Pavitra Rishta 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raunakh trying to kill Ankita. Police reach on time and arrest him. Ankita says that Mansi informed her not to drink poisoned milk and told also about Priya being kidnapped by Raunakh, so she could not do anything before. Naren apologizes her. Savita asks everyone to start pooja back.

Ankita’s doctor tries to meet her and inform her that Ashi is her daughter, but Rushali stops her. Doc says he wants to clear his guilt by telling Ankita that Ashi is her daughter, else he will inform the truth to police. Rushali says if he does so, she and her DIL’s life will be ruined. She says her DIL takes care of Ashi as her own child, etc., and tries to emotionally blackmail him. Doc says she is right, gives her money back and leaves.

Neena discuss with Teju about Mansi’s rape by Raunkh. Teju gets irked hearing that and leaves. She then says Kinnari that Raunkah could not give her any child, but Mansi got pregnant by him even before marriage. Kinnari also gets irked and leaves. She then discusses about it to Pari. Pari asks why did not Mansi inform about her rape and child to anyone. Ankita says Mansi told her before and was eagerly waiting for the child, so I did not want to ruin her happy married life and asks Pari also to shut her mouth. Pari asks what if her child is taken care by some other couple. Ankita says she does not want to hear probabilities and asks her to shut her mouth. Ashi asks Pari to feed her food, but Pari scolds her. Ankita asks why is she scolding innocent child. Pari says she is her daughter and it is her wish. Ankita then asks Ashi what she wants to have and goes in to get lemon juice. Teju thinks one more similarity between them.

Pari informs Naren about Ashi getting closer to Ankita and then telling about Ashi not feeling well. Naren scolds her for not taking proper care of Ashi. Pari says she is just having stomach upset and she has a lot of other work than taking care of Ashi.

Ankita is making Vaishnavi sleep. She hears Ashi mumbling mamma in her sleep, goes to her room and starts reciting her poem. Naren on the other side says Pari that Ashi needs a mother. Pari says she cannot become her mother and says he killed her child and cannot love any other child now. Naren thinks he can see mother’s love in Ankita’s eyes and hopes Pari also develops it. Ankita thinks why is she attracted to Ashi, why can’t she see Ashi in pain..

Naren wakes up Ashi and asks her to have milk. Ashi says she does not want milk. He asks Pari to perpare something for Ashi. Pari asks him to prepare himself and suggests to prepare beetroot soup. Naren prepares beetroot soup, but does not get the taste he likes. Ankita watches that. He asks Pari to try soup and tell what is missing. She says she is getting late for office and leaves. Once Naren goes out, Ankita checks soup and adds missing ingredients. She then keeps soup for Ashi and tries to leave. Ashi asks mamma where are you going. Ankita says she saw her sleeping, so she did not want to disturb her. She feeds her soup and asks how it is. Ashi likes it. Ankita asks her to finish soup while she sent her dadda/Naren. Naren watches that and asks Ashi if she liked it. She says. Naren also tastes soup and thinks it is perfect, exactly like Ankita used to prepare for him years ago.

Naren gets ready for office and tries to live. Ashi stops him and says he cannot prepare tasty soup like mamma. She then says I dash you. Pari hears their conversation and thinks she did not speak like that with Naren, then Ankita must have thought her this. Naren asks who thought her this. Ashi says Ankita mamma thought this. Pari reminisces Rushali warning her to be careful about Ankita.

Pari gives Naren a surprise champagne and cake party and says it is his anniversary gift. He asks we did not celebrate our anniversary till now, then why she is celebrating it suddenly. Pari says she was missing his love and was feeling that they both are moving away from each other. Naren says he is not going anywhere. He says it does not look good that they both are celebrating anniversary alone. She asks him to leave it everything on her and enjoy cake. They both then enjoy cake and champagne and start dancing sensuously on song…. mere haath me tera haath ho…. He says he is happy that she is caring for him even now. Ankita watches them dancing intimately/sensuously and reminisces about her marriage with Naren and their happier moments thereafter. Pari then sees Ankita and stops. Ankita says she wanted to wish them happy marriage anniversary. Naren thanks her and asks if she needs cake. She does not say anything and leaves. Pari thinks Rushali’s idea is working, Ankita is feeling jealous.

Priya, Ashi, Vishnavi and Teju promote new serial Bandhan..

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pari are witch
    Ankita are an angel..
    Want goodness to triumph over evil 🙂

    1. Add Rushaali and Ranauq to the list of Pari

  2. Niceee virat so true.

  3. All the people who comment on these TV serials are weird and stupid

    1. then why are you commenting??

      1. Do not waste your time on dumb ass like KK. Looking for attention.

  4. Ankita is the best I love u

  5. So tru,yet here u r KK ,commentin

  6. No precap? Means something good might happen you guys!

  7. Show is to go off air in a month!!

  8. I love ankita. I jus wish that she reunite with naren and ashi.

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