Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Daya Maai calling out the servants and asking them about the mirror which she had fixed infront of Aaji’s room. The servants say we removed it. She says why, by whose permission. She asks who ruled in this house in my absence. The servants say Antara got it removed. Daya Maai is shocked. She sees Antara forcing Aaji to take the medicines. Aaji says she is fed up of medicines. Antara bumps into Daya Maai. Daya Maai stares at Antara. Antara says sorry for not seeing her. She says I m with Aaji. Aaji says she is my care taker. Rasika and Manohar look at them standing upstairs.

Daya Maai asks Antara about the mirror. Antara says I got it removed because Aaji’s sleep was getting affected. Daya Maai says this house has everything for a purpose, you

come here to do your work, don’t try to change the things here. Aaji tries to take Antara’s side. Daya Maai does not listen. Antara says sorry for hurting her. Aaji smiles. Daya Maai says don’t do many mistakes that forgiving becomes difficult. She says this is the third time you are saying sorry on the first day. She leaves. Antara tells Aaji that it was my mistake, so she scolded, but you take medicines. Aaji says go for shopping, as you have to buy clothes for Noor’s wedding. Antara says no, I have work here. Aaji says ok, go and bring medicines for me. Antara leaves.

MachMach gets Raghu’s call. Raghu asks did you see Antara. MachMach says no. Raghu says go and see her. MachMach says where should I go to see her. Raghu says do what I say, go. MachMach sees Antara coming out of the gate. He says she is infront of me. Raghu says is she going somewhere. MachMach jokes. Raghu asks MachMach to ask Antara where she is going. MachMach asks Antara where she is going. Antara says medical store and then to shop for Noor’s marriage. Raghu says tell her that I m coming, wait for me. MachMach gives Raghu’s message to Antara. Antara says no, he is busy and he does not know what ladies buy. She says tell him that I m going. MachMach tells Raghu that she is going alone and will do some problem. He asks shall I go after her. Raghu says no need, leave it. MachMach says Antara is leaving in a taxi. Raghu asks MachMach to do something.

Antara sees that guys are following her and asks the taxi driver to drive faster. She gets worried. She thinks they are after her. She asks the driver is there any police station nearby. The car follows Antara. The taxi breaks somewhere and stops. Antara sees those guys coming to her. The taxi driver leaves to call the mechanic. The guys come to her. Antara asks them to stay far. The guys say listen to us Madam. Antara runs away from them. Antara cries and hides somewhere. She thinks of calling Raghu and calls him. Raghu asks where are you, what happened. She tells him everything about some guys following her. Raghu describes the guys. She says how do you know, they are after me.

The guys say the girl is mad, she saw us and started running. They talk to Raghu. Raghu says give her the phone. Antara is puzzled. Raghu talks to her and says they are my people. Antara says what, they are your people. Raghu says I sent them after you. She asks why. He says I will help you whether you want my help or not. Antara says no need for your help, I was so afraid. She gets angry and cuts the call. Pakya says I will give you lift. Antara scolds him and leaves. Raghu comes to Antara and says will you walk like this. He tries to talk to her while she is annoyed. He asks her to sit in the jeep. She says she won’t sit. He says sorry. He says don’t make it a big issue, be silent and sit in the jeep else. Antara says do what you want, I won’t sit in the jeep. He says I will lift you. She says don’t even try. He says I don’t try, I do it. She says if you worried so much, you would have come. He says I told MachMach. She says you would have told me about the goons, she says I was afraid. He says I get afraid when you go anywhere alone.

He says I was taking precaution. She says will you come always to help me. He says everytime you need my help or when I feel you need me. Mera Mahi Tu… plays in the background. Raghu says you called me before calling police as you know I m the one who would come as soon as possible. He asks her to sit in the jeep. Antara sits.

Aman is in the market area. Aman thinks how some people used him. He thinks about Raghu. He faints on the road infront of Raghu’s car. Raghu gets down the jeep and lift Aman. He says call MachMach, there is an emergency. Raghu says this is Rahil Bhai, he was my guide in Kashmir. Antara says do you know him, when did you go Kashmir. Raghu says I will tell you later. The doctor says he is fine, his BP is low, maybe he is stressed out. Let him rest and get up freshed. Antara says we will take him to hospital. Raghu says are you the doctor. The doctor says he is not serious. Raghu gets a call from Daya Maai and he says he will be recahing to her soon. He takes Antara with her.

Raghu stops somewhere. Antara asks why did we come here. Raghu asks her to wait. Raghu talks with the men. Antara hears them talking.

Raghu talks to Daya Maai about the park plan. Daya Maai asks him is this Antara’s plan.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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