Pavitra Rishta 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th September 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Archana waiting on the chawl balcony. Soham is returning with a happy grin, remembering what Balan told him, that he just had to do a little job and then he would be sitting with Gauri at the wedding mandap instead of Sachin.
Soham comes up the stairs still grinning, but Archana meets him at the top with a stern face.
Soham gets serious and asks her, Aayi, Why are you so..
Archu asks him, Tell me honestly, what is going on in your head? TELL ME! She yells..
Soham pretends innocence, Ayi, what do u mean I dont understand..
Archu hands over the sari store receipt for Rs.15,000/- and looks at him quizzically…
Soham explains innocently, Ayi, I know the sari is expensive but I thought Gauri would look great in it, so I bought it, I felt…
Archana rebukes him sternly, Im not concerned with ur gift. How much money did u take out of my cupboard?
Soham looks scared. Archu continues, You stole 60,000/- from my cupboard, right? Sari cost 15,000, Sachin’s shirt was 5,000/- , that makes 20,000/- ..So where is the remaining 40,000? Huh?
TELL ME WHERE IS THE REST? She yells at Soham.
Soham mumbles, Ayi, I …gave it to Balan…
Archu is shocked, Balan!! Why give it to Balan? Are you still working with him? Soham, what has happened to you? You just told me today that u have no more contacts with Balan, that he had come to you but you refused him, and now you’re saying u gave all that money to BALAN? Soham, one second, are you doing some bad work again? Tell me..
Soham protests, No Ayi, how can I do such a thing? Your love has killed the Bisnu inside me…I wont let him return, problem is my past doesnt let go of me..
Archu says, One second, I dont understand what ur saying, tell me clearly why u gave the money to Balan?
Soham tells Archana, when he used to be a criminal he had borrowed some money from Balan, so Balan was after him, saying Soham was under his debt and if he refused any criminal jobs, then he would be called ungrateful.
Soham looks sincere, Ayi, Im telling the truth, Balan said horrible things abt u and Baba to me, but I didnt listen to him. I know my well being is in staying with you, with my family. Ayi, I want to break all relations with Balan, I cannot wipe away the childhood and youth I spent with Balan, but I want to get rid of my past. So today I repaid my debts and got rid of him for good! Nobody will bother me after this!
Archu asks him why didnt he tell her all this before?
Soham tells her, How could he tell her? He was so worried abt Baba, if he had told the truth, then Baba’s health would deteriorate because of him! Also the celebration was going on so he stopped himself from saying all that..
Archu looks a little doubtful and asks him, Do u really worry abt Manav?
Soham says sincerely, Hes my father, of course Im worried abt him!
Archu wipes her tears and says, Look Soham, Ive told u a thousand times, if there is something in ur mind, if u have some problems, then come and talk to me! But u never do that! Because u know u have not really accepted me yet as your Aayi…
Soham gets upset and holds Archu’s face in his hands and reassures her, No Ayi, why are u saying this? You are my mother! I need your help in my life! Please forgive me this time! Ayi, I swear by you, I will work day and night and repay your debt. But Ayi, please dont think of me as a thief! I can tolerate any pain, any wounds, but I cannot see mistrust in your eyes for me!
Archana holds Soham’s hands and looks emotional: We are all with you! We are all trying that u forget ur past and we will all help you! I wont let the shadow of your past fall upon ur present or ur future! Only one thing, Soham, dont break my trust in you! Dont play with my emotions! Then I will break down! Whatever I do will be for your own good! Remember that!
Soham nods with a smile, Archu wipes her tears and tells him to go change his clothes as everyone is waiting downstairs.
Soham goes inside to change. Archana still looks apprehensive.

Next scene:

Savita is dragging Sulochana who is protesting what will people say?
Savita tells her people will say Nani and Dadi have gone mad at their grandson’s wedding! Come on, lets go!
Sulo laughs and Savita calls everyone else to come and dance!
Sachin and Gauri are sitting on 2 decorated chairs, Gauri urges her mother to go and dance with the others.
Gauri’s mother doesnt go, then Gauri tells her to stay by her side. Her mother teases her, So u still want ur Ayi around? I thought by now u were used to being without ur mother! Besides, u are getting married now, so..
Gauri smiles petulantly.
Sachin tells the mother, Its not like that, Gauri was ur daughter and she will always be so, after marriage, her identity wont change, I promise you she will be as close to u as ever. Whenver she wants to meet you, she can go over and when u want to see her, you can come over! Ayi, u are not losing a family member called Gauri, rather u are gaining a new family member, called Sachin.
Gauri’s mother happily agrees, Very true, Beta! May Bappa always keep both of you very happy!

