Chanchan 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 18th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan calling out for help. Mokut asks Manek and Manthan to hurry up. Chhan Chhan calls Mokut and says some goons have beaten up Manav and he is injured. Chhan Chhan tries to take lift from people but no one helps. Mokut, Manek and Manthan come for Manav’s rescue. They take him to the hospital. Manthan says someone did this purposely. Mantha says Rupali did this. The doctor says Manav is fine, he will be fine in two days. He gives them the medicines. Chhan Chhan asks Manav how he is feeling now. Chhan Chhan’s mum comes and asks whats this. Chhan Chhan says relax, it was a minor accident. The doctor asks Manav to take rest and don’t take stress. The doctor praises Chhan Chhan and says even she is hurt. They take Chhan Chhan to do the first aid.

Maithili asks Manav how did this happen and questions him about his wound. Manav says we should go home now. Maithili asks are you hiding anything. Chhan Chhan says lets go home and talk. Everyone are shocked to see Manav at home. Chhan Chhan tells them what doctor said. Maithili says I don’t understand. Everyone want to know about Manav. Mokut tells her about Rupali. Manthan and Manek go to the police station saying some goons stopped Manav and have beaten him and they took his phone. They say Rupali did this and they have the proof. The inspector says I can’t believe you.

Manek and Manthan think its of no use and leaves. Matilal says Manav should have been careful. Dada ji says you should have not shown the proof to Rupali. Maithili says that girl wants to take Chhan Chhan’s place. Manek and Manthan come and tells everyone that the inspector did believe them. Dada ji asks Manav to take rest. Maithili asks Chhan Chhan to take care of Manav and leaves. Kaumudi asks Chhan Chhan to go to her mum’s house for few days.
Chhan Chhan says no, I have to be with Manav. Maansi brings milk for Manav. Chhan Chhan makes him drink. Kaumudi looks on.

Manav thinks about Rupali’s plan. He thinks how his brother feel that he has lost. Kaumudi asks Manav what he is thinking. Manav says now I don’t have any option other than agreeing to Rupali’s terms. Chhan Chhan and Kaumudi are shocked. Kaumudi says what. Chhan Chhan says I can’t see everyone being hurt because of me. Kaumudi says then you have to break your relation with her. Manav says Chhan Chhan is getting hurt because of me, its better if I apart from her. He says I care for Chhan Chhan more than myself. He says I will do what Rupali wants. I will inform Rupali that I m ready, then this will end. Rupali is reading the newspapers and reads the tarot. She smiles when she gets Manav’s call.

Rupali asks him why did he call. Manav says I lost, he tells her that he is ready to agree on her terms. Rupali is excited and says you are ready to accept my offer. Manav says you were right, I m ready to come to you. Rupali says come to me soon. She says I will withdraw you from the case then I will make you my business partner. She asks him to divorce Chhan Chhan. Manav asks why. Rupali says you have to break the old relations in order to start new relations. Manav and Chhan Chhan are shocked. Manav agrees. Rupali says I will be waiting for you.

Rupali waits for Manav. Manav comes to her. She asks why are you looking at me like this, I m your Rupali. She flirts with Manav. Manav is upset. Rupali says whats wrong with you, tell something. She takes him to her room and says this is our world. Manav is silent. He asks why are you doing all this, Rupali says because I love you and I m made about you. She admits her every plan. She says I did everything for you. Rupali says you know everything what I did, now you have come to me. She says I have made the divorce papers ready, come on sign it.

She says sign it then I will free you of every charge. She says I love you so much and can do anything to get you. Chhan chhan comes and says I can do anything to make Manav get rid of you. Chhan Chhan comes with the police. Manav says I will tell, Chhan Chhan has framed you. this was Chhan Chhan’s plan that I come to you and you admit your plans. He says the mobile has the recording. Rupali gets angry and says you both have to pay for this. The police arrests Rupali. Chhan Chhan says now you understand whats love. Chhan Chhan hugs Manav.

Matilal announces the winner of the competition.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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