Sadda Haq 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu says at leadt I won’t blast the image of college. Vardhan says shut up both of you. Just because we don’t stop you doesn’t mean you can start anywhere. You are in front of dean behave with decorum or I will be strict to both of you. Leave all of you.

Maya asks vardhan who will represent? Vardhan says Randhir and Sanyu. With them chances of winning are highest and lowest at same time. Maya says what you mean? He says never mind. I will do something.

Sanyu is studying the room. Kaustuki asks what will happen now? sanyu says all I know is that I can’t work with Randhir. Kaustuki says only two student can represent and I want you to participate. you are definitely the one who can. Before Randhir makes a team with someone, you should find someone. Sanyu gets a text from Randhir if you have courage come in store room.

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Scene 2
Sanyu goes to store room. Randhir is already there. Sanyu says you better not talk about courage why have you called me here? He says you are such an attention seeker you asked me to come. Sanyu says when did I? SAnyu shows him the text. She says don’t tell me you didn’t send this. He says I didn’t . He shows her the text. Sanyu says don’t apply these cheap tricks on me. He says I don’t need to. You must have done something just like you did with voice modulation app. Sanyu says you must have texted yourself. Randhir says shut and tell me why have you called me here? Are you finding Samir’s options in me? Sanyu says I am leaving. The door is locked from outside. Sanyu says you must have done this. Randhir says yeah so I can spend romantic night with you. Sanyu and randhir knock the door and ask for help. Vardhan has locked the door he says whenever your egos has clashed the bext outcome has been seen. Sanyu is shouting. randhi says even someone comes for help he will run after listening your voice. Someone has trapped us. he tries to break the door. sanyu says you are so useless. Sanyu says let me do this. Sanyu says you are so smart right? open this. Randhir checks his phone. Randhir says I know who is doing this. Sanyu says I won’t make team with you whatever vardhan does. He says winners comprise of equal members not winners and losers. sanyu screams after seeing a lizard. Randhir says you fear lizard and you will maintain first rank for FITE. sanyu says I will do that and with put you. They are trying hard but they get exhausted. there is one water bottle they both run for it. Randhir gts it and drinks all the water. they sit on different corners. Sanyu asks randhir not to make noise. She says can’t you put off these bangles her says no. Sanyu hits him. He starts fighting with sanyu and says what is your problem? They are both fighting like kids. SAnyu bites him on shoulder but suddenly they find it awkward. Sanyu goes on the other side.

Randhir is peeing on the side. SAnyu says stop it don’t you dare. SAnyu connects wires and says I will give you shocks if you don’t stop. he says are you mad? He goes to his place sanyu says good.

Scene 2
next morning, Sanyu and Randhir wake up in the store. Sanyu’s legs are on him. He throws her away. Randhir pushes her to wall and says 24 hours are over. He breaks the bangles.

SAnyu comes out, a professor is showing students toppers of FITE. He says you will make FITE proud. Any student is incomplete without students. Sanyu says I am getting opportunity to make FITE proud I can’t let this go.
Randhir solves Vardhan’s question. A man comes and says wow. Randhir says you sound like some new smart engineer? Who are you? Maya comes and welcomes him. she says Randhir this is Mr. Kapoor. Sanyu says I will make my name written here. Maya says to Kapoor Randhir is our brightest student. Kapoor says yeah he has solved two lines numerical in five lines. Randhir says in heart wait and watch I will beat you even if I have to work with sanyu.
Randhir goes to vardhan and so does sanyu. sanyu says may I come in/ Vardhna says leave. Randhir says we have something important to talk about. Vardhan says you have not made the team, leave. Randhir says please trust us we will work together. Vardhan says on what basis? Randhir says sir we will focus on task rather than our personal matters. they both shake hands. sanyu says we will work as a team. Vardhan says I don’t care why have you agreed but if reputation of FITE is damaged I won’t leave you. SAnyu says we assure you FIE will be on top. Vardhan says go and prepare. Randhir says don’t even this that my hatred is over for you. I am doing this for vardhan. Sanyu says my college is above you for me. He says I will do the work. Sanyu says I am in the team too, my input matters too.

Maya introduces MR. Arjun to vardhan. Maya says I am sure you must have heard about his research papers. He says I have read a number of them. its been a pleasure to judge students of vardhan. maya says you can rest your rooms are ready. Arjun says we would like to meet those two students. We want to see how potent they are. Maya asks Randhir and sanyu to come to her cabin. She says these are the two who will represent FITE. Arjun says interesting, very interesting. The other one says I am sure you know we are here to rank FITE There are different parameters. the first one is intelligence. It will be tested today.

