Nadaan Parindey 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 1st May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sameer looking at Meher and smiling. They leave from the border area. Meher leaves with RV. Malik’s men look at Sameer. Sartaj still runs and gets in a village. He sees a PCO and lifts a hammer. He beats the man and dresses like him. He calls Malik and tells him that he ran away. Malik is shocked. Sartaj says do something to get me out of here. He says the address and the milestone. The army men catch Sartaj again. Malik’s men keep an eye on Sameer. Purab comes to Sartaj and asks how is he. The army man says that guy is severely injured. Purab asks him to take the guy to the hospital. Sartaj says I should have understood your plan. Purab says you understood but late.

Purab says Malik will come to get you and he will also be caught. Purab smiles. Sartaj says your mind is great, I agree. Maliks men stand to kidnap Sameer. Malik calls them and asks them to leave Sameer, as Sartaj is free, get him from the address. He says stop operation Sameer. He leave Sameer. Meher comes back home with RV and Sameer. RV asks who caught you such a bad driving. He leaves. Sameer and Meher laughs. Meher tells Nimmi that she went with RV to show him the border. Sameer asks for food and Nimmi does not listen to him. RV says what is all this, Meher here and I at Sameer’s house. Minty says yes. Meher is upset. Sameer comes and asks what happened. She says I m missing Bebe.

She says she is still angry, she has thrown the tea I made. RV asks what happened to Meher now. Sameer says no, lets go home now. Purab waits for Malik at the PCO. Sartaj gets tensed. Malik’s men call at the PCO. Purab looks on and asks Sartaj to pick up the phone and not act smart. They ask Sartaj the address again. Sartaj says I m fine and signal him. He laughs. Purab’s plan flops. Purab says your mind works too. This game is very interesting. Bebe sees the haldi preparations for RV at home. The women grind the haldi. Balli says don’t you have grinder at home. The women laugh. Bebe tells Balli the importance of this haldi.

Sameer tells Bebe that he has fulfilled Meher’s childhood dream. Bebe is happy and says make her every wish true so that she goes from here happily. RV says I don’t want haldi on my face and body, only on clothes, else I will run. Everyone agree. Sameer asks Bebe to touch the haldi and send shagun to Meher. Bebe thinks about Panchayat’s decision.
Bebe says no I will not touch it. Sameer says Meher will be happy. He says she missed you a lot. Bebe cries. He says she talks only about you. He says you said we have to send her happily. Bebe asks did she say this. He says no, her eyes said this, I have experience of 20 years. Bebe does not touch the haldi. She says I will not touch this and leaves. Purab’s mum jokes with Balli and everyone laughs. Sameer gets an idea and cuts his finger to make Bebe touch the haldi. He shouts. Bebe runs to him. He says my finger got cut, blood is coming out. She says I will bring tube. He says no, I will put haldi. She touches the haldi and he says now I will mix this with Meher’s haldi.

RV tells Sameer that Balli left with the haldi. Sameer grinds the haldi and runs to catch Balli. He sees Balli and asks him to stop. They reach Meher’s home. Sameer comes and sees haldi reaching Meher.

Sameer takes haldi from Balli and it falls on RV. Everyone are shocked. RV gets angry on Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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