Pavitra Rishta 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 19th September 2013 Written Update

In a rickshaw

Soham is in a rickshaw sitting. There was one of Balan’s gang members sitting with Soham and he is telling Soham not to worry as they will keep giving him updates. Soham is telling the rickshaw driver to stop. Soham asks the man to get him a drink and the man says he will bring it in 2 minutes. Soham is still in it.

At Balan’s gang hideout place

Balan is with 2 members of his gang and they are playing cards in the den. They are talking to each other. Balan gets a phone call. It is from one of his men informing him that our Lala is lost. Balan says is Lala a kid who would get lost like this? The man tells Balan that Lala has run away from us. Balan gets mad and he throws the table to the ground and stands up. Balan yells, he ran away?!

Were you sleeping? Balan is scolding him for letting their Lala escape and now the police is going to catch them. Balan puts his phone down in anger. Balan says, where will we find Lala, where will we find him?

Outside the City Hospital

Soham is outside. Soham is thinking to himself, everyone has found out about my plan, but I will not accept defeat. My wedding with Gauri was supposed to happen and it will happen. Soham goes over to a driver next to an ambulance as he needs to get to the station. They go in the ambulance and Soham gets out. Soham puts on a green mouth disguise to make him look like a wardboy at the hospital so he can be in disguise.

Inside the hospital

The Deshmukh family is at the hospital, Soham is walking inside the hospital. A doctor is there telling a police inspector that they can not get the patient’s statement as he is in a critical condition right now. Soham is hiding from the family. Teju, Purvi, Vinod and Manjusha are coming in and Purvi asks Archana, aai, how is dada now? Archana says Sachin is ok right now. Archana says Purvi, where is Pari? Purvi says don’t worry about Pari, she’s at home. Purvi asks the doctor when dada will be discharged. The doctor says nothing can be said, his condition is serious. Archana gets really sad at hearing this. She sits down sadly. Savita tells Archana to be strong and Archana says I have been strong all this time but I can’t anymore. I am in a lot of pain Manav and I can’t take it, I don’t know what is in for us, one way there is Soham and the other is Sachin, what could be worse for a mother that her 2 sons are. Archana is crying and says why is this happening with us? Archana says this is all my fault because I brought Soham home, if I did not bring him home then this would not happen. Soham is listening to this from behind and he is looking upset. Savita says do not blame yourself Archana, whatever you did was for your son’s benefit but he did not turn out good so what can you do? Manjusha says Archu, why are you blaming yourself? If Soham does not want to change his bad ways then what can you do? He has taken advantage of your love and trust. I have said this before and will say it today, he was never deserving to be a part of our family, and he has proved this yet again. Soham is looking really hurt.

At the hospital

Manav goes over to Archana and tells her to look at him and listen to him. Manav says look Archana, you are nowhere wrong, you have fulfilled your duty as a mother very well. Manav says Archana, you have always been the best mother, if he did not turn out to be a good son then that is his misfortune. How long will you keep thinking about him and giving yourself pain? Archana he almost took away our son Sachin’s life. You see, he will definitely get his punishment. Soham is looking mad. Manav says he will be behind bars very soon.

Sachin’s hospital room

Sachin and Gauri are in Sachin’s hospital ward. Sachin is sitting on the bed and Gauri is sitting beside him. Soham is entering the room but they can’t see him. Sachin says to Gauri all these DVDs? Gauri says I thought you would be getting bored by sitting over here so I thought of bringing some DVDs. Sachin is saying but so many. Gauri is telling Sachin that his family wants him to come home as soon as possible. Sachin smiles and says and you, what do you want? Soham is looking very mad. Gauri says Sachin I don’t know what kind of films you like, I brought all the films which I liked. Comedy, drama, action. Sachin puts his hand on Gauri’s and says it is your choice, I like all the films. Soham is standing with his back turned to them looking very angry and hurt. Gauri says leave all of this, you talk a lot, and your soup has also gotten cold. Gauri feeds Sachin some soup from his bowl. Soham is very mad and he drops something on the floor. There is a loud, clattering noise. Gauri and Sachin hear it but after a few seconds they forget about it. Gauri says Sachin, you should sleep now. Sachin says Gauri, I am very lucky, that I have you as my life partner. Soham has cut his hand with a knife. His hand is bleeding all over.

In the hospital

Soham is walking out. Archana, Vinod, Manjusha, Teju and Ovi are waiting there and Soham is in disguise wearing his white suit and he is walking out so they can’t recognize him. Soham leaves. Gauri comes out and says to Archana, aai, Sachin had his soup, and he is feeling good now, and he is recovering much faster than we had expected. Manav is walking in the hospital with some papers in his hands. He is walking past Soham(he can’t tell it’s him) and he accidentally drops his papers. Soham is about to pick it up for him but Manav says it’s ok Bhai sahab I got it. Soham is getting ready to leave the hospital and Manav notices a lot of blood on his hand. Manav says Bhai sahab there is blood on your hands. Soham ignores Manav and walks away. Archana comes up behind Manav. Manav says he is a weird man, his hand was bleeding, I told him he was bleeding but. Archana is looking very confused and suspicious. Manav tells Archana that he will drop off these papers. Archana nods her head.

In the hospital

Soham is in another area of the hospital. Soham is thinking to himself, I don’t know what that Sachin is made of, I tried to hit him so many times but he still did not get hurt, why should it matter though? Whether is alive or dead, I have come here to take my Gauri and I will take her. Even if the whole family stands in front of me like a wall, I will not lose. She is mine and she will remain mine. Gauri is coming there to where Soham is. She is filling up a cup of water for herself and she drinks it. Soham takes off his mouth disguise and his white hat. Soham takes the cup from Gauri’s hands as she’s finished and she turns to face him. Soham is stroking Gauri. A song is playing in the background. Both Soham and Gauri are smiling at each other.(All of this was Soham’s imagination) Archana calls for Gauri and tells her to come as the doctor has come to see Sachin. Gauri says yes aai, let’s go. Archana and Gauri leave. Soham is looking mad.

At the gang hideout

Balan and his men are in the den. Balan is very mad that they have not been able to find out about Lala. Balan says he just keeps thinking about that girl and if he tries t otake that girl with him then we will be in trouble. Balan gets a phone call. It is from one of his men. He is standing outside the hospital and he is informing Balan that Lala is here at the City Hospital. Balan says what, he is at City Hospital? What is he doing there? Manav Deshmukh’s whole family is there, and the police too. We will have to get Lala out of there somehow, understood? The man nods his head and hangs up. Balan is informing his gang that Lala has reached the City Hospital and that we will have to go. Let’s go all of you! They are about to go when one of the gang men say that the police is just outside. Balan says police? Another one of them says it looks like the police has foind out about us. Balan says so what are we doing here, let’s go. Balan and his gang are about to leave when they get caught by the police inspectors. One of the police inspectors slap the gang member and say tell me where is Vishnu Lala?! The gang member says I don’t know. The police inspector says you don’t know?! The police inspector slaps him at least 5 times in a row and then grabs him. The police inspector says now do you remember? The gang member is very scared now and says he is at the City Hospital. The police inspectors say City Hospital? The gang member says to see his brother. The police inspectors are headed to the City Hospital and they make sure Balan and his gang come too.

Sachin’s hospital room

Sachin and Gauri are sleeping in the room. Soham is walking around in the room. He turns the drip tube off. Some tubes are connected to Sachin as he’s on the bed and Soham turns off the flow. Archana comes to the room and calls for Gauri. She tells Gauri to go to the other room and that she will take care of Sachin. Gauri says I am fine aai and I will wait here with Sachin until the drip is finished. Archana says I am saying I can wait here. Gauri says aai this drip is very important, until it is not finished I can’t leave. Archana says I am telling you to go out and rest, if I need you I will call you. Go rest for a little bit, you must be tired. Gauri leaves the room. Archana sits on the bed. Archana says forgive me Sachin, whatever has happened to you is my fault. It would have been good if I never brought Soham home. Archana realizes that the drip is turned off and she tells Soham(she just thinks he’s a wardboy) that the drip is off. Soham turns the drip switch back on.

At the hospital

Manav is at the hospital talking to a police inspector. Manav says to the police inspector, you mean to say that Soham is over here, in this hospital? The police inspector nods his head. Manav says no Inspector, this can’t be. Soham would not come here, he knows very well that we are all here, and that his one mistake would get him in trouble, that’s why he would not come here. Are you sure that your information is fully accurate? The police inspector says yes Mr. Manav we are absolutely sure that he is somewhere here. Archana is in the ward and asks the “wardboy” why is the police here? Soham indicates that he does not know. Archana goes outside the ward to see what’s going on. Archana goes to the police inspector and says what happened sir, is everything alright? Manav says Archana they got information that Soham is here, in this hospital. Archana and Gauri look shocked. The police inspector tells Archana that your son Sachin’s life is at risk. Archana says but how can this be, Sachin only has his family members with him, no one else is there. It is not possible that Soham would come here. The police inspector says are you sure that no one else is there besides your family? Archana says I am 100% sure sir. There are just some hospital workers and a wardboy. Archana is remembering the moments in the hospital room when she had come to Gauri near the water stand and when the drip had turned off. Archana says Manav it could be that Soham is in there, maybe Soham is inside. Gauri is just standing outside the hospital ward and Soham is coming out and he is grabbing Gauri to come in the room. Archana turns back and shouts, Gauri! The police inspector shouts, Hey! Soham has already grabbed Gauri into the room and he locks the door. Gauri’s dad is pounding on the door. Archana, Manav and the police inspectors come running to the door. Gauri is in there and says, Soham! Archana peeks through the window and yells, Soham, let her go! The police inspector yells, open the door! Soham yells back at the police inspector and he grabs Gauri. Purvi is yelling to Soham to let Gauri go. Gauri says soham have you gone crazy?! Your brother is suffering so much here and you are getting so crazy in your love? Soham says, stop your nonsense!

At the hospital

Soham pushes Gauri away and starts getting violent toward Sachin. Sachin is awake but very weak and is looking very disturbed. Archana is yelling Soham to let them go but Soham yells for Archana to be quiet. Soham is grabbing Gauri and Gauri is telling Soham that he can’t do anything as the police has already reached the hospital. Soham is now pulling Gauri’s hair and says, I can do anything! Gauri has a knife in her hand tells Soham if he does not stop this, she will die. Archana yells Gauri, what are you doing, have you gone crazy? Soham please let her go, Soham! 2 doctors come over and 1 of them ask what is going on? The police inspector is telling the doctor that Vishnu Lala is in there with Dr. Gauri and Sachin Deshmukh, and he has locked the door. I’m sure doctor, we will have to break the door. Gauri is yelling to Soham that it is better that she die rather then being with an animal like him. Soham is shaking Sachin very violently. Everyone is looking outside the hospital room through the window and they see what Soham is doing and they are shocked. Gauri is watching this very terrified.

Precap: Archana and Gauri are at the hospital. Gauri is crying on Archana’s lap and Archana is telling her not to cry and she is telling her not to be afraid at all and that I am with you. Archana says you are my responsibility, you called me your aai and I will never abandon you. I am always with you and as long as I’m with you then that boy can’t do anything to you. No one has lost today, the wrong upbringing has lost.

Update Credit to: bhallarox

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