Pavitra Rishta 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pia and Archana preparing food. Piya says savita that she is getting pleasant smell of food. Savita says Archana prepares food very well. Pia praises Archana and says she is her guru and says even Savita is her guru as she taught her preparing vada pav. Neena is preparing dough. Shes starts thinking about division of property amount Archana/Manav’s kids and how much her share would be. She a lot of water in dough by mistake. Savita comes and scolds Neena. Archana asks Savita to let her go and she will prepare food. She says hope Ankita and her family likes her food. Savita says Ankita is just like you, she will like the food and will praise it. Archana calls Gaurav and Pushti to serve the food on table. Mansi comes and says she will help her as she is like her

daugter like Ankita. She asks her siblings to help her serve the food. Pushti says even she will help along with Prashant and others. Archana asks Gaurav to help. He says it suits these chawl people and they will do it. Prashant feels bad. Arvchana scolds him.

Archana asks Mansi if she called her father. Mansi asks Sashank if she found Soham. He says he found him, but he is inebriated. He says we cannot take him for dinner party like this, but will bring him to their house and then see what can he do.

Archana asks Mansi to check if Naren and Ankita came. Naren just comes with Ankita and his family and says Archana that they came. Archana greets them with aarti and asks them to come in. Manav asks Sunanda if she is comfortable here as his house is small and he had to arrange dinner party in pendal. Sunanda says she looks at people’s heart, not their house and his heart is very big. He greets Sunanda and Kinnari in. Mansi says Ankita that they are lucky to have such a good people and their love.

Naren jokes that he is having a lot of saala saalis and in-laws. He feels some one is missing and asks who is missing. Teju says Pari is coming in sometime and Pia has gone out. Naren says Soham is missing and he will bring him. Mansi says Sashank is bringing him. Naren introduces Kinnari as Chuchundari and she is his younger brother’s wife. Everyone laughs hearing chuchundari. Archana asks where is Raunakh. Kinnari says Sunanda that everyone asks about Raunakh and they insult me. Sunanda says they came from Canada and do not know about Raunakh, so relax.

Manav comes into house looking for Archana. He find her in and asks what is she searching. She says she came to pick silver coins and says she did not like Kinnari and feels Ankita is having rift between her in-laws. Manav says Ankita is brave and will handle it and not to worry.

Naren asks Ankita whom she is searching for. Ankita says she is searching Pari. Naren jokes she is guest of honour and missing. Ankita says she is very sweet and he will also like her. He says he likes only Ankita.

Shekhar and Pari are traveling in Shekhar’s car. Pari sees snow ball in the car and asks he has same kind of snow ball and asks if he likes it. Shekhar says his friend gifted him. Pari goes into flashback where Naren/Aman gifts her snow ball. He waits until her work gets over and then gifts it. She likes the ball and thanks him. He says it is ok if the return gift of her smile is very good.

Kinnari sees Neena and thinks she is of her type. Neena also thinks the same. Kinnari says Neena her ear rings are nice. Neena says her friend designed for her. She asks Kinnari about her saree. She says her friend designed it who does bollywood heroine sarees designs. Kinnari says they should have arranged dinner in some 5-star hotel. Neena says even she felt same, but her in-laws want themselves to prepare food and serve their guests. Savita sees them chatting. She asks Neena to go and help her saas. She asks Kinnari also to go help and says she came back from Canada and did not forget her culture. She asks both to go out and help.

Precap: Mansi asks Naren whom he is searching. He says he is searching Soham. She says he is sleeping. He says he will get him and not to worry. Pari comes there and sees Naren from behind.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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