Pavitra Rishta 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st March 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Onir help Manav to sit, everyone is standing all worried. Manav remember when he & Archana visit the temple, and she told him one day she will sleep & even when he tries to wake her up, she won’t wake up. She continues everyone will try to wake her but she won’t wake up. Manav begin crying thinking about that day, and look to see each & everyone crying & recalls when Archana had once said One day she will sleep & everyone will have to wait on her.
Archana is seem on life machine in a room, Manav enters there is a glass separating the two. He say to himself Archana please get up, for the sake of the family, for the sake of there kids. Everyone then enters and looks through the glass, they all began crying. Savita console Manav, he tells him mom, Archana can’t do this to him, they promise to stand by each other.
The doctor arrives & Manav tell him, to & wake Archana up as he is doctor, he can do anything. The doctor said he can’t do anything now. Manav began shouting at the doctor how the possible is, and go & wake her up. Manav told him to control himself.
He then begs the doctor to please do whatever he can to save Archana, as he can pay any amount. He moves to his family begging them to tell the doctor to save Archana. Sulochana then console him saying she will be okay. Savita agree to Sulochana saying she won’t leave her family & she will return to everyone & he should control himself for his kids. Manav then said Soham.

Part 2
He then speeds out of the room, & saw Soham sitting, Soham got up & Manav start hitting him. Arjun, Onir & Sachin try to stop him, Manav then take a hammer, the guys keep holding him back. They took the hammer, & Manav then drag Soham. Soham shout at him. Manav then start yelling at him, He yell back saying Manav isn’t his dad, but Archana is his mom. He then continue it’s accident. Manav then told the guy to let him go & he calls the police station informing them a mand had just shot his wife. Everyone is shocked.
Dr.Kundan arrives at Mittal & shows him the CD. Mittal looked at it, then realized Onir switch the child. Dr kundan said probably he did something wrong & Ovi loss her kid so Onir use Purvi kids to cover up his mistake. Mittal tell Kundan to gather all the information, so they can go against Onir.
Purvi is praying make Archana feel better. Soham arrive, Purvi walk away. Soham try justifying himself he didn’t do that to Archana, & why would he kill him mom. She change into a good person how can he do that. He then told Purvi what Balan told him to do. Purvi then say he should have die, she added he let her down & he is responsible for Archana condition. She told him he can never care for anyone. The police then arrive they are here to take him to the station.

Part 3

Police arrest him, everyone looks on. He then look at Archana, Sachin then came & insulted him, he then pass everyone.
Punni is cleaning her nails when Mittal call asking if she is finish. She told about Archana, Mittal snap at her and told her to remember the deal. Manju is listening, and start yelling at Punni. Punni told her everything, she is shocked.

PreCap – Purvi is feeding the baby, & Punni saw her.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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