Precap-there are many tolls in front of snayu and randhir. He says you need to make a prototype bridge that can handle weight of 10 KG car. How much time will you need? Randhir says 30 minutes while sanyu says 2 hours. Arjun taunts good bonding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. First again 😛
    Well the newcomer you made the biggest mistake by challenging randhir you are going to regret it cuz u maybe smart but randhir is a true genius and a prodigy too…..soon u r going to regret the fact that u insulted randhir and for sanyukta as it is shes a dumb character uptil now but dont do anything stupid so fite suffers and randhir suffers…
    All excited for this upcoming challenge go randhir ftw.

  2. Precap look intresting…..

  3. What is the precap??

  4. Jaldi karo Atiba..bahut der horahi hai

  5. check :

    tdys precap – may be after Vardhan threatens to rusticate both of them, sanyu may come up with some new ideas for the success of FITEs ranking… u see, this is a woman oriented series….

    1. I believe there contribution wud be equal….if director decides that only sanyukta wud be contributing and be successful in these tasks then there is no point of including randhir it will make him look like a clown and if that happens i m done wit the show

  6. I just hate sanyukta..just because of her my rd will also gt rusticated frm fite..i jst hate hr frm d day one she is jst doing blasts..useless creature..dnt know why d cvs wntd to show her character as a smarter one..!!!

  7. @ Amit — Hope they give importance to RD also.. it shld b like SanDhir make a come back with a bang on 21st sept special epi… not just SANYU

  8. Wht is 21promo????plz let me know….

  9. Wht is 21 sep promo????plz let me know….

    1. not promo, there is going to be ANOTHER SPECIAL EPISODE ON 21ST SEPT…. i think @ 8 pm.

  10. @jyoti,
    There is gonna b a spl epi,in whch sandhir fail n get rusticated…(hai….rusticate hue toh bhi saath saath…oho)

  11. K….thnxxx…..

  12. Forgot, in tdys epi, Sanyu actually bit RDs shoulder.. lol!!! & she was having on RD while sleeping

    1. i meant sanyu was having both her legs on Randhir…

    Goooood……thats goooood…well,tum(log) khush ho sakte ho par ovrcnfidnt nahi.
    (vdhan sir ishtyle…aftr all,MAI iss DT ke mentor hu naa……- ekameva mentor of dt.)
    Those who watch taarak kehta will know tht line.
    Ok,i wanna post a os based on todays epi. Post karu?

    1. Yea,ofcourse dear mentor,post it soon
      ye koi puchne ki bat h

  14. prakshi sharma

    intresting… very intresting!!…

  15. Hai guys, hai meera di, hai choti

    1. HI & good morning Randhirians!!!

  16. Better from last two weeks right…….

  17. ACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U R BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok, os cuming up


    “Randhir & Sanykta, yeh hi hai who team jo hame judge karegi.” Maya said.
    rd:hello sir. Welcome to FITE
    sanyu: ham aapko hamaara best performance denge sir.
    Maya:ur rooms r ready sir. Aap aaj rest kijiye.
    Guy 1:(dunno their names):Thike. u guys(referring to sandhir),tumlogon ka first task,based on intelligence, kal subah hoga. Tayyaar rehn.
    saying so, they went to their rooms
    Guy 2:Boss,aapne ek baat notice ki?
    Guy1: kya?
    G2:boss,yahaan par engineering cllge me ladki hain. Who bhi ME me!
    G2:boss,hum itne dinon me litne saare engineering cllgs me gaye. Par wahaan koi bhi ladki nahi thi. Ab agar FITE me situation alag hai toh who hamaari galati thodi na hogi agar ham uss alag situation ka fayada uthaye?
    G1: I see what u mean. BUT
    G2:BUT what sir! Dekhiye,isme faayada hamaara bhi hoga unka bhi…
    G1: woh kaise???
    G2: arrey sir, agar ham us ladaki ke badle me FITE ko competition jita de toh hua na fayada unka bhi! Aur hamaara toh fayada double hai-hame decision lene ki energy bhi wasye karni nahi padegi!
    G1: Par unka mentor VARDHAN hai…woh aisi cheezon me vishwaas nahi karta.
    G2: Vdhan se baat kaun karega? hame toh bas uss ladki se baat karni hogi!
    G1:Tera dimaag toh bada chalta hai! Chal,aaj raat hi ye matter khattam karte hain.
    They walk down the corridor, Searching fr sanyu. They find er n rd in d lab, preparing fr d task.
    G1:Hmmm…..badi tayyariyaan ho rahi hain yahaan par…
    sandhir together: haan sir. hum FITE ki ranking maintain karke rahenge.!
    G2: That’s interesting! Well, tumlog iss rnking ko maintain karne ke liye kya kar sakte ho?
    sanyu:kuch bhi sir!
    G1: good. Ab ham aap logon ka ek interview lenge. Ye hoga aapka first task
    rd:par sir, task toh kal hone waala tha na?
    G2: don’t ask questions young man! woh hamaara kaam hai. Philhaal toh jaao, jaake chaar kursiyaan le aao.
    rd oes off to get d chairs. sanyu tries to follow him
    G1: arrey arrey! tum kahaan jaa rahi ho? Tum dono kya karoge saath jaake? Voh akele le aayega kursi. Time waste karne ke liye time nahi hai hamaare paas. tumhaara IV abhi start karte hain. Chalo.
    sanyu: chalo? kahaan sir?
    G2: kitne sawaal poochti ho! chalo hamaare saath.
    they take sanyu to an isolated room in the GROUNDS of FITE.
    Sanyu:Sir! ye ham kahaan aa gaye? yahaan hoga hamaara IV??!! aisi jagah me??
    G2: hamaare style ke IV ke liye ye perfect setting hai!
    sanyu: matlab?
    G1: Matlab hamaare saath andar chalo
    saying so he starts pulling her in. she resists but is no match for 2 men. they manage to pull her inside. But unknown to them,sum1 is hiding behind a tree, watching them.
    sanyu:Sir! ye aap kya kar rahe ho?
    G1: To tumhi toh keh rahi thi ke tum FITE ke ranking ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho? Toh ab bas hamaara ek kaam karo. Fir FITE ki jeet pakki.
    Sanyu(really scared now):kya sir?!
    G2: hame bas tumhaari ek pic chahiye. one each! Par aise nahi. Tumhaare iss ghatiya se looking salwaar-kameez ke bina.
    G2: haan. bas one each. Aur seedhe seedhe de do toh behtar hoga. agar hame force karvaaya toh bohoth regret karogi. Force ya unforce,pic toh ham leke hi rahenge.
    But sanyu wasn’t one to give in so easily. she kicked one of them in the shin and tried to open the door. But he caught her kurti from the backin order t stop her and ended up tearing it.
    G2: bola tha seedhe seedhe de do. Ab dekho kya ho gaya(menancingly moving towards her)
    sanyu: Plz lemme go sir( in tears now)
    G1: tch tch tch…dekho! Rula diya naa bechaari ko! Cm hre, bechaari ladki! seedhe seedhe pic lene do,warna jo haal tumhaare kurti ka hua hai, woh tumhaare kameez ka bhi ho jaaega.
    Now the certain sum1 watching at d door cudnt take it any more. he broke open d door and punched d 2 men away.(for dos who havnt gussed it yet, its RD ,dumbos!)
    Sanyu goes to him in tears and clings to him tightly as if for dear life
    Rd: Its okay, sanyu! they hv gone now. we will complain to vdhan sir tmmorrow, okay? Ab ye ladkiyon jaise rona bandh karo. U know I cant see u crying.
    Sanyu looks up at him with a shocked expression on her face.
    Rd: mera matlab hai……….ha. mera matlab hai ki u r wetting my shit. cum on. hostel jaate hain. bohot raat ho chuki hain. ye lo.pehenlo.
    she wears his jacket n accompanies him to the hostel,traumatized but happy. She wont b able to put this incident outa her mind r a loooong time, But she ws happy coz she now knew, rd still luved her. Yes, there was now love in their hatred.

    whew!!!!!!!! finally done! I know this is like those silly filmy sories, but fr me, it being sandhir sumhow made it different. I don’t even deserve ur rotten veggies.jootas n chappals,but may b a comment?

  19. kya yaar saddahaqrox! woh ladke kitne shareef nikle! bas pic maangi, uske saath raat bithanaanahi. Ye os aur bohot hot ho skta tha. areey uska rape attempt kar dete! uske kapde phaad dete n uspe khudko force karte! hai!!!!!!!!
    N den rd cud hv cum n shoed them away, n maybe had s** with sanyukta!

    1. seriously 7 year old granny??? how come you always think and talk abt s** ALONE 24×7???? R U THAT DRIED UP??? Quit this place…. I assume if someone starts chatting with you, no matter what, you will always end up with this topic… ridiculous!!! Understand that others here do not have the least respect for you.. YOU NEED SERIOUS COUNSELLING 7 year old granny!!! Y DON’T U REGISTER YOURSELF WITH SOME FORUM OR FACEBOOK AND DISCUSS THIS UNWANTED STUFF THERE??? Pls try to understand having knowledge abt s** is just to safe guard yourselves, if a guy approaches you with wrong intentions, you defend yourselves, it is NOT the way you have understood, you have messed the whole thing….you have already made yourself “laughing stock”…

  20. Meera didi, jaane do naa ussey! Sab ussey ignore kartey hain, who ape aap chali jaayegi………mera os kaisa laga????

  21. your OS –
    it was really NICE! the lines that i liked the most : Time waste karne ke liye…….. and
    Ab ye ladkiyon jaise rona bandh karo.

  22. Oops…..just noticed one MAJOR error:
    the line” I …….um……haan. I meant u r wetting my SHIRT (not shit)

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