Pavitra Rishta 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st May 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with a girl begging on the street and asking Soham to give her some money as she is hungry. Soham gives his vada pav, but she says she does not need it. He takes her saying he will take her to a hotel. Girl’s father comes there and takes her with him. Soham sees him scolding the girl for asking food instead of food. Soham says the man he should not scold his daughter like this and not let her beg.

Neena thinks if Pari does not marry, her property share will not come to her. She asks Sachin to go and convince Pari for marriage as they will get her property share. He gets angry and goes.

Pari and Pia are traveling in a car. Pari says she has decided to marry Shekhar. Pia asks if she is telling under any influence. She says she took the decision herself. Pia asks her why did not she inform their family. Pia says she wants to first talk to Shekhar and tell him about her past. If he accepts her after that, she will marry him. Pia asks if it is important to tell Shekhar about her past. Pari says it is very important, else she won’t live in peace.

Soham calls Mansi. Sonu picks the call and asks who is speaking. He says he is father Soham. He asks her how is she and if she is going to school. She says she is fine and going to school. Sonu then tells about Sulochana’s illness and she being taken to hospital. Soham says he will speak to her later and cuts the call.
Manav says Archana that he got a call from OVi that Damodar and Savita went home. Archana says she is worried about Soham. Pari will get married, but what about Soham. Manav says we are not sure if we will find Soham and there is no pointing remembering it. Soham disguised as ward boy with face covered with a mask goes in front of them. He goes to Sulochana’s room and thinks even being near her, he cannot talk to her. He prays god to make Sulochana healthy. He touches her feet and cries. She calls his name Soham. He hears her and flees from there.

Pari comes to Shekhar’s room and says she came to talk some personal thing. She says she could not handle the events happened, but seeing his positive approach, she wants to move ahead with marriage. She says she wants to talk about past and says she does not want to remember it though. Shekhar says if she does not want to remember her past, then she should move ahead. She says she wants to tell him and tells him about Aman. Shekhar says Aman did not deserve you, so not to remember him. Pari says he is right and says he made her feel special and someone she can trust. Pari says if he is ready to move their friendship forward with marriage. She did not inform about it to her family yet. She says she cannot give her 100% to him, but she will try. Shekhar says he is sure she will forget her past being with him, till then they can be good friends. Pari gets emotional and thanks him for believing her. Shekhar says she is breaking friendship rule and smiles. Pari asks him to come with her to the hospital, they both can inform about the good news. Shekhar asks her to go to hospital as he has some files to check and then will come there.

Shekhar informs Naren about Pari’s proposal. Naren congrats him and informs about it to Ankita. Ankita calls Pari and says she is angry on her that she did not inform about her decision to marry Shekhar. She says this is not fair. Pari says she did not inform her family about it yet. Ankita asks if she informed about her past to Shekhar. She says Shekhar did not want to hear about her past, and she likes his that nature a lot. Naren says we all 4 will go for a honeymooon together as he could not go for his honeymoon.

Precap: Pari brings Shekhar to meet Sulochana and informs her that she is ready to marry Shekhar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan



  2. The serial’s title should be renamed to “hide & seek”

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