Ovi, Teju and other girls are dancing to the English Vinglish wedding song.
Sachin and Gauri are standing and accepting gifts from guests.
Archana and Soham come downstairs. Ovi and Teju pull them along to dance! Varsha is smiling happily watching them! DK Sir, Manav, Damodar, all are watching them dance and enjoying. Arvi are standing and watching, smiling away. Purvi is holding Pari.
The girls pull Manju also to dance, she dances with a glum face. Ovi takes Pari from Purvi and sends Arvi to dance. They go and join the dancers.
Sachin and Gauri are watching everyone and smiling. Soham looks at Gauri strangely.
Soham goes up to Gauri and extends his hand towards her. Purvi observes him with surprise, Archu looks worried, Gauri looks up at Soham nervously, Varsha frowns, Sachin surprised.
Soham then extends both hands to Sachin and Gauri.
Sachin relaxes and puts his hand in Soham’s and signals Gauri to go ahead. Gauri reluctantly puts her hand in Soham’s. Archu relaxes.
Soham tells them, when everyone is dancing, how can we let you two escape? Come on, you two!
He pulls them to the dancing group and they dance to English Vinglish song. Soham dances close to Gauri, she still looks nervously at him.
Sachin smiles at Gauri and encourages her to dance, Savita Tayi dances in bindaas style, Purvi and Arjun dancing merrily.
Soham dances between Sachin and Gauri, she feels awkward.
Suddenly Soham’s phone rings, he goes on a side and picks up the call angrily, Why are u calling me so many times? If Im not picking up means Im busy! Theres a celebration going on over here, everyone is watching! Im doing a whole drama of being happy here, why are u going on calling?
Balan is on the other end, Yes, I know Beta, I know, I can hear the music,
Soham gets worried, are u somewhere nearby?
Balan tells him, I want to show u something! Now come outside quickly, Im waiting for you!
Soham says, Dont wait for me, I cant come!
Balan reassures him, everybody is too busy, nobody will notice me, if u leave from there, nobody will find out! Come out quickly, I really need to show u this thing..
Soham tells him again he cannot come out. Balan persuades him, Listen to me, Beta, if u see what I have brought for you, you will be thrilled! Come on!
Soham finally agrees to come out. He goes out and berates Balan for taking him out of the function, Balan tells him when he sees what he brought for him, he will be blown away.
Balan shows Soham an identical sherwani like the one made for Sachin.
Soham is thrilled, Arey, this is identical to the one Sachin has, how did u get it made so quickly?
Balan tells him to forget abt those details and be happy that the work is done! His problem is solved!
Today is Ganesh Visarjan (Immersion) so tomorrow the shops will open late. How could he trust the tailor to deliver it tomorrow for the wedding? So Balan went himself and made the tailor stitch it in front of him! All Soham’s problems were solved! Take this!
Soham thanks Balan sincerely, If never thought of this! If you had not been here, then tomorrow Gauri would not become my wife!
Balan holds the sherwani in front of Soham and does nazar utarna, saying he was looking awesome! Just like a bridegroom! Now nobody can stop him from marrying Gauri! So dont have any more worries!
Soham grins in delight!
Balan says, u only have to wait one more night, then tomorrow morning, your new life will begin! Tomorrow I will kidnap Sachin and u will sit in his place at the mandap. Gauri will marry my Bisnu Lala, not Sachinva…you wanted Gauri naa, I will get u Gauri!
Soham tells him, Baba, if u were not in my life today, then I would never get Gauri…I misunderstood you till now…but now I will do whatever u say…
Balan is very pleased, Lala, I know, Im the only one in the world who is concerned abt you! Who loves u…in this house of celebration, everyone is busy enjoying, nobody cares for my Lala…only because of these people, Gauri was going into the hands of that Langoor (monkey). But dont worry, Im here naa, everything will be alright! Time wil change! Situation will change, control will be in our hands again! Keep this dress carefully, u have to wear it tomorrow.
Soham thanks him again.

Manav rushes to Savita who is lying down on a chair, feeling out of breath. He asks her if shes feeling alright?
She says she danced too much! Manav tells her not to dance anymore and take rest.
He goes to get water for her, he looks sideways and sees Balan talking to Soham.
Balan stops talking as he notices Manav looking at him. Soham also turns and notices Manav watching them with a frown.
Balan looks worried, still he tells Soham, I knew u will return to me one day..
Manav goes up to Balan and holds his scarf, yelling, BALAN! How dare u come here! What are u doing here with my son? You have already ruined his childhood! Now ur trying to ruin his future too? I wont let u do this! I wont leave you!
Balan tells him to let him go!
Manav pulls harder, but Balan manages to extricate himself and runs away. Manav shouts his name, then angrily looks at Soham.
He asks, Why did that man come here? What were u talking abt with him?

