Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 1st March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

At night, the place is dark and Radhe is walking, he has his gloves on and a knife with him. He goes to Badi sa’s room and goes to her bed and keep stabbing but soon he realises that badi sa is not there and that it was just a bunch of pillows there.
He leaves the room and sees Badi sa outside sitting in her wheelchair, he goes to her and said he has to put an end to her and he raises his knife to stab her, Badi sa starts trembling and slowly begins to move her hands and feet. She then stands up and watches Radhe eye-to-eye. He is shocked at this but still goes to stab her, when suddenly the lights are on and everyone comes out, lovely is shocked seeing radhe as well as the entire family.
Massa ask Badi sa if she is okay and she points to Radhe and says he tried to kill her.
Komilla defends Radhe and says he can never do such a thing, Badi sa says she is sorry to say but its true, she tells them to ask radhe.
Komilla asks Radhe and she keeps telling him to say its a lie, when Radhe shouts Yes, he did it. Everyone is mega shocked.
Radhe goes on to say that Massa gave him away but kept the other sons and that if she didn’t think once before giving him away. He tells her she boasts on her principles but look how her sons have disgraced her.
Radhe keeps on his ranting, leaving a shocked and teary-eyed Massa.

Part 2

thRadhe continues telling Massa abou how she deserted him etc by giving him to her brother, Babusa questions him if he was hurt why didn’t he tell them.

Radhe does his confession.

Radhe says that he was the one who turned the gas on, Flashbacks are shown, Radhe enters the kitchen wearing his gloves and a hoodie and turns on the gas in the kitchen, he then leaves.
Back to present, Radhe then says that he was the one who threw Keronsene in the house, Flashbacks are shown he was throwing kerosene in the house when Massa and Lovely came home, he runs away throgh the window.
He continues saying that the ngiht when Dhwani was attacked it was all him, Flashbacks are shown where he comes in the room and attack Dhwani.

Radhe continues saying he was the one who posed as Shibu and Beat Utkarsh, the Flashbacks are shown of him dressed as Shibu beating Utkarsh in Jail.

He tells Massa he was the one who shot the arrow at her and also he was the one who rigged the car so that she and Babusa could die. The flashbacks are shown.

Back to the present, everyone is just shocked at hearing this, Massa ask radhe if he hates her so much and he replies yes he hates her.

Shibu tackles Radhe and takes away the knife, they all come down stairs where the lights suddenly goes out, Radhe escapes from shibu with the knife. The place is in complete darkness and Nimmi and gehna gets candles. komilla is in her room calling for radhe she tells him that his family loves him and that they will forgive him, she begs him to please come out.

lovely looks for Radhe, when its shown behind her Radhe is hiding but Lovely leaves without seeing him.
Shibu gets his gun and Karantiya tells him that he should not think about that, but Shibu says he needs to protect his fmaily.

Back in the hallway, the lights come on and everyone is there, Komilla is crying, just them they all see radhe, he has a knife at lucky’s throat and they family begs him to let lucky go, but he doesn’t. Shibu aims his gun at him but radhe tells him to keep that down or else he will kill Lucky, shibu does.
Radhe calls on Komilla to leave with him but she says no and that whatever he is doing and thinking is wrong and that she will never support him. Scene ends on radhe.

Precap : Radhe is standing and Massa with folded hands is begging him, the rest of the family are behind crying. Radhe shouts at massa to keep quiet….

Update Credit to: Rozey17

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