help. LITS mentor, Maya, opens the door. Vidushi asks her what she’s doing there. Maya asks her if she came back to her senses. She tries to provoke her against Parth and says she doesn’t get respect that she deserves, etc, etc. Vidushi understands she’s trying to manipulate her. She tells Maya that the girls get no respect in her MCP team. Maya says, but the team is lead by a female only. Vidushi tries to avoid thinking about what all Maya is saying. Sanyu comes and sees them. Vidushi leaves. Maya is confident that she will make Vidushi’s weakness her strength and like she said, competition is not only on field.

Next morning, all gather for the competition. Vidushi tells Parth that he did wrong, because of him, she had to stay in lab whole night. Before Parth could answer, Vardhan starts explaining the next task. Each team will get 4 tasks on brain, bravery, beauty, and brawn. both teams will have to finish them. Only thing is, they can’t start next task, until their teammate finishes their task. Each task will be done by a different teammate. The twist is that captain’s task will be decided by the opposition team. They give time to the teams to decide captain’s tasks. LITS boys think this is the chance to take revenge from Sanyu. Sanyu says she knows the task to give to their captain. Sanyu gets a task of bravery from LITS and LITS captain gets a task of beauty. LITS captain is happy with beauty task, but he asks Sanyu from where she’ll get the strength. Sanyu says same place from where he gets his overconfident.

Vardhan gives them 5 minutes to assign other teammates their task. Parth selects brawn. Randhir taunts that was obvious as Parth has done nothing beside making his body. Randhir takes brain, and beauty goes to Vidushi. She taunts the team for not giving her a choice like yesterday how Parth left her in lab. Parth says whatever he did was for her safety. Had he left her with LITS boys, then who knows what they would have done. Vidushi says he left him like that, didn’t even think if she’s fine or no. Parth apologizes for that. She says, so easy for him. 5 minutes are up. The competition starts. The order will be brain, brawn, bravery, and lastly beauty. After finishing the task, they will get a chit which they will give to their respective team member who will do the next task. And only after that, their teammate can start the next task.

Precap: For bravery task, the team members have to walk on burning coal. Vardhan, Sanyu, Randhir discuss it with each other. Vardhan says, Randhir is right that Sanyu can’t use any tactic here. Sanyu asks for a fan which increases the fire. Vidushi asks if she has lost it or what.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. Hi…. Guys wt u all think who will WIN best on screen couple on indian telly

  2. i’m 100% sure smthing’s up on sanyu’s mind and i would luv to see it !!!!
    and randhir looks wayy cute when he smiles… I too agree with @anonymous abt making SH a 7 day show cuz its impossible for me to wait until mon to watch SH……….
    i wonder if sanyu had drunk that spiked drink then what would hv happened???
    randhir wld hv beat them up until they couldnt even lift their hands up!!!!!!

  3. the next best episode ever next to their hate kiss episode and sanyu dont tie ur hair u look even more great if u are in loose hair, and forget that dupatta

  4. I really loved it……for me its fab….

  5. awesome epi… 🙂 RANDHIR is the KING of expressions…. sandhir scenes were beautiful….:D

  6. awesome epi… 🙂 RANDHIR is the KING of expressions…. sandhir scenes were beautiful….:D love it..

  7. plz guys can anyone tell the name of the guy who touched vidushi inappropriately.. ??? i need it plz help out if u noe..!! thanks..

  8. I think it was dharam…..

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