Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2013 Written Update

episode begins at the hospital… manav is furious at soham.. archana tries to calm him down.. gauri n every1 else is very tensed.. archana tells varsha that her mistake 20 yrs back has made them pay a heavy price.. varsha cries.. archana tells her, she is not blaming her but feels that they could have given him better values..

gauri’s parents ask her if she knew abt soham’s love.. she says yes, n they ask her if she loves him too.. gauri quickly says she doesnt love him at all, she had considered him a friend but now hates him.. gauri’s parents say she should have told them earlier..
gauri’s mom says if she knew getting gauri married into archana’s family would be so dangerous she never would have gone ahead with it, her father says archana’s family is

not to blame but soham only..

the cops come there, manav has lodged a complaint against bisnu lala, manav tells the cops to put him behind bars, they take every1′s statements, manav mentions balan and again gets outraged.. cops tells him to calm down. archana tells the cop abt balan, and they promise to catch the both of them..

the doc comes out of the operation theater n informs them that sachin is fine, purvi asks the doc if sachin could attend the wedding d next day, but doc says not at all he has several stitches n he cant move around..and that he will be shifted to icu.. he tells them to postpone the wedding..

archana apologizes to gauri’s parents n says they are free to break the engagement.. but they say there is no need for that, they are happy that gauri is treated as their daughter n dont mind the delay in the wedding.

cops come to balan’s hide out, balan is underground n the cops dont find them n leave.. balan shows the newspaper to soham n tells him how heartless his parents are, n within 24hrs have lodged a complaint.. soham says he wants gauri.. balan tells him to shutup n saty in hiding for few more days.. but soham keeps shouting he wants gauri..

at the haopital sachin regains consciousness, gauri is at his side holding his hand.. he calls out her name, she is relieved.. sachin tells her to call archana.. she sees sachin n is very happy n thanks bappa.. sachin asks abt soham.. archana tells him not to mention his name n that he is dead to them.. the doc comes in and archan leaves telling sachin to take rest..

at a tea stall. soham is having tea n recalling what balan said abt his parents.. a guy sits next to him, who seems to knw him n asks him what he has done this time, n that cops were at his shop, soham gets angry n yells at that guy..

back at the hospital.. archana is crying on manav’s shoulders.. gauri is standing at a side n crying, d doc comes n says they can meet sachin if they want, n that he is asking for gauri.. archana tells gauri to go in, n that sachin needs her..
gauri goes to sachin’s side n holds his hand n cries.. sachin teases her, saying being a doc she is crying.. gauri says she is sorry that all this happened coz of her..

soham is walking absent minded on the streets thinking all that archana told him.. the cops are coming from one end n soham is still lost, balan n his men come on time n take him to a corner, balan tells him he should have been in their hideout n not roaming on the streets.. soham says he would have been married to gauri by now!! balan then tells him sachin has regained consciousness..

soham gets annoyed that sachin is still alive, balan tells him its a good thing or else he would have murder charges on him.. soham asks him if gauri’s family is also there, balan gets angry n tells him to forget all this for the moment n go to patna.. soham says how he is supposed to leave when all this is happening.. but balan insists, gives him a ticket n tells him all arrangements are done, n that patna is a safe place for him now.. he tells soham to be careful coz his photo is in the papers n cops after him, a angry soham ties a shawl around his face n goes..

at the hospital, savita n teju come.. archana cries that this is all her fault n she should have taught her son better, savita is also crying but consoles her saying sachin is strong n will recover fast.. teju holds savita.

PRECAP: archana at the hospital, tells manav how many more problems will they have to face, she says at one end is sachin n other soham, both her sons and its such a difficult situation for a mother.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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