Soham stares at him silently, Manav notices the sherwani in his hands and asks, what is this in ur hand? Soham stares, petrified!
Manav realizes, This is Sachin’s sherwani, isnt it?
Soham stutters, Ayi had given it to me for ironing. I was just bringing it back.
Manav looks at him with suspicious anger: Dont lie to me! Balan gave u this sherwani! I saw it myself!
Soham protests, No Baba, u misunderstood! Balan came here to threaten me, if I didnt go alongwith him, then he will target my family, cause them harm. And he tried to snatch this sherwani from me, but I got it back from him!
Manav is still not convinced, Sachin’s sherwani? Archana got it made and put it in the cupboard! Then what was the need to iron it? Tell me the truth! Whats going on in ur head? TELL ME WHATS GOING ON? Manav yells furiously.
Soham looks scared, Manav grabs his arm, and pulls him along: Come with me! COME!
Manav drags him up the chawl stairs all the way to the bedroom, while Sulo, Varsha all observe them with smiles. Varsha tells Sulo, Ayi just see, how Soham is helping Jeeju, he just went upstairs with him.
Sulo smiles, Why wont he help? Now this family seems close to him! He likes to share in this family’s joys and sorrows. Hes fulfilling the duties of a younger brother!
Varsha says, the credit for all this goes to Archu Tayi only. Her hard work, her trust, all this has made this possible!
Sulo nods and agrees happily: Dont worry, Bappa will surely grant this wish of yours! Archu will find the best girl in the world for Soham!
Varsha and Sulochana smile happily, unaware of whats really going on.

Upstairs, Manav drags Soham to the cupboard and opens it. Soham looks guilty. Manav pulls out Sachin’s sherwani and grills Soham, What did u say? That one was Sachin’s sherwani? Then what is this in the almari? Soham, I want the truth! TELL ME! Why did u get an identical sherwani stitched for yourself?

Downstairs, Archana is asking Sulochana if she has seen Manav? Varsha tells Archu, Jeeju went upstairs. Archu is surprised.
Varsha tells her, Tayi, Soham is so busy in the wedding preparations! Hes so happy, he was singing and dancing at the function, I felt very good to see that. And now hes helping Jeeju also. He took Sachin’s sherwani upstairs!

Varsha says, she thinks they shd find a nice girl like Gauri for Soham too.
Archana smiles and agrees, and goes upstairs.
Upstairs, Manav grabs Soham’s collar and yells, TELL ME, WHAT WERE U SAYING TO BALAN?
Tell me what kind of dirty games u are playing?
Archan comes in and tries to get Manav away from Soham: Manav, one second! What happened? What are u doing?
Manav yells at Archu: What did u tell me? That our Soham has reformed? This is how hes reformed? Hes not reformed even a little bit! Look at these, 2 sherwanis! He got an identical one stitched! Ask him, WHY DID HE DO THIS?
Archana looks shocked: Soham, what is all this?
Manav yells, WHAT WILL HE TELL? I will tell, he was talking to Balan, I saw it with my own eyes! And that Balan has given him this sherwani! I was going to catch him but he ran away! And this boy isnt saying anything!
Archu grabs Soham’s arm: Answer ur Baba what hes asking! COME ON TELL HIM!
Manav is still yelling, What was lacking in our love that hes behaving like this with us?
Archu is shaking Soham, urging him to tell the truth.
Manav shows the 2nd sherwani to Archu: Look at its price! Its 40,000/-
Archu is shocked! Manav continues, how did Soham get so much money? TELL ME, U HAVE TO TELL ME!
Archana seems to be realizing something. Soham yells, he wont tell them anything!

Manav is furious, Did u see, Archana, how hes yelling at his Baba? Did we live to see this day? Im telling u Archana, this boy is hiding some secret! Tell me what the secret is!
Archu asks Soham to tell, but he yells he doesnt care what they think of him, but he wont tell anything!
He yells, he doesnt want to live there anymore and leaves the room! Archu runs after him, yelling his name!

Archana is pleading with Soham to tell her why hes behaving that way. he had promised never to meet Balan, that he wanted just one chance to reform,…what does he want?
Varsha, Savita, Arjun, everyone is standing around and watching them with shocked expressions.
Archu asks Soham why did he get an identical sherwani made like Sachin’s. to please tell her what was going on in his head! If hes planning something wrong!
Archu is begging Soham to tell her the truth while he looks sullen and stubborn!

Update Credit to: Pallavi25

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