Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara talking to Raghu saying I feel Daya Maai does not like me. He says no, its not like that, she likes you, she is just like that. He says she did his upbringing and treated him as her son. Antara smiles. Raghu and Antara go for shopping and come to a shop. The shopkeeper meets Raghu and gives him much respect. Antara starts selecting the clothes and tells Raghu you won’t know this as this is ladies shopping. Few people see Antara and tells her that they have their daughter’s wedding, she looks like you, if you can wear this bridal dress so we can know if it suits her. Antara says I would have tried, but we are in hurry. Raghu says its ok, and asks her to try.

Antara wears the bridal dress and comes out. Raghu sees her and the song Mera Mahi Tu… plays. He keeps staring at her with love. The people say you are looking very beautiful and bless Antara. They like the bridal dress. Raghu says they called you the bride and you are feeling shy. He says you are looking good, if you want, you can buy this dress. Antara’s dupatta stucks with Raghu and she stops. Music plays….

Daya Maai comes to Aaji and tells her that she is going to send Aaji to the village. Aaji says why. Aaji says I m fine. Daya Maai says take your medicines with you. Aaji says Antara takes good care of me. Maai gets angry and says Antara just works here. Maai says Antara won’t be with you forever. She says its not good to trust strangers, trust your loved ones who tell you anything for your better. Aaji asks what happened. Maai says I and Raghu are busy in work, no one is there to take care of you, and I don’t trust Antara who made you eat sweets. Aaji says I trust her. Maai argues and says don’t worry, I will send money at her home. She says you need the fresh air of the village and Baba is there to take care of you. Aaji says it means you are sending me. Maai says yes but not for always, go and stay here for some days. She says when my son Satya comes back from London then I will call you.

Aaji says but…. Daya Maai says the tickets are for tonight, get ready. Maai leaves saying this. Aaji is tensed. Rasika hears this and becomes happy. Antara and Raghu come home and they have a talk in the jeep. Antara says I know you care for me, so I don’t worry, as I nee dyou always. Raghu says are you taunting me. Antara says I m speaking the truth. Antara smiles. Raghu looks at her and says I won’t let you be alone. She says thanks. He says save this thanks for the future. He says the marriage will be like that the whole area would look at it. Antara says good night. Antara leaves while Raghu looks on.

Raghu comes to see Aaji and asks her where she is going. Rasika brings tiffin for her. Rasika pretends as if she cares for Aaji. Aaji tells Raghu that she is going to the village and it is Daya Maai’s decision to send her. Daya Maai enters the scene and they have a talk. Daya Maai says Aaji has to leave. Everyone go out to leave Aaji. Aaji is sad. Raghu and MachMach take Aaji with them in the jeep. Raghu looks at Antara’s balcony. Daya Maai notices this. They leave for the village.

MachMach gives some work to Aman. Aman is shocked to see Antara’s family photo.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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