Pavitra Rishta 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren and Pari talking together romantically. They discuss about their future marriage, etc. Pari says she will cut the call as someone is calling her. Naren says not their relationship is accepted by their families, nobody should have problem with it.

Archana meets Pari and asks her if she is happy about her alliance with Naren. Pari says she knows she is thinking about Ankita and says Ankita had a contract marriage which is finished now and Naren always loved her and will only lover her only. Archana smiles. Pari gets happy that Archana has approved her relationship with Naren and says she always helped her.

MAnsi is tensed about Ankita’s words that her child is not Naren’s and thinks of finding out the truth. She informs Shashank about it and says how can her child be someone else than Naren’s. Shashank says she must be having some personal issue which she does not want to disclose with anyone and asks Mansi to promise him not to force Ankita to tell who is her child’s father.

Mansi asks Ankita to have milk before going to office and says she takes cares of them all and it is her duty to take care of her. Archana comes and congratulates her for her pregnancy and gives a temple thread to tie it as a protection. Mansi asks one more thread and says her friend is also pregnant. Archana says she will give it to her later and will come back after some time as she has some work now. Mansi divides her thread and ties it to Ankita and says she is very angry on her that she is telling ‘her child’s father is not Naren. Ankita says her child is only hers.

Ankit and Naren discuss their business issues. Naren says he knows he should concentrate on work, but he is also tensed about his marriage preparations. Ankita asks her to concentrate on his marriage preparations while she takes care of business. Rushali comes there with marriage cards and asks Naren to finalize his marriage card. Naren asks Ankita’s opinion. She gives her opinion. Naren also likes the same card and asks Rushali to finalize that card. Rushali says okay and leaves from there. Naren and Ankita get back on their business discussion.

Rushali is very tensed about marriage preparations. Naren asks her not to take so much tension and asks Ankita to help Rushali and goes up to his room. Once he goes up, Rushali starts scolding Ankita, but changes her tune once he comes back. Pari comes there and asks Naren to try her sherwani design. Sirish also comes there and they all go up to finalize the design. Shekhar sees the whole incident silently from a corner and sees Ankita crying. He asks Ankita what is she doing. Ankita stops him and gets busy in ordering catering and cake for marriage. Shekhar asks how can she arrange her husband’s marriage. Ankita says she can do that but prays no other girl become like her. Shekhar angrily goes from there.

Naren comes down and starts discussing business with Ankita. Pari comes downa and asks how can he start working when they have to go out on their marriage shopping. Naren asks Ankita to accompany them. Pari gets angry. They reach a boutique and start selecting clothes. Pari says salesman that these colours won’t suit. Salesman mistakes it for Ankit and says these will suit Ankit and asks her to try. Pari gets angry hearing that. Ankita goes into flashback where Naren used to gift her dresses.

Precap: Sachin runs behding a thief who stole his wallet and finds Soham standing with thief. He alleges Soham that he must have stolen his wallet. Soham says he has changed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This woman Ankita is very strong emotionally, but im a bit angry as to why she is with holding her pregnancy from Naren.

  2. I hope Ankita truth about Naren being the father gets out in the open so that she can be with the man she loves.

  3. so tru hope ankita telz da truth to evry1 & naren strtz luvin her 1nce agen 🙂

  4. sometimes the director really over do it .. Ankita is behaving ridiculous now its annoying

  5. i hope no one finds out that Anika is pregnant. I hope Naren remembers her telling him she is pregnant…. He should find some things he dislike in Pari….. she isn’t so perfect.

  6. Booooooring, everyday, let the true come out and finish this daily soap. That’s it, no aspiration, no feeling, crying episode everyday.

  7. Is this this really true Indian culture not to tell the truth or its the director’s imagination. Nothing is straight all the time. No body wants to tell the truth. Imagine even finding Soham is a problem yet he is always around his family. Mansi is pregnant but they wont the tell truth about the father. Ankita is pregnant but cant reveal to naren or Rushali. W e know its all a creation but this director is over stretching everything. NOOOO . tone down a bit

  8. Why is Naren so selfish when it comes to Akits, the girls who help him so much.

    After Naren marrying Pari, . It should be known that Pari cannot conceive a child.
    And there and then Akiats should through her trump card.( 2sisters pregnant for 2 brothers